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Let’s Get Real About Islamic Terrorism

As tragedy descended Wednesday on San Bernardino, California, a dangerous haze of political correctness descended on our leaders and the media, who refused to recognize the attack for it almost certainly was: Islamist extremist terrorism.

For days, people have been talking about the possibility that what happened Nov. 13 in Paris could happen here. Nineteen days later, it happened. But instead of discussing how we can restrict the ability of Muslim extremists to enter our country, the yammering class wants to focus on limiting the rights of the people who already live here. They want to know what could be done about guns, not Muslim terrorism.

As of Wednesday night, it was already clear that the husband and wife who inflicted the massacre were Muslims, that the wife had recently arrived from Saudi Arabia, and that the husband had recently gone there, come back, and grown out his beard. Not only were they equipped with sophisticated deadly weapons, but they wore cameras as they committed their slaughter — presumably to create some YouTube propaganda — and their home was a veritable bomb factory. The attack occurred at a Christmas Party.

But the near-universal call was not to “rush to judgement.” But no such caution prevailed last month when a maniac shot up a Planned Parenthood clinic and the media immediately blamed conservative “rhetoric” against abortion.

The rush to judgement after the California attack was against Americans’ right to bear firearms.

“After yet another mass shooting in America, GOP presidential contenders were conspicuously silent on the issue of gun control,” sneered the New York Daily News. “Instead, the Republicans were preaching about prayer.”

“Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, a U.S.-born health inspector for San Bernardino County, and (his wife) Tashfeen Malik, 27, were carrying two .223-caliber ‘assault rifles’ and two semi-automatic handguns,” blared AOL news.

“What do you think can be done to curb gun violence and the existence of high-capacity guns in our society and in the wrong hands?” NBC Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski demanded to know of House Armed Service Chairman Rep. Mac Thornberry of Texas.

“The San Bernardino shooting is the 355th mass shooting this year,” declared the Washington Post.

Meantime, during an appearance on “The Laura Ingraham Show,” renown gun researcher John Lott noted: “The number of people killed by mass shootings during Obama’s tenure is 424 casualties … Paris this year alone has 508 casualties.”

France essentially bans guns.

Before he even understood what was happening, President Obama was on TV Wednesday calling for gun control and blaming America.

“The one thing we do know is that we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world,” Obama told CBS.

On Thursday morning, while stating “we do not yet know why this terrible event occurred,” Obama was still talking gun control anyway and telling Americans they need to look themselves in the mirror and question their thinking about guns.

“It’s going to be important for all of us, including our legislatures, to see what we can do to make sure that, when individuals decide that they want to do somebody harm, we’re making it a little harder for them to do it. Because right now, it’s just too easy,” he said during an appearance at the White House.

“We’re going to have to, I think, search ourselves as a society to make sure that we can take basic steps that would make it harder — not impossible, but harder — for individuals to get access to weapons.”

Congress and the media will now have face some hard facts, and not the ones Obama thinks. Guns are ubiquitous in America and protected by the Second Amendment. They are not going away. Muslims extremists are not yet ubiquitous in America. If we stay on the path we’re on, they will be.

At the very least, Republicans must confront President Obama this month and use the massive “omnibus” spending bill lawmakers are about to send him to defund the importation of Syrian refugees, who are emerging from a governmentless, lawless society and cannot possibly be vetted.

Yes, even if it shuts down the government. The government shuts down every weekend and every night. Nobody is the worse for it.

Congress needs to quickly turn to examining what methods we use to screen people from countries — many of the them, unfortunately, Muslim — that are breeding grounds for anti-American extremism.

Then, Congress needs to quickly turn to examining what methods we use to screen people from countries — many of the them, unfortunately, Muslim — that are breeding grounds for anti-American extremism, some of it government-sanctioned, and whether limits on immigration from these countries must be enacted.

How was Malik able to enter America from Saudi Arabia?

