As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, December 9, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:50 am || Delivers remarks at an event commemorating the 150th anniversary of the 13th Amendment; U.S. Capitol
2:20 pm || Meets with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin
4:05 pm || Hosts a Hanukkah reception; East Room
7:35 pm || Hosts a second Hanukkah reception; East Room

Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

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  1. Speaking of Hannukah, just heard that Trump will be visiting Israel over the holidays.
    Hope he has lots and lots of security. Unlike Obama, Trump is fearless.

    • I just saw it on Trump’s Twitter:

      Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump
      Prior to the end of the year, I will be traveling to Israel. I am very much looking forward to it.
      7:13 PM – 8 Dec 2015

  2. This will be painful for Obama and this makes me happy.

    Agree with you Bonnie. Commemorate the honor and courage of lives lost in an attack on American soil– “That’s not who we are as Americans”.

      • they must be respectfully addressed as isil…
        “that’s not who we are” we must not provoke them…. poor little hussein obama, he must’ve
        been the sissy in school who lost his lunch $
        to the wimp down the street!

      • Ashton Carter has been bought lock stock and barrel by Barack Obama. He tells the lies the Obama Administration tells him to — to protect the Obama legacy, not to protect the country or the men and women who serve. He should step down or be removed. He is a buffoon.

        • During Desert Storm, 1100 sorties were launched on the enemy per day.
          We under this regime are launching 12 to 15 attacks on the enemy, per day.
          Russia is kicking butt.
          France and England are kicking butt on the oil refineries.

          Patton would have had this bitch over by now.

          • I miss FIGHTING Generals (like Patton) & Admirals…Flag Officers who led & WON WARS!
            There has not been a REAL warrior-thinker US General or Admiral in decades. Todays Flag Officers are nothing but weak-willed,Pentagon-DC political sycophants who only care about their Flag ‘perks’ and the little ‘fiefdoms’ they rule.

          • Yes Spook, we had them but they were dismissed.
            They opposed Obama’s limp wristed PC attitude.

            During Benghazi, an Admiral and a General had forces at the ready, and were told to stand down.
            When they opposed that order, they were removed from command.

            Either one of them could have changed the outcome and possibly saved their lives.

    • just heard Ted Cruz being badgered on NPR by limp wristed steve uttersman… give Ted credit for handling
      him well…of course they always softball any dems who
      grace their airwaves.. liberals have no real defense when conservatives are able to confront them with SOUND THINKING ! it goes way over their heads.

    • WOW! Dakota nailed it.
      There where times when assigned to homicide, I’d ask, “what happened to him “?
      ” He f****d with the wrong people ”
      That’s what ISIS is doing.
      On my home ground?
      I ain’t cuttin’ and running.
      Let me be clear, I’m no wannabe or pretend hero or badass, Dakota and Shannon Johnson are the real heroes.
      If you elect to CCW, good.
      Protect yourself and your loved ones, no one else will.
      I’m not looking for trouble, I had a belly full after 30 years as a city cop, but dammit, I didn’t run then, I ain’t running now.
      OK, I’ll shut up now.

  3. man what a busy day. He will probably take tomorrow off because he will be sooooo tired.Will be hard for him to devote so much time to Jewish activities when he really wants to continue to defend muslims.

  4. Pew also found that Muslim immigrants prefer more government services and that 70 percent lean Democratic. Just 11 percent identify with Republicans.

    More free stuff, what a surprise.

  5. Aww, protesters in Chicago wanting the DEM Mayor to resign. Awww.
    And the protesters are not rabid, tea-party, gun-loving White supremists, but the wholesome, law-abiding Blacks.
    awww. sniff, sniff -soooo sad.

      • Probably not. Doesn’t have to.

        Heavy odds that the IRS and FBI show up on their doorsteps. Then DOJ will charge them with something.

        And the MSM and social media will comb through every post, comment, private detail they can find, twist it, and then Alinsky them.

        So, Barack — he’ll be off partying.’Tis the season. The ballerina need not be bothered at all.

  6. Watching the protest in the all DEM city of Chicago as they demand that the DEM Mayor resign.
    The Black community that votes almost 100% DEM doesn’t think their elected officials and DEM run governments are very friendly to Blacks on the whole. Go figure.
    Will they ever figure out that they are just usable pawns in the DEM political machine. While the DEMS shout that Repubs will put them in chains, go back to JimCrow days, the DEMS have their boots directly on their necks and seem to like shooting all the bad Black guys.
    Will they ever see the truth?