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  1. Good morning all, brew that Java, buckle up.

    This morning I read about the background of the 17 yr old killed by the Chicago police officer last year. Truly a sad event that should not be repeated.

    But , Google Laquan’s life history and it reveals the very tragic tale of inner city black youths. Father abandoned the family, he was in foster care, juvenile homes, alternative schools, numerous arrests, mother who was irresponsible, and a great grandmother who tried to care for him until she died in 2013. That’s GREAT grandmother.

    The issue is not guns, it’s the utter failure to maintain an intact family, and until the community accepts this and commits to reform, all the protests in the world will not change the violent landscape in cities such as Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Newark, etc.

    Pray that the leaders in the urban areas wake up and act accordingly.


    • Very nice, very nice indeed. A good reminder that there are heroes and generous hearts all around us. We just aren’t always aware of them. They tend to blend in with the rest of us until their special moment comes. And then, we see them and begin to understand why they are heroes and generous hearts.

    • Thanks so much for the link. She is an inspiration to all, and as we know here, she is not alone, it’s just that MSM rarely covers it.

      Imagine if that same love of country and service could be instilled on the south side of Chicago. Imagine if America elected a black President that could provide unity and leadership and end the senseless violence killing our kids. Oh wait…..

      • Thanks for the link. Thanks for addressing, mentioning his lack of Unity. That point is another issue that is not mentioned on m’m. It is unfair to all. As well unfair to the people who have strived and raised their kids well. Communities that did not see difference before o arrived.

  2. On another note. This column didn’t make the cut for the paper this Sunday:
    Reason given is that I wasn’t imparting any real information and just attacking readers? While on one hand I see it, on the other it saddens me that the press has become so timid of offending anyone and so ideologically aligned with the political left, that a simple, tell it like it is can’t be printed because it might offend.
    SO, if any get the chance and have the desire, your critique would be greatly appreciated. And don’t hold back if you side with the paper. I’m a big boy, I can take it. lol
    Have a great rest of Sunday all.

    • Will read it and see whatcha’ got.
      No matter — what you do is important. Usually on Sundays I wander in and out of the AOS Book Thread — mental bookstore.

      I saw this quote. Not the greatest but a testimony to your craft perhaps.

      ‘All words have some power. We feel it instinctively. Some, like magical spells and the true names of the gods, have a great deal. They must be treated with respect. In Klatch there is a mountain with many caves, and in those caves are entombed more than a hundred thousand old books, mostly religious, each one in a white linen shroud. That is perhaps an extreme approach, but intelligent people have always known that some words at least should be disposed of with care and respect…Enough words crammed together can affect time and space.’

      –Terry Pratchett, Going Postal

      • As a writer, I would like to think that–and at key times in history–it has been true…Candidates on both sides should watch their words…that’s my opinion. Most HS debaters use the language more carefully.

        • I agree. But today — weird things are happening with words and free speech.

          That said, re. candidates. There is also that whole “know your audience” meme. So, Jeb Bush speaking in Spanish — not a good thing for me.

          • I agree. I have no problem with people speaking other languages but when a candidate for President campaigns in a language foreign to our founding it distracts from the most important part of immigration: assimilation.
            It’s not immigration per se that’s killing us, it’s the Balkanization.

          • Geoff — No idea where this will land. But to your point , “Balkanization” is a word that should be used over and over to club that whole melting pot, assimilation, a nation of immigrants thing. Of course, then you would have to spend a lot of time ‘splaining Balkanization.

          • What if the melting pot analogy was always kind of a myth–yes, over decades, the Irish, Italians and Poles etc came to think of themselves as Americans first, but it took time–and they tended to keep to themselves and speak their own lang…Everyone wants to hang onto ancestry, fam background, facts that make them uniquely “them.” Do we really want no Chinatowns, no Koreatowns, no Japantowns (stayed there once in SF, deep soaking tub in a Holiday Inn). We also stayed in Chinatown when we went to the Film Market in NY–the restaurant was Chinese. We not want ghettos or barrios, but the other? Just throwing it out there. I do think it goes too far when the Mexican flag is above the American flag here, and some other things I have seen…but I think the tossed salad analogy holds…We are not melted together…and never will be. Someone will always stick a fork into it–hey, fondue!

        • I know that bugs you–it doesn’t irk me. In a store, when someone is talking about ME, it’s a diff story. I get defensive. The overall thing that bothers me the most is the going from the specific to the general on every issue…A cop is brutal, all cops must be…Some Muslims behead, all must want to…One Repubican says this, all must believe it or deny it and if they don’t choose to, this means they believe it.

          • They don’t get too specific because it makes it easier to pin them down.
            It’s either that or flip flop.
            Hillary is a pathological liar, yet she gets away with it.

          • Star, I saw a similar comment (which I have word cleansed for you:)

            One of the worst things lefties have done to this country is to try and institute this sense of collective responsibility for any despicable act. A cop uses too much force and a suspect dies, all cops are racist killers. Some kids at a school feel they have been discriminated against so all whites are racist bigots.

            I don’t care why the gunman in Colorado did what he did and I don’t care who he was targeting. He spoke only for himself and he was crazy as a loon.”