America needs to change its immigration and refugee policies immediately without fear of being call “un-American” and “uncompassionate” because they are seeking to protect themselves from radicals who killed 14 people Wednesday and will soon be murdering thousands.

It’s time to ask some tough questions about who is admitted to this country, and what their loyalties are.

While the politically correct blabber on about guns, candidates like Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz who project firmness and a sense of reality that pierces through the PC fog machine may now be in a stronger position than ever.

The fundamental transformation of America may be only a year away.

This piece first appeared on PoliZette.

96 thoughts on “Let’s Get Real About Islamic Terrorism”

  1. The S.B. police head just stated on the radio that there is so far no evidence the killers were wearing Go-Pros, so that may be a myth.

    Obama’s “workplace violence” meme is again looks to be shot full of holes. Sadly, so were several people.

    1. Anyone that has ever traveled to a foreign country knows the amount of scrutiny you and your passport will go under. Why were these individuals allowed travel in and out of ME countries without raising huuuuuge! red flags?
      They were bent on terror and destruction. My guess is that the time and place may have been slightly altered due to Mohamed Syed getting pissed off at a Christian Christmas party.

      1. She came on a K-1 visa (FBI, noon presser)–like on 90 day fiance, that show. She had 90 days to marry or be deported–so I gather she married. So are you saying this was illegal or should be? Some people travel from country to country–it’s not illegal.

        1. Apparently she married.

          The couple married two years ago, according to Farook’s brother-in-law Farhan Khan. However, Farook’s co-workers said he traveled to Saudi Arabia earlier this year and returned with a wife.

          However, I am not opposed to suspending the K-1 Visa to anyone from a country that supports terrorism. No problem at all. If they want to travel — great. No here. And if they want to marry (surely not for the sole purposes of American citizenship) then they can marry in the other person’s country.

          If we want to see how our laws are used against us by the enemy look at Barack Obama and the whole “social justice” of the left.

          1. She had a Pakistani visa (FBI, noon presser). We know they are not really on our side, but would they be cut off the K-1? I like the show, don’t really care about the K-1 per se…But everything has consequences. Most unintended.

          2. Star, I think we both would agree that the entire visa program needs to rehauled — from issuance to vetting the people.

            I have some up close and personal experience with the process — both those doing the granting and those applicants. It’s insane. And often left to the most junior staffer with a huge DMV worker mentality.

  2. .gov wants to control you and I. They care not about closing the border, really fighting ISIS. Or taking on Turkey for selling ISIS oil and supporting ISIS. We therefore support terrorism.

    By not declaring this a terriorist attack they really are supporting Terrorism.
    Just like J Edgar Hoover saying there is not organized crime. At the same time vacationing with the mob every year near Del mar race track.

    Obama is doing the same thing. And we are so stupid (MSM) goes along with this farce.

    1. Obama the Muslim supports by 1 degree of separation – Terror!!!!

      Obamamohamad quote:

      “I stand with ISLAM”
      “call to prayer the most beautiful sound”
      Sleeped during Koran school lessons, missed the part about peace.

      1. It should be noted that the crazed Muslim jihadists have gained a greater foothold in the United States under Obama than under any other President. Open borders, verbal attacks of the police trying to protect their community, ISIS cells in every state, 900 ISIS investigations in the United States (nothing done about them, of course).

        Do we think this is coincidental, or part of Obama’s agenda? Rev Wright must be so proud of his former church member.

  3. Latest press conference…FBI still saying it’s “premature” to call it terrorism.

    Barry’s still trying to find that workplace violence/Islamophobia angle to somehow blame the victims.

  4. UnAmerican, not who we are. As if the Obama’s have any idea of who WE are.
    We don’t make gingerbread replicas of the WhiteHouse and then coat it in dark chocolate.\We don’t welcome a whole nation of religious fanatics whose sole aim seems to be to kill everyone who doesn’t carry a Koran.
    WE know the difference between something that looks like a bomb or a clock.
    WE celebrate religious holidays of our own beliefs and honor those we don’t.
    WE don’t want our government to hover over our every move, our every purchase, our every word.
    WE are Americans and don’t need to prove to anyone or anything just who WE are.

