As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing

The briefing has concluded.

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    • Yes. Check the Last Refuge for Statement in full and comments if you are so inclined. But before we get all teary eyed about the Muslims, how would this work, political correctness and let’s not forget the moderate Muslims let’s not forget that we cannot identify ISIS sympathizers, cannot track people, have no vetting process etc. And read this What ISIS Really Wants and this was back in March.

      • Simply amazing.
        A battle plain and intent clearly laid out, yet Obama and his administration refuse to acknowledge this.
        Islam is my enemy ONLY because they have labeled me as their enemy. So be it.

      • Thank you for the link Gpmc.
        I was so focused on Shannon Johnsons sacrifice I totally missed the article by Atlantic Monthly.
        Guilty of tunnel vision.
        This is one of the reasons I check WHD first, a lot of the homework is already done. Not that I’m lazy, but I can’t possibly hit every website.
        I know when I stop by, I’ll get the best info that is out there.

  1. I was trying to link the story in the Daily Mail of an interview of Denise Peraza who says her life was saved in the shooting when a co-worker, Shannon Johnson shielded her body and prevented her from being struck by gunfire.
    He died protecting her.
    His last words to her were ” I got you “

  2. @gracepmc@7:10 p.m.

    A few more mishaps, and we won’t need to worry about HRC in 2016.
    The secret mtgs with BHO are disturbing…not to mention conspiratorial and unprecedented under the circumstances.
    Is it too late to impeach BHO? He can take HRC with him.

  3. Pretty sure there will be reaction to Trump’s statement re. No Muslims in country. Below is a little from AOS and being discussed elsewhere. I am looking forward to Keith’s — if he posts further into Hanukkah. Dangerous times these.

    “As I said in a previous post, we have duties and obligations to American citizens — but we have absolutely none at all with respect to non-American foreigners, and we can act in our own ruthless self-interest any time we feel it’s necessary, or even just advisable.

    Islam is obviously going through something right now. It might be a phase. It might pass.

    But it’s insane to keep on pretending that everything’s just going swimmingly with Muslim immigration to the West. It’s not, and it’s Orwellian to continue attacking people for speaking this basic truth about it. “