As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Press Briefing

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    • Today’s briefing was a study in framing the argument. “Gun violence”, “the gun show loophole”, “investment in mental health”, etc., instead of discussing what was on everyone’s mind. The fact that this guy was born here and became radicalized. Much as the administration would like to, there is no way to control people’s minds.

      • Maybe if this “WH press corps” had some BALLS or SMARTS they would ask direct questions about this guy becoming a ISLAMIC TERRORIST…

        “radicalized”? I dont think so…that whole savage “religion” is based on being a “radical” ‘follower’ and ‘believer’ re: Kill & Conquer for allah

      • In the short two minutes I listened to it, I caught the part about Republicans in Congress being terrified of the NRA, and that’s why they won’t enact “common sense” gun laws. This Josh character is now officially a soulless, clueless and permanent assigned bottom feeder. Looks like he knows that’s exactly where he belongs.