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Obama Schedule || Monday, November 30, 2015

From the White House:

President Obama is in Paris for the climate accord treaty talks. In the morning, the president will participate in a bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Later in the morning, the President will participate in the “COP21” climate change talks opening ceremony.

In the afternoon, Obama will attend a lunch hosted by President Francois Hollande of France. This lunch will be closed press. Afterward, Obama will participate in a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India.

Later in the afternoon, the president will participate in an event with Hollande, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, other leaders and members of the private sector. In the evening, Obama will attend a working dinner with Hollande.

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    • I just heard any agreement he makes over there will not be binding, because he would need to go through Congress/Senate. We all know over he does not like taking that road with his pen.

      • You’ve put your finger on the core problem here. In his post Constitutional approach to governance, Obama just shuts Congress out of the political equation, or at least tries to. If we ever wondered what it was like to live in Argentina or some soft dictatorship, this is what it’s like.

  1. Obama’s first stop tonight in Paris was at the Bataclan, where he laid a white rose on the memorial. He’s so predictable, I knew he’d just have to go there. Wish I could believe it’s because he cared and not just another photo op for gun control.

  2. This treaty may be the biggest farce of Obama’s administration. Last week he said this will really take it to the terrorists. Yeah, I’m sure ISIS is freaking out over global warming.

  3. I brought this over because it appears that the offensive against Trump is starting in earnest, Fox leading the pack like the good little Rovsters/Rubions that they are. That is a hat tip to Brit Hume who calls me a Trumpkin for supporting Trump. Some other commenter I saw supports Cruz (as do I) and calls those who support Trump — stormtrumpers and yet fails to see how out of character that is for Cruz. This “Republican” name calling and the war against Trump is so unnecessary. Offended by Trump so many of them are now taking on the tactics of the Left. Oh well, whatcha’ going to do.


    Trump. Lou Dobbs directly takes on the GOPe efforts to eliminate Donald Trump as a Republican nominee. He posits Donald Trump and the Middle Class against the GOPe and special interests. It’s bold and good. imp

    • Rubions at the Rubicon? Wish I knew what shows–you aren’t getting the least tired of his half-finished sentences, gratuitious slaps at everyone, saying the same words over and over and over, using the number of tweets from people who agree as “proof”?

      • Star, I was just just poking fun at people who are outraged when the left called them teabaggers but are now eager to repeat the same tactic within their own party, largely against Trump. And Hume does it in a very condescending way.

        I was one of the first in FL out of the gate for Rubio. He is my Senator. If he is all that is left standing I would vote for him. But he is weak and I do not trust him.

        As for Cruz — my first choice. But America is a different place and smart and constitutional and all for the rule of law plus nuanced just will not play, imo, in the America of today.

        The way I see it is that to defeat the massive institutional and back room defense structure surrounding Hillary Clinton it will take a battering ram and a swat team. That is Donald Trump, again imo.

        Also I am more of a private sector person (although I have done my stints with government contracting and in WDC). I don’t have a problem that he is not a “conservative”, that he has donated to many as a businessman and that he is clearing the field for the ultimate battle. Do I think he is crude and clumsy. You bet. But in today’s America and with all the corruption (always there — just more so now) surrounding our electoral process Trump is the most effective I can see in the General.

    • The GOP better get it together or they will lose again, dumb and dumber, Trump is their only hope and they don’t even know it. Go Trump you have more brains in your little finger than these Republicans these days, except for Huckabee, he’s the only one with common sense, damn Republicans they don’t know a good thing when they see it. If they lose again, thats it for us. Hillary would be the most horrible president in history. I love women, I would vote for Carly if I could, but Clinton, she’s a liar, deceiver, greedy, cross-eyed communist. She can’t even wear a skirt or a dress once in a while, her eyes went, her legs are gone too? No class, pants all the time. I like pants but running for Pres and she can’t wear a suit skirt or a dress below her cankles once in a while? And she wants to be Pres? She belongs in jail instead.Horrible woman!