            Not that this is so eloquent but I did like the “sense of collective responsibility for any despicable act” part.

          • Although my point was poorly expressed using Bush and Spanish I will say this. English, recognized as such or not, is the language of America. Any Presidential candidate who speechifies in another language I have no respect for.

    • I read it twice. Liked it, would read and agree with it as a column. And , as a column, it seems to me you should be able to tell it like it is. So, yea you.

      But putting on an ideologically left leaning editor or editorial board hat, I get that he/she/they might think you were not imparting any real information and just attacking readers.

      The attacking part — um, see your opening two paras. and also your last sentence where you pound it home. In the body middle content (whatever that is called) you appear to be defending yourself and your beliefs against the charges made by your readers, (doesn’t help that you refer to them as “they”) rather than upholding better principles. Sort of reads … No matter what I say “they” defend Obama against all evidence and reason.

      But, you DO have facts …in your last full para.

      But I am not ideologically leftist, so I would have printed it. And further, I absolutely agree with your point about timidity and not wanting to offend.

      IMHO Big Boy. :)

      • gracepmc says:
        November 29, 2015, 7:37 pm at 7:37 pm

        This is in reply to Geoff 11:11 pm “SO, if any get the chance and have the desire, your critique would be greatly appreciated.”

        Looking at it from their angle perhaps.

      • Hey thanks for the criticism. MUCH appreciated. I do see both sides, especially making it “personal”.
        Guess I’ve just watched for so many years as the left made everything personal and now we’ve got a POTUS destroying what’s left of this great country and I’M taking it personal! lol

        • From my viewpoint I am with you. But it was kind of fun to put on that other hat.

          But,it is still a well written, cogent article no matter what hat.

    • Very good article, Geoff. The article got spiked because you were directly over the target. Ground Zero. Bombs away! And they didn’t like that, not one little bit. Read it a couple of times. Liked it very much.

    • I got it, and read it.
      I’ve even heard on NPR that many Health Insurance Co. are going belly up because of the restrictions of the ACA.

      This is what they wanted all along, single payer.

      I think that Blue Cross is also having trouble.

      Thanks for the link Star.

    • To Star.
      The best idea that I have heard so far is to open up the competition across state lines and all of them compete on a level playing field.

      If you live in Arizona, there is no reason that you cannot find a company in another state that can fulfill your needs.

      • The thing to remember is that 85-90 percent of Americans were satisfied or very satisfied with the existing medical delivery system pre-ObamaCare. Nobody was dying on the streets because they didn’t have “health insurance”. Since 1986 or 88 (I forget) federal law (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act) mandated that all people reporting to the Emergency Room receive treatment, including women in labor, regardless of whether they had health insurance or not or could pay the bill. They got medical care. Period. Hospitals routinely write off 25-30 percent of receivables because some just cannot pay.

        Now, less than 43 percent approve of ObamaCare, or GruberCare, we could call it. Premiums are skyrocketing, people have lost the health care insurance they liked. We all know the sad stories.

        We all know ObamaCare is a dog. Note how Obama virtually never talks about it anymore. He knows. I doubt he understood it very well in the first place. It was just an agenda item for him. And so here we are.

    • My first career was in healthcare. Started in ’79 and was on the fontlines of the DRG (diagnosis related groups) reform for Medicare as hospitals scrambled to adapt. It’s where the innovation in outpatient testing BEFORE admission to the hospital began.
      That’s why when on March 21, 2010 Obama and Pelosi got THEIR “win” with Obamacare,
      Historic health care vote gives Obama/Pelosi a ‘yes’ with lots of ‘IF’s’ – See more at:
      The entire legislation was never meant to succeed. It is going exactly as planned. It will collapse upon itself, it will reduce competition, and ultimately will leave only a few large conglomerates what will then gladly be a part of a “single payor” system of government design.
      It’s sick, it’s the antithesis of everything it used to be to be an American, and if it is allowed to succeed will be the defining moment in the history books when the United States fully ceased being a Constitutional Republic.
      (Yeh, I’m PISSED)

      • Thanks Geoff. I’ve looked at ObamaCare from a systems development and management viewpoint. In applying the basic steps, rules and practices of how successful systems function and interact in a social setting (there are many many, many studies on how systems of all types function properly–thousands of them, no doubt), ObamaCare is an astounding mess. There is just no way it will ever succeed because of the manner in which it was designed from the get-go. The designers broke every well established rule of systems development, introducing change, proto-testing and implementing new systems, adaptability, etc. I agree with you completely: it was never designed to succeed.

        • Don’t forget PUNISHING people who didn’t go along…good post, both the above are. I am listening to a book by a disillusioned doc called DOCTORED. He laments the lost days when docs had respect, were the richest person in town, etc. He feels he is now the doctor he used to dislike–rushed, indifferent..I fear he is, too.

  3. We took our daughter to the airport this morning, and she sent this to her sister:

    “Indian guy named Singh is TSA agent. I noticed how quick he was at getting people through. His supervisor just told him to slow down. Lol #mediocrity”

    Sad commentary that an agent is told to work slower on a busy Thanksgiving weekend travel day.