As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, December 3, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:00 am || Meets with Members of Congress to discuss criminal justice reform; Cabinet Room
5:00 pm || Attends the National Christmas Tree Lighting; The Ellipse
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:15 pm

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      • How will “Old Lazy Bones” spin this one? The Huff Post is spinning this event on Christians. They are saying that our prayers and thoughts are empty actions. The God bless America Republicans brought this on because of our love of guns? Liberals are parroting Obama’s Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

        • Josh Earnest spun it on his presser today—blamed it on “Republicans who are afraid of the NRA so they won’t pass common sense gun laws”. These Obama people live in a world in which, in a sane society, would land them all a life term in Liars Prison.

  1. Criminal Justice Reform — Release the criminals into society — illegals, gang members, –. And bring the Gitmo terrorists to the US. That is his idea of justice. There is no justice in this country now. And Loretta Lynch is a joke.

    Discussion with Congress? Ridiculous. He will tell them what he is going to do. And as he likes to say, Period.

    The man is an absolute disgrace.

      • Farouk purchased his guns LEGALLY. He was a law-abiding American citizen, DEVOUT MUSLIM born in the US of Pakistani parents. Held a good job for 5 years.
        We are entering uncharted waters. It can happen anywhere, anytime.
        We need our weapons now more than ever!

          • CNN and other propagandist media outlets are desperately looking for the proper preconceived template of blame and shame to explain this event.

            Will it be the “blame the Republicans” template? Well, people might not buy that one this time. Will it be the “right wing gun nut” template? Doesn’t quite fit here. Will it be “brainwashed Muslim jihadists respond to ISIS demands to launch attacks on innocent American”. Nope. That just couldn’t be the reason. Plus, the MSM has no blame template for that, so it couldn’t possibly be true. Will it be the “The shooters were angry because of “American racism against Muslims?” Hmmm, that’s close. That might be the one they pick.

            These MSM crazies are so full of preconceived prejudices and an ignorant, skewed view of why things happen that they are completely predictable.

          • Mr. Pibb, Or as someone else said:

            So, if there was a logistics and support cell (all the activity at the apartment) and Farook and his fair bride were being groomed and prepared by this cell for an attack, that means that the cell is still in operation and probably has more glorious martyrs in the bullpen warming up. Does that sound fair?

          • There is also “talk” of his having an argument at the party…So MAYBE…she was the sleeper (fresh from Saudi Arabia and REPORTEDLY already driving, which means she was specially trained) and someone insulted HER at the party and they went home for their SWAT gear…Wait–Saudis are Sunnis–ISIS is shia…well, maybe we don’t know it all yet.

          • Star @11:58pm — Don’t know what that means that perhaps she was the sleeper. Doesn’t work like that, as you know.

            But if you are suggesting that perhaps over a relatively small amount of time that they “dated” online through the harmless Indian dating site (odd for a Pak) and the time they spent together in Saudi Arabia that she did radicalize or complete a process of radicalization that he had recently begun or was inclined toward.

          • I was just trying to get in the spirit of this thread–thinking up scenarios. People on the television machines had also speculated that SHE was the ringleader, not him. Everyone has a theory…

  2. OT sort of

    they said they had a 3rd shooter in custody

    but uh oh they only had 2 after all and they are both dead

    this is 100% insanity


      • Indeed. And, not blaming Obama because it is scheduled, but what irony to have the national Christmas tree lighting. Ironic and so sad, because this didn’t have to happen.

        For the sake of ideology and political correctness….

        • The Christmas tree lights will probably be purple, or some awful color. And the First Family will probably be dressed in their usual black/and or drab colors.

          • I honestly would not put this past the Obama Administration to delay or not light the tree. This happened in the Czech Republic. National Tree lighting cancelled due to threat of terrorism. Of course, for Obama it would not be that — fear of terrorism. Just that lighting the tree might offend the muzzies and the leftys and send them scurrying to their safe places.

        • To Star, Of course they should have it — I have always found the lighting of the trees so wonderful.

          Unfortunately, and it brings great sadness which is often expressed as frustrated posts, Obama will without a doubt ruin it with some political grumbling. It is so darned tiresome.

          And, this is why “can’t have nice things”.

  3. A sad day indeed.I wonder what we will learn today about these horrible massmurders/terrordeeds.
    By the way, are you still allowed to call a Christmas Tree a Christmas Tree ?

    • We will learn:
      The two attackers were married with a 6 mo. old baby.
      They visited Saudi Arabia recently. They were devout American Muslims. Farouk, the husband, worked for the SB health dept.
      They both attended the Christmas party and acted normal.
      They left abruptly.
      Their condo looked like an I.E.D. depot.