  4. Wanna’ know the most damning thing on today’s agenda? I’m surprised that nobody else has yet picked-up on the, “other leaders and members of the private sector” quote of the attendees to the afternoon event.

    It certainly makes me wonder how many George Soros wanna’-be’s are lurking there, far out of the spotlight.

  5. Meanwhile, as Obama basks in the glow of his own image, back in Chicago, the University of Chicago has cancelled all activities on campus after the FBI counter-terrisiom notified the University that it had received a credible threat of “gun violence” set for Monday.
    It must be the heat from all that global warming.

      • Yep. Watching these corrupt politicians and their friends do their thing is like watching “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” over and over and over. I guess ValJar would be Nurse Ratched.

      • Lots of stories like this one here…

        “The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever”

        Some poll or other I read the other day showed that about three percent of those polled thought “Climate Change” is a serious issue. That must be frustrating to the agit-props who have been pushing the topic for the last 10 years, every day, every hour. They’re not making much progress in their little scheme.

        • Obama, it appears, likes the “Climate Change” metings for one reason, he doesn’t have to do any work, just talk as O’Reilly said today–Obama just loves the easy life, parades around in suits that the American people paid for! What a phony baloney with an attitude. He just hired someone to help with the terrorists, sure, Obama wouldn’t do any work about terror, he’s too busy preening around like a cock rooster, loving himself and hating all of America and its people. Wish he was gone and so do a lot of people.

          • Apart from the agenda that’s been programmed into his head since he was a teenager, Obama is a lost child. He’s socially awkward, completely undisciplined, paranoid and incredibly shallow, intellectually and emotionally. He’s not dumb, but certainly we won’t see him attending a Mensa meeting anytime soon. As an adult man, he still relies heavily on others to bail him out of uncomfortable issues. He’s got an authoritative mother relationship with ValJar, and that is very troubling. Aside from his admitted use of cocaine and mary-u-wanna when he was younger (assuming he has stopped using), he is a compulsive person, given to wisecracks and shaming and blaming those whom he perceives as challenging his agenda, his view of the world. He is a very peculiar guy. Something in the head is just not right with him. The signs are everywhere.

          • Lizzy, I responded to your post, but I was placed, against my will I should add, into moderation. I was allowed one phone call to my lawyer, and he is on his way to bail me out.

          • I’m still in moderation, been there since yesterday. Reminds me of Kafka’s novel ‘The Trial”. The story line in the book is that a poor, sad sack dude was placed on trial for a crime, and no one would tell him what the crime was. But he was guilty anyway.

    • Obama’s Plan? Crony Capitalism at it’s slimiest.

      Guys, Trump could eat a live puppy at his next rally and I’d vote for him. Remember, he’s Main Street, not Wall Street (which makes professional politicians very wealthy)!

    • Well, Lou has always been against illegal immigration even though he is married to a Mexican woman.
      The problem with Trump as I see it – he is a performer. Everything is a ‘reality’ show, including his campaign. Can’t envision his first day on the job in the Oval Office without lights, cameras, action. The guy is 1000x worse than Obama as far as his narcissism. What will he do after he discovers he can’t just evict 10-20M illegals, or bomb the (bleep) out of ISIS without advice and consent? Issue EO’s?

      He threatens to go third party if he is ‘treated fairly’. What does ‘fairly’ mean? If he can’t take the heat, he needs to get out of the kitchen.
      It doesn’t appear likely that he will win in Iowa or NH, in which case he will gradually flame out.
      The ‘show’ is getting stale – he needs new ‘material’. In the meantime, Christie is garnering more support. I’m not a fan, but I believe he will end up with the nom. b/c of his prosecutorial background.
      Just my $0.02.

      • So far he has taken the heat nicely IMO.
        He sure does draw big crowds.
        That should tell you something.
        We The People are sick of the status quo.

        • ‘The Apprentice’ drew a big audience, too, AFVet. I watched a few of the first episodes, and grew tired of it – quickly.

          You’re right – people are tired of the status quo…but what makes you think Trump is the solution? His bombast? Reality bites – don’t know if he could handle it.

