As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Friday, December 4, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

96 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, December 4, 2015

    • Especially FOX News… We lowly citizens know more about Obama’s “daily schedule” than the so called ‘professional journalists’ on FNC.
      I try emailing FOXNews asking why they dont report his ‘daily schedule’… No response.

  1. You can fool some of the people, some of the time…
    oh cut the crap Mr President, you are fooling no one.
    This last attack is ISIS in America, and blaming the NRA, Republicans, Lone Wolves, Right Wingers, and the mentally ill is no longer a viable response.

    We are at war, whether Obama wants to admit it or not. Neville Chamberlain was not this naive….


    • We assume he must sit around and watch TV for the rest of the day, but possibly he meets with staff off the official schedule?
      Of course, he very well could be loafing, but who knows.
      All of those executive actions that get tossed out during the Friday dumps might actually be vetted by him.
      Or maybe not. We don’t know if Valjar and her minions actually review this stuff with him or simply sit him down for 10 minutes to sign off on all the paperwork.

      Maybe Keith can shed some light.

      • I dare someone in this “WH press corps”, like Keith, to tell us the truth about Obama’s ‘daily schedule’…
        The press corps works IN the White House daily and they must talk to staff/hear rumors…so they know what REALLY goes on with Obama (and that family)

    • They’re referring to themselves when they say ‘this is not who we are’.
      We know who they are – pro-Islamists.

      The First and Second Amendments are on the line with these traitors.

    • One more thing…Who is going to prosecute Sharpton for his fiery incitement: “What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want them? Now!”

      Loretta, Al, Barry, Elijah, and Jeh all belong in jail…or worse.

    • Put another way about the Administration’s reaction:
      “Just two days ago, a Muslim psycho wipes out 14 people for nothing more than they weren’t in his Tribe. Obama, Lynch Hillary, Bernie, etc are a lot more concerned about Limiting our Constitutional Rights (1st & 2nd Amendment)…. Plus, just to add to the Alinsky inspired Chaos, they want to dump 10’s of thousands more into this country….”

      Edited. I think this will pass the lynch test.


  2. When we heard the name “Farook” it’s no surprise that that things would get ugly. Calls for gun control laws that would keep Americans from their constitutional right is falling on deaf ears around the country.
    Americans are arming themselves as never before.

    While the Obama administration sends thousands of arms to people who would love to kill us all, he thinks we should just “shelter in place” or just run.
    We don’t hide and we don’t run – we will stand and fight.

    The President and his commie minions should know that we will never, ever give up the means to protect ourselves.

    • There’s a story (have no idea if it’s true, but it ought to be true ;+}) going around these parts that there is a gun store in Southern Maine with a huge picture of Obama on the wall. When the owner is asked, “You support Obama???”, his response is, “No, but I’ve sold more guns since he became President than in the 20 years I was in business before he was elected. He’s made my business more successful than ever! So I want to acknowledge him for that.”

      This year Maine enacted a no permit needed for concealed carry, so that’s step forward. It does NOT mean anyone can carry, and the former restrictions (conviction of abuse, history of a felony, etc) remain, as they should IMHO.

      Here’s the new Maine gun law, for those interested:

      I’m pretty sure I’ve read that Maine has the highest per-capita rate of gun ownership in the nation. Our crime rate is very, very low, much lower than the national average.

      Lock and load. we’re ready.

      • Marcus — Isn’t Maine — in some small town — where there is some issues with Somali refugees being “resettled” without consent and with some disturbance? I could be getting confused here.

      • While I agree that we all should be carrying, I also strongly believe that in order to carry, you must be trained in gun safety, storage, cleaning of the weapon, etc. Carrying should still be an earned privilege.

        • I agree completely. I don’t want some wanna-be Wild Bill Hickok blasting away with no concept of safety, appropriate use, etc.

          It’s time for an armed citizenry. I’d like to see some version of the British Home Guard from WW2. Not exactly like that, but similar. No uniforms, etc, but under the auspices of the Governor of a state, not the Feds. Absolutely linked with the local police department. Trained by them, work with them, help them. Extremely effective vetting for the volunteers would be a first requirement, keep the nuts out and all that. We’d need good training in weapons handling, surveillance methods, some form of effective organization, a clear mandate with limits and responsibilities…much more to it but I haven’t thought it out yet. Vets would be a great pool to draw from. We are at war because the jihadists are here and they have declared, oh, about 10,000 times now that they want to kill us and they are doing just that. With Obama in charge, we are just sitting ducks right now. Just because Obama refuses to keep us safe and properly address the issue, doesn’t mean we can’t do something. There would be a lot of other important details to sort out, but it’s something we should think about.

