As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

38 Responses to Open Thread || Saturday, December 5, 2015

  1. Good afternoon all……the male murderer’s dating profile is on The Blaze website…He says he’s a liberal, turned off by liars, wants a wife that wears a hijab, wants 2 or 3 children, and on and on. It’s kind of interesting and sickening at the same time.

    Also on The Blaze website is an article about some of the house dems attending a prayer meeting at a mosque and telling the others that they should do the same.

    • With the current environment concerning Muslims, those House Members better consider the next election.
      They never get tired of ramming it down our throats.
      Trump is right, all Mosques should be investigated.

      • Amazing!
        Our prayers won’t help, but praying with those who worship “allah” via mohammed will.
        Those that attended sleep with the enemy.

    • Interesting at the least. Since it’s traditional for the family to arrange a marriage and a lot of his family was here – we wondered why he went to a dating site.
      He would have been a ‘catch’ – American, good job, pious, seemed to be a good guy.
      But he went on-line where anyone could see.
      It’s our opinion that he was looking for a partner in his future terrorist attacks and wanted, not an American Muslim, but one who would join him in his plot. All of his attributes on the website were coded to avoid being
      Let’s face the fact that a true devout Muslim can not work alongside Americans who smoke, drink, flirt, act lewdly, or women who think they’re as good or better than some men. Not saying his co-workers were awful people, but what he saw through his Islamic eyes.

      • Even that scenario wouldn’t stop those over zealously liberal dems from kissing the terrorist muslims butts. They rely on eachother for far too much, and share the same agenda. So they will always support those which provide them with job security. Never those whom would restrict or eliminate the “terrorist threat”, which they need to accomplish their ultimate goal.

    • Very good. Try to imagine this kind of crowd excitement from any other candidate–R or D. Nope. Not there. At Hillary’s and Jeb’s speeches they have to have people with noisemakers walking around to wake the audience up , for crying out loud.

      This kind of crowd reaction (whether one likes the T-Man or not–look at it as a political phenomenon) is what is driving the R and D political and media establishments completely nuts. They have tried every trick in the book and they can’t make him stumble or stutter. All that money spent to get Trump out of the race and it’s just driving his polls higher. Brit Hume and Carl Rove cannot fathom it. And they never will. They are trying to get us to hate him, and we are throwing it right back in their faces.

        • I think we are all fed up with the men and women on TV who wear expensive neckties or designer clothing telling us, the citizens of the United States, who we should vote for, and who we should not vote for. That’s a big part of what we see in the polls, I think.

  2. Not only are there 3000 ISIS fighters in Libya, they have taken over Qadafi’s home town, Sirte, and are now training in commercial flight simulators seized from Syria.

    Libya is 100% Obama’s War!!!!! Where is the LSM?
    When are the feckless GOP candidates going to attack HRC for her part in Libya???
    It’s not just Benghazi anymore. ISIS filled the void….AGAIN!

  3. What a small world! One of my daughters lives in the small mountain/lake community of Lake Arrowhead, CA – about 25 miles N. of San Bernardino.

    Turns out Farook was in charge of restaurant inspections in her area! Many residents knew and liked him. We haved all dined there dozens of times over the years. Too close for comfort!

    Here is a copy of his report from the SB Health Dept:

    • I have remembered all my life what my father, a psychiatrist (and nuts himself), said once in a clear moment…”You can NEVER tell what someone is thinking.”

      • Everyone has a little “crazy” in them. Most of us keep it locked in a room and away from others. Sometimes, though, it gets away, as in the case of Farook. Then, very bad things happen.

      • Your Dad was very wise. We all need a shut-off valve, otherwise it will drive us cuckoo.
        Growing up, we were taught never to speak of politics or religion in polite society. How things have changed!

      • Star, You make me laugh sometimes.
        And I genuinely mean that in the nicest way.
        And I don’t think any of us are crazy. We are sensible in a confused environment.
        An encouraging O/T:
        We have been spending some time in a smallish town in SC. We have lived all over the world, so I can say this with all honesty: The people who live in this community are the nicest and most courteous I have ever known. And quite diverse in ethnicity.
        What I witness here – the “Good morning!” greeting from a couple we don’t know who are walking down the sidewalk; the “May I help you?” From the store clerks who then proceed to be extraordinarily helpful; doors held open for one another; people walking their dogs down Main Street.
        Never forget – This is our USA. We are respectful and courteous and hard workers and loving and kind and generous. We speak pleasant, uplifting words to each other and expect the best rather than fearing the worst.
        May God bless this community.
        May God bless this America.

  4. AFVet…….I just watched the little UTube video you posted at 1:03pm—what fun these ladies are……the comment section on that video is fun to read also……Thank you!!

    • If by “big” you mean doubling down on stupid, on prime time television, then perhaps.

      But if he thinks he can pre-empt Sunday Night Football, just so he can troll the citizenry by barfing up the usual platitudes, with impunity, he’s wrong.

      Dollars to donuts says Trump’s out there tonight getting some extra champagne handy: his poll numbers are going to bounce this week like a routine fly ball that wouldn’t stick in Keith Moreland’s glove.

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