          • Decision making capability.
            Surrounding himself with advisers that want to make America great again as opposed to advisers that want to take Her down.
            The guts to fire someone that is incompetent,( unlike the present situation we have).

            I don’t know yet Girly1.
            I am in wait an see mode.

          • AFVet, there was an article on Lucianne this A.M re the last Rep. mayor of Los Angeles, Dick Riordan. He is apoplectic about Trump. Says he will support Hillary if Trump gets the nom. He said ‘Hillary is disgusting…and Trump is crazy!” Then, at the end, he said ‘Maybe Trump will turn sane’! Made me laugh.

          • So you are saying he is just like Trump? Seriously? He has run a govt. He has indeed improved many but not all things in his state. He has prosecuted terrorists … He is knowledgeable about surveillance…

        • Yes he keeps repeating himself.
          Obama repeats himself too.
          Ever since 2008 he has repeated himself to fundamentally change America.
          Gun control,
          Climate change,
          Larger budgets,
          Republicans are demons,
          No borders,

          19 trillion in debt and he isn’t done yet.

          The repetition is not the problem, it is what is being repeated.

          • Gotta disagree on that one–Trump needs new material and pronto. And I don’t mean some weird whim that floats through his brain and straight out of his yap. Ex: Don’t forget, Muslims are bad–even the American ones cheered when the towers failed, I saw it.

          • RINO–since Trump, who is a blatant one, I hardly hear that any more. Bridgegate–he will be exonerated. He sucks up money for his state, for sure. He is not my first choice, but I would vote for him. I am not going to go over and over this stuff…you know I am all about how repetition is boring.

          • @Von Ebb.
            I would trust Christie more than Trump. Trump has been all over the place over the years – raise taxes, socialized medicine. eminent domain…

            How do we know he’s not a RINO in disguise? The fact that he even thinks about going third party gives Hillary a sure-win. He is loyal to no one, IMO.
            Rubio, Kasich, and Jeb are also RINOs. At least Christie has actually prosecuted bad guys. It’s a start.

          • Girly 1 November 30, 2015, 2:22 pm at 2:22 pm
            I would vote for CC over HC. But as far as “he has prosecuted bad guys” — so did Loretta Lynch until she got to DOJ. I am not comparing the two, just saying sometimes what was it not what will be.

          • That’s one of my cartoon projects: THE BEE-TWEENZZ. Two bratty honeybee brothers who torture the other animals with their bad puns and jokes. Never too young to shape a few punsters, I say.

      • Girly,my daughter’s in-laws are legal immigrants from Honduras and they LOVE Trump.

        I know Mr. Bombastic is a turn off for many people, but compared to Obama had no accomplishments AND Greek Columns, I can forgive The Donald for being, uhm, not perfect. None of them are, but every one of them are preferable over Hillary’s vision.

        • That’s really encouraging, Denise – about your daughter’s in-laws supporting Trump. It only makes sense that they need to protect their own interests and jobs…and keep our country secure.

          What I worry about is the millions of illegals who have been here for years…and the new crops that arrive daily. They know Trump wants to deport them. They will vote en masse, IMO. Hope I’m wrong.

          • umm, perhaps I misunderstand Girly 1 but if you are referring to the illegals, technically they can’t vote. I mean many do, but technically they cannot. And if you are referring to legal immigrants who are citizens, increasingly I hear of more of them opposing the illegals and for Trump. In Denise’s family and in mine as well.

          • @gracepmc
            Yes, I was referring to the illegals voting (illegally, of course). The DEMS have encouraged it with things like motor voter, Obamacare exchanges, online votor registration, and canvasers who travel thru Latino neighborhoods registering illegals for absentee ballots.

            All Hillary has to do is get the turnout – just like Obama did.

      • Hope not re: Christie. Entertaining to watch, but he has been a lousy governor. NJ has been downgraded 9 times by Moody’s under his watch. He stopped the cost of living increases on state pensions. That’s been really lovely for my 87 year old mom who was a bookkeeper at our local high school until she was 80. Not like he’s done anything to drop taxes either. We should be able to do better than Christie.