      • Last weeks Black Friday a 17 record high for NICS background checks was set.
        185,345 in one day.
        Pretty impressive, yes?
        ” a rifle behind every blade of grass ”
        ADM. Yamamoto.

  3. This is kind of funny. There has been some talk of the fact that there are no pix of the terrorist wife. Some suggest is has something to do with Muslim sensibilities. I don’t know, but I did see this.
    I had to chuckle last night when Greta VanS. put up a side-by-side of “Farooq this guy in particular™” and the blacked out silhouette of the jihadi bride and made the statement:

    “Here are the faces of evil.”


  4. So now that we know this was Daesh, let’s talk accountability, shall we?

    Daesh would not exist if Obama had not so completely and thoroughly fucked up the situation in Syria.

    And now we have fourteen dead American citizens, slaughtered in their workplaces by the very agents of Obama’s malfeasance.

    Obama must go; more, he needs to be held criminally liable for those murders.

    Regardless if it was actual malice or gross incompetence, those fourteen Americans were slaughtered in their office, because of his actions and non-actions.

    Throw this evil man out of office. Then throw him into a deep, dark hole where he can never read another teleprompter, or play another game of golf. And THEN, throw his policies onto the ash heap of history.


    • Good points.
      All I could think about as the events unfolded in CA was the loved ones of the victims- mom, dad, wife, husband, child, brother, sister, friend – who will question for the rest of their lives – why? why did our President let this happen?
      The other thought was that the CA police force looks like a situational army – military gear and vehicles. They are prepared for these incidents – in a state with harsh gun control laws.

      MrObama’s lack of honesty and dismissal of the loss of life and well-being of the victims, is unforgiveable.
      Lowering the flag at the WhiteHouse is almost insulting – raise that flag as high as it goes, plant a thousand flags in the WhiteHouse lawn.

    • It’s been stated that Obama would not allow attacks on the oil fields because of the environmental damage.
      Too bad Barry, France bombed the hell out of them and so has Britain.

  5. Oh, and while we’re at it…

    Barry’s new Daesh czar? Robert Malley, a known Hamas sympathizer.

    They had to have known this would be controversial, because they tried to spike it by burying the announcement in a presser at the summit in Paris.

    We could stop global warming tomorrow if all of these nitwit politicians would simply shut the hell up and stop spewing all of that hot air!

  6. According to Fox, it’s beginning to sound as if the wife was the mastermind…radicalizing her husband, training him, having the bomb-making knowledge, etc. I believe someone here suggested this the other day, or posted a link that discussed this kind of scenario.

    • First glance — FBI turned it over. Looks like FBI did a really bad job, and left some stuff and now with this action the whole investigation is suspect. Gee, I wonder who came up with this brilliant idea?

      Yeah, I AM that jaded about this Administration and the media.

      • It would be good to believe that it was just sloppy work on the part of security and not an order from the Obama administration to mess up the field of evidence in that location and let it be contaminated. But, knowing how this WH operates, we cannot ipso facto believe it was mere carelessness.

  7. Attacks by Muslims!!! 14 innocent Americans killed, 21 hurt and some may die too. !!! I blame the Republicans and Congress for not impeaching Obama a long time ago as he was breaking laws and is a traitor and they know it! And now look what’s happening, people getting shot and killed by these filthy fanatics. America always knew that these middle East maniacs were fanatics about their religion and that they believed they should kill the non-believer of Islam??? So why are they here? If this was 1940 or the 50’s they would not be here or in a camp with a wire fence so they couldn’t kill us. But no, we elected a moron and there is another moron in the Department of Justice, both racists that don’t give a damn about America, they hate America??? And no one does anythign about thsi government of traitors? Obama should be gone, he should resign, but no, he won’t go and/or be impeached because both dems and repubs don’t care if we are killed by these animal who don’t want to be Americans, they want to destroy us and so does Obama and his ilk in the administration. The Republicans and the democrats should be ashamed as they only care about themselves, their power and don’t give a damn if a lot more of us get killed or they would have gotten rid of Obama a long time ago and at least get rid of him now for his terrible insane hatred of America. He should never have been President and I cannot understand how the repubs let him keep hurting us. The dems are now communist/socialists? Thats not the American way, thats being traitors of America by trying to overthrow the country. Obama wants Assad out? Obama should be the one to be thrown out for lying to us and not protecting us but protecting his skin color and the muslims only, not all of America. He’s an advocate for minorities and muslims, not a president leading and protecting the country. Get him out!!! He’s a creep.

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