  5. I’m getting really tired of these fools insulting our intelligence, as Rudy Gulliani said this morning “You are a moron if you don’t thinks this is a terrorist attack.”

    1. Good old Rudy!He knows what he’s talking about.
      To paraphrase Martin Brody,
      “But I’m telling you, and I’m telling everybody at this table that that’s terrorism! And I know what terrorism looks like, because I’ve seen it up close.”

  6. So I guess since some people jump in without evidence or confirmation–it’s now open season on any old notion. The ratty looking PP shooter prob never read a paper or even watched the news (we’ve forgotten him now)–but it’s like Carly Fiorina shot those people herself, as one WaPo commenter said. Sure, this current mess seems to have a terrorist vibe, but the police and FBI, at least, are not heaving in with both feet. But was the blame Carly thing OK? If not, would we at least pend a day or two? Voice in the wilderness, I guess.

    1. We haven’t forgotten the shooter in Colorado — media has dropped him for a hotter “story”. Carly or no, there is no evidence to show that Robert Dear, had anything against PP. Yet is now referred to as the PP Shooter, beyond the fact that he was inside a PP building shooting outside at other people. No people in the PP building shot or injured, beyond the very real mental anguish.

      And yet, without evidence, you have no trouble referring to him as the PP shooter. So, I’ll stick with “terrorist”.

      1. I agree–actual investigation showed he did not do this based on Planned Parenthood. I gather I am being called out for saying PP–forgot the city–someplace in Colorado? I would go with the technical term nutjob.

  7. Keith,
    See if Laura will let you hire a couple of interns and take a look at each of the mass shootings in the past 20 years and then plug in the “laws” and “loopholes” the Democrats now wanting passed and closed and see if one, even one would have been stopped.
    My guess is not ONE.
    Rather the REAL problem, a society devolved with 50 years of liberal “anything goes”, Hollywood sex and violence, video games insane with violence, and political correctness that is literally killing far more Americans than guns ever have or ever will.

        1. Star, If you want to get 100% evidence, there is no evidence to prove that that bumper sticker is not true — that in fact, Teddy Kennedy’s car — operated by him and deserted by him — did kill one person. There is no evidence to prove that this person’s gun has killed anyone.

          Extreme and poking fun? Perhaps. But sometimes things can just be carried too far — and then only in circumstances when it argues to support the person saying it.

          1. Not to mention that bumpersticker thing was irrelevant. I come from a gun culture, by the way–I have even fired a Thompson submachine gun (as a teen) as well as countless handguns. My family had their own “aresenals.” Some of them still do. I assure you trying to register all guns will be met with pushback of the strongest sort, while not preventing these incidents.

  8. All of the guns in this case were legally purchased four years ago. Even more, the purchases still would have been legal under the restrictions now proposed.

    So the only way the guns in this case could have been “controlled,” would have been complete confiscation of every civilian firearm in the United States.

    Have we not repeatedly been told, that it’s logistically impossible to round up eleven million illegal aliens? And yet we’re somehow supposed to believe, that it would be a SIMPLE matter to round up TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY million legal firearms–a task more than twenty-fold more complex.

    One has to love the predictability of the Left, if not its intellectual consistency.

    “What shall I say about this nation? These people are like children playing, who say to their little friends, ‘We played wedding and you weren’t happy, so we played funeral but you weren’t sad.’ For John the Baptist doesn’t even drink wine and often goes without food, and you say, ‘He’s crazy.’ And I, the Messiah, feast and drink, and you complain that I am ‘a glutton and a drinking man, and hang around with the worst sort of sinners!’ But brilliant men like you can justify your every inconsistency!”