        • They (the MSM, Lefty politicians, LIberal crackpots in general,etc) are already trying to make the connection between man made global warming and the jihad movement. I suppose the logical conclusion of their train of thought is that if we stop driving cars, and using air conditioners the jihadists will all turn into peace loving florists and dog walkers.

          • Nope. Tom Steyer is going to buy a company that will manufacture environmentally protective clothing for people. The line will include tin foil headgear and go pro cameras. Therefore if workplace violence or crazy white right wing extremists go on a shooting spree the wearer will be protected. It will be advertised on FB and all Social Media and sold, of course, on AMAZON. (I like AMZ — no dig). The line will be exclusive to card carrying Democrats or those illegals and others registered as Democrats.

            Conservatives will be left to their own second amendment devices to protect themselves.

  4. How does a young mother and father leave their 6 month old? How?

    This is a case of both mental illness coupled with radicalization.

    These are the two greatest scourges that our nation must face.


  5. Workplace violence! Two Muslims shoot up a Christmas party, kill more than a dozen Christians, wound more, leave prepared IEDs at the scene and it’s a workplace dispute?
    Who in the USA believes such nonsense.

    We should be safe here. Every federal agenccy tells us they are on alert, they are watching or listening to everyone for suspicious actions and they missed this Muslim couple’s multiple gun buys, their assembly of military-style gear, and their accumulation of bomb-making items.
    NSA, Homeland Security are failures. The FBI is hamstrung by PC doctines of the left.
    We are not safe anywhere.

    • My question remains…how do we tell a ‘good’ Muslim from a ‘bad’ Muslim? From all indications, this guy seemed like one of the ‘good’ ones.

      We will never be able to stop the radicalized Islamists. The only thing we can do to deter the situation is to stop ALL Muslims from emigrating to the US. We also need to pull the passports from non-citizen Muslims and return them to their place of origin. Also, deport the families of every terrorist.
      Guns are not the problem – terrorists are the problem.

    • You are spot on. The best we can expect these days from Obama, Chief Executive of these various government agencies–FBI, etc–is a speech filled with non-specific vagaries, some sanctimonious hand wringing and just enough blaming and shaming of Americans to make you want to throw a brick at the television. He’s certainly not going to waste this tragedy.

        • It’s true. Thinking of the neighbor of the killers who has said that she heard lots of noise going on in that house, packages being delivered, strange people coming and going all the time. She said she didn’t report it because she didn’t want to be seen as a “racist”. And that’s where we are.

          • Now we should report noisy neighbors? I can’t keep up. I know people around here report people with weeds…So far we are skating on the hiphop turned up to the pt of pain.

          • Yes. report all noisy neighbors immediately. Then all barking dogs. And that kid who plays his radio too loud? He gets reported too. And then moon bat who keeps spinning his tires in front of the house. Yes, he’s gone too. How about the neighbor who sings opera in her back yard two blocks over? She’s done. “Police? Yes, this is Marcus. That Mrs.KeyofC on Peach Street? She doing it again. Singing Madame Butterfly. All the parts. She’s got all the dogs in the neighborhood singing along with her, and it’s pretty loud right now. I SAID IT’S PRETTY LOUD RIGHT NOW. Can you send someone over again to make her stop? Thanks”

      • “My administration has concluded that yesterday’s event in California was workplace violence. Period. This hard-working man was a U.S. Citizen, a loyal civil servant, and his religion and ethnicity did not factor into what was obviously a malfunction of his family’s collection of dangerous assault weapons. We have discovered that his recent trip to Saudi Arabia was to buy a really nice watch. This incident clearly outlines the dangers of climate change, and how it relates to America’s gun culture. Michelle and I will continue to work tirelessly to make sure our ex-Marine bodyguards, underground bunkers, and armored vehicles are fully funded in perpetuity. Now, god bless Isla– errr, I mean… God Bless America. (What’s left of it.)”

    • srdem65,
      A very late start for me, haven’t turned on radio or TV.
      Is that what this terrorist attack is being called?
      I’m afraid to watch tv, its the only one I have and it isn’t brick proof.

      • On the way home this morning, I listen to Rush tear into the media for them last night and this morning at first calling it everything for what it was, than making excuses for what happen, to cover their political agenda.

      • No–they haven’t said workplace violence that I know of…They would have to get a new term…Let’s see, non-ideological grudge-holding followed by spontaneous mayhem maybe?