    –Matthew 11:16-19 (The Living Bible)

  9. WE offered everything to this Jihadist… freedom, employment, benefits, rite to worship, even carry a gun.

    And he turns on us.

    Its time to stop the nonsense. We are at war with Radical Islam, and as Bush said, you are either with us, or against us.

    Obama is not with us. How can this be America?


    1. You just hit on a very big point. “We offered”…’s a given fact “that which is given and not earned is not appreciated nearly enough”.

      Far too many just have been given and far too many more just feel entitled. Combine the two and you’ve got millions in this country who not only don’t have a clue of its founding principles and what it really means to be American they’re actively participating in ideology and practices intended to destroy us.
      I shudder to think of how long I would have to walk up and down a street asking strangers next Monday, “Today is December 7th, can you tell me what that means to America?” to get a correct answer.

      1. Well said Geoff. Give a man a fish, he eats for a day and comes back for more, eventually expecting it. Teach him to fish, he eats for a lifetime and teaches others to follow.


      2. 35-40 years ago, every single adult would know the answer to your question and know lots of the details of Dec 7. Today, no. Less than half would know or care, I bet. Would be an interesting experiment, but probably yield very depressing results.

    1. Agreed. I couldn’t sleep last night and was watching news conferences on Fox until the cable crapped out around 3 AM. I thought of how 9/11 changed us as a nation, but how much more radically we have been changed by 7 years of Obama. It was a depressing train of thought. Coming on here, reading Keith’s excellent piece and everyone’s good comments, gave me a little bit of hope today. Thanks.

  10. As we all try to learn the facts about this latest jihadist attack on the US, (my opinion, but what else could it be?), I refer you to one of the best jihadist watchdog sites called “Peace and Tolerance”. Their name is deceptive: it is definitely not a jihadist apologist group. These folks do excellent work in uncovering the jihadist presence in the United States, expose the lies of the jihadists, expose the tactics of those who try to shield the jihadists. You get the idea. They tell us what the MSM is too lazy or politically correct to tell us.

    1. Too bad they don’t have that much media presence. Liked the piece on TN — I know that it is becoming horribly friendly with suspect Muslims, and couldn’t quite figure out why and why there. But had heard about that mega mosque.

    2. They are all Jhadists! Evil Jhadists, insane moronic Jhadists, they read a book that tells them to just kill people and they do it! They don’t belong here, they will never belong here, they don’t want to be American, they are low-life Jhadists and should be thrown out. If this was the 40’s or 50’s they would be in a camp with a wire fence so they couldn’t kill people. But no, we have the communist/socialist party who just lets any Jhadist in without papers, without nothing. God damn the democrat socialist/communists, they are ruining this country and thats exactly what they want to do. Evil,Islamic terrorists and democrat socialist/communists, both truly evil.

  11. Excellent piece Keith. Nice to see you.

    I think it is important to contact the CongressCritters , the candidates and anyone else who can be effective and tell them no funding for Syrian Refugees and no Syrian Refugees to enter the country.

    The little lady in question in this instance was the first to fire at the police as they were being pursued.

  12. We allow these people to travel back and forth to the ME with impunity. We need to take emergency measures banning all incoming Muslim refugees/migrants/asylum seekers/religous wackos/etc. At the same time, we need to declare a temporary ban all Muslim travel to the ME.
    Also, an automatic deportation should be put in place for all Muslims and their families on the terrorist watch list. Why do we need to watch these people???

    Also, CAIR has already been declared a terrorist organization. Why are they allowed to stay in this country? There is NO defense for Jihad, or those who espouse it.

    We are living in different times, different players. Political correctness went out of style when 9/11 occurred. We are at war with with an invisible enemy. Unfortunately, we are being led by the ‘enemy within’.
    San Bernardino is just the beginning.

    1. Another “nailed it”. Girly1 for Secretary of State. No, Hillary ruined that post. Sorry, Girly, there will be a better position that is more suitable to you!