  6. Loretta Lynch, so quick off the mark on the Colorado PLANNED PARENTHOOD shooting by a crazy white right extremist, appears to be having a bit of a problem with this one — lack of evidence and all. No rush to judgement.

    • Without the rush to judgment and the leaping to conclusions, we fat Americans would get no exercise at all. I know this isn’t funny–but the reaction is at least grimly amusing. It’s like a bad game of Telephone–pass this along, that along…

      • I find nothing amusing about the mainstream media desperately trying to deny the few facts that are known.

        It took a day to publish the photo of the crazy who killed people from the inside of the Planned Parenthood building. There is no picture of the female from Saudi Arabia who was with her husband as he commmitted this act of workplace violence.

        This is serious stuff Star. There is a terrorist network. They do operate sleeper cells. They exist in the United States. They will grow as our borders weaken, as our media continues with its political spin and correctness, and as the President of the United States puts his own legacy and ideology above the safety of the country and its citizens.

          • I don’t think mod jail is anything but random and your scoldie got out fast! Yes, I am sarcastic–I see all the usual speculative stuff–it seems ridiculous to me. If they are holding back on anything showing central planning from somewhere overseas or cooption by a radical group, then that is wrong–why can’t we wait and see if it’s true. I am just wasting bandwidth…never mind.

          • Star, I think the point is really that this Administration is so reluctant regarding terrorism and the MSM is willing to do exactly what the Administration tells it to (and I believe the FBI and DOJ as well) that we will never get the truth if it does not align with Obama’s ideology and rhetoric. Therefore, if what you have is beginning to look, walk and quack like that webbed creature from Aflac than the chances are that it is so. But waiting for the truth from this Administration and this media is not going to happen.

            Under normal circumstances I would agree with you re. evidence. But these are not normal times for the US. More importantly holding back evidence or bowing to political correctness can be dangerous to the country and to its people. That’s really all I am saying — evidence nice to have, wont happen if not politically in line with Obama.

  7. Look at the girl not him. He was adverting in Sunni dating sites. This girl is the smoking gun.
    1.He went to Saudi Arabia to get this women less than a year ago.
    2. This is know as the “honey pot” trap.We were all briefed on this for DOD Clearance.
    3. She radicalism him, as was the plan.
    4. Sunni isis Saudi terrorist attack – soft target gov employees.
    more later

  8. Went over to Weaselzipper and read statement by Obama, for someone who is supposed to be C-I-C he’s one clueless sob.
    Good read of a CAIR spokesman about intention of Islam and sharia law.
    Pretty frightening.

  9. Diversion to take the focus off of Turkey selling ISIS oil and Supporting ISIS

    President of Turkey’s son in charge of selling the black Market oil and Keeping ISIS with money.

    Millions and Millions of Dollars. Russia see this and bombs the oil trucks.

    Something that Obama never did. He is/was helping ISIS by not attacking the oil income.

      • Oil fields and command and control centers. They should disappear first. Then the rest. And how about a series of small EMP blasts to wipe out their electrical power, and internet capability? Cheap, easy to do and repeatable.

  10. OUR government only wants to control U and me.
    The .gov and Obama support open borders. Anyone can come here.

    This operation chose a US citizen to dup and help the attack.

    Clearly a security service planned attack.

  11. Neighbor suspected something was up with couple, but didn’t say anything for fear of being accused of racial profiling.

    Political correctness kills.

      • “garage violence” or “garage jihad”. I saw somewhere that Brian Williams had called this “workplace violence” (don’t know if that’s true that he said it). But it does open the door for Paris — “nightclub jihad”….

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if they had other plans after shooting up the conference room…that might explain why they didn’t split town asap and actually went back to their residence.

      • All those weapons, the planning, the trips to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, the other equipment they had–all point to these two nuts being part of a much larger jihadist network, which is still intact, except for the two killers who have assumed room temperature. That particular jihadist network is still out there, planning more soft target murders in gun free facilities. Obama may as well write an Executive Order to mandate huge targets be painted on these places.

    • Yes, it does. And so far, tragedy in the form of terror has not come to those who espouse it. Lucky for them. Would be hard to spin that “workplace violence”.

  12. Does anybody know about the victims? How many? Dead, Survivors? I don’t want a ghoulish media horde at their doorsteps or to invade privacy or grief, but it does seem odd this lack of questions or attention to the victims? Maybe not — took Paris awhile and even then not much.

    But ever suspicious …. because I don’t trust DOJ, the FBI or any of them as long as they are tied to this Administration.