      1. Too funny, Bonnie.:-) Our only job now is to keep HRC out of the Oval Office! Just heard her shrieking away on gun control. That voice—pure torture.

        1. The Hillary Voice at full volume was used at Gitmo to break down the prisoners and make them talk. Gitmo prisoners were spilling the beans on the world wide jihadist movement so fast they had to bring in help to collect the information, but interrogators had to stop using what they called The Hillary Method. Some lefty peace group filed a law suit based on “Extreme torture no human being should have to suffer for any reason whatsoever.” Something like that. ;+}

    2. Your comment is right on target.
      However, the enemy is not invisible.
      The problem is that the the administration has restricted the law enforcement agencies to be PC.
      Same thing with the military.
      ROE has confined them from doing the job that they are capable of doing.

        1. I come from a long line of Marines and Navy. I have a concealed carry and a thousand rounds of ammo.
          All volunteers are not equal. Most women simply are not as physically strong as men. I also do not think that most women are as mentally adaptive to war as most men. I know this is sexist sounding, but I would rather have my husband or son in a foxhole with a well trained male counterpart. Probably a mute point because most wars will now be special ops and not that many ground forces. Hopefully we do not have to fight on our own land!

          1. Your comment is similar to 155. I too come from a military family and think similarly.

            That said, there is talk of Special Ops and SEAL. Also, the concern is that the criteria be dropped to allow for the undeniable physical differences between men and women.

          2. Not sexist, common sense.
            Hauling a 50 lb. pack on your back through the desert is hard work.
            If you are a female and you want to do that, prove that you can.

  13. An opinion only — no evidence — that I agree with from over at Joshua Pundit.
    I think the police know exactly what happened, but have been instructed by the feds (who are also on the scene) not to tell the media. The police are also keeping the media away from the survivors and eyewitnesses.

    If this actually was Islamist terrorism, rest assured that the media will do their best to help the Obama Regime and the Democrats spin it as much as possible. They want Americans disarmed.

    This is coming from a president who has actually sold guns to terrorists in Syria and to Mexican drug cartels. Wickedly ironic.

    1. Without a doubt! Just like Ferguson when Valjar was on the phone directing the NG to stay away from the looting. It was ‘burn, baby, burn’ all the way.

      Obama’s favorite admonition during the campaign: “Don’t make me look bad”. Should be the title of his autobiography.

      1. Trying to track it down…saw just a quick clip of it on Cavuto this afternoon. She gave some sort of speech today on an unrelated subject, and I believe took questions afterwards. The “gentleman” thing really threw me, plus, of course, not calling it a “Christmas” party. And she referred to the attack as “violence” – not terrorism.

  14. Ok, it’s a little “sick” but I didn’t say it! Mark Steyn did. :)
    Because climate change leads to desertification in the California desert which means at the county Christmas party everyone stands around saying in the old days before global warming we could have had a snowball fight, and then it all snowballs:

    ~Honey, I had a argument at the office. Can you put together a few dozen pipe bombs, get Go-Pros, body armor and assault rifles & meet in 15?

    ~Can we push it to 20? I’m fresh out of the shower. Can your mom take the baby?

  15. Islamic Jihad in this country has been going on for awhile: Fort Hood, the Arkansas recruitment murders, Colleen Hufford here in OKC, The Boston Marathon, etc. Thanks to Obama, this isn’t going to end anytime soon.

  16. ASClinton, Obama, Lynch, Kerry, etc., etc. love these Islamic devils. But mostly they are so desperate for any kind of votes for sicko Hillary, that they will say anything to get the votes for the power, ALL WHILE AMERICANS ARE BEING MURDERED AND MAIMED, THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT THEIR VOTES, TRUE TRAITORS, IF HILLARY CLINTON WINS, IT WILL BE MUCH MORE BLOOD AND MURDER.

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