    • Good stuff. I’m surprised Ailes didn’t fire Dobbs after that. Ailes is right in the middle of The Club–the Republican elites. He’s one of the big players, as are Hume and other Big Shots on Fox. They don’t fool me for a second. In effect, they will sing the same song as the MSM–get rid of Trump. “We did NOT give him approval to run for POTUS”. They can’t get past that. Unless Cruz and others get their act together, Fox will pave the way for Hillary.

      • When you’re taking flak, you’re over the target.
        Trump is taking flak from all sides.
        His crowds are ‘yuuuuuge’.
        Must mean something, no ?

        • AFVet, I’ll tell you what ticks me off. The Republican elites are writing Hillary’s campaign ads for her. By tearing away at Trump, campaigning against him, really, these Rove/Hume types are giving Hillary all the campaign ad ammunition she needs to slid into the Presidency. They’ll also twist and churn the same Republican elites’ actual quotes to blast away at any Republican who becomes the nominee. Are the Republican elites so stupid that they can’t see this coming? Obviously, they are.

          • Star, the R’s are already doing Hillary’s work in this arena. For sure, Trump makes major gaffs, and I wince mightily when he does (a mighty wince??? Selfie-worthy for sure). I’m not even sure I would vote for him at this point. But you can bet the Hillary crowd is enjoying every tactic the RE (I think we can abbreviate “Republican elites” at this point ;+}) is employing at this point to destroy Trump. It’s impossible to wipe the smiles off their faces right now.

            So the political world turns. We can just be glad we don’t have a Corbyn in the candidate mix at this point. Oh, wait, we do…Bernie Sanders. Would we buy a used car from Bernie Sanders? I think not.

          • It’s 2012 in reverse for the R’s. Romney was eviscerated by his fellow candidates, but never fought back.

            Trump eviscerated almost all of the 17 candidates during the first debate, but they never fought back.
            Now the elites are planning an all-out attack on Trump.

          • Marcus, I’ve seen many theories that the GOPe would rather have Hillary President than a Trump. She’ll keep their gravy trains flowing :(

          • Denise…. that’s the fear–that somewhere in the back room behind the back room, they, Ds and Rs, are all sitting around a big table and all laughing at this rodeo, knowing that whoever wins the Big Trophy gets to share the goodies with everyone on all sides. “Hey, we’ll say that the Republicans are all owned by the corporations, and then you, the Republicans, can respond with ‘well what’s up with Hillary’s emails, huh’? That’ll be a riot. And then we’ll give the moderators the right questions to ask and let them pretend they are running a debate about all this.”

            No matter who wins, they all win.

          • Girly 1 @ November 30, 2015, 2:46 pm at 2:46 pm
            There have been a lot of back and forth between the candidates yes. But go back and watch the Dobbs tape. He is talking about an impenetrable LLC, not a discoverable SuperPac, of elite Republican Party backers, formed with the specific intent to attack Donald Trump. And to Star also at 2:13 pm.

        • It may mean more, perhaps, than some think.

          Middle America has finally figured out that the two-party system has broken down. Democratic powermongers want as many reliable voters as they can, and the more dependent they are on the Nanny State, the better. Therefore, throw open the borders, import a permanent underclass, and remake America for the elites.

          The Chamber of Commerce Republicans, meanwhile, aren’t too thrilled with the electoral implications of an open border, but if it means they can pad their bottom lines by slashing labor costs, well, perhaps they can buy off enough Democrats once the GOP is the permanent minority.

          The Democrats want an open border to attain power for themselves; the Republicans want an open border to attain money. Attitudes of ultimate corruption, both. And then along came Trump to say, “Shut that border down.” No wonder the elites on both sides are buying their Xanax wholesale.

          Most voters from Generation X and older remember the Reagan years; how it seemed anything was possible, if one dreamed big enough.

          Then came one Bush’s validation of Durocher’s Law, Bill Clinton’s corruption-with-a-smile, another Bush’s squishy centrism, and now we’re on Obama’s naked authoritarianism.

          Main Street has had enough. The GOP establishment went all-in on Mitt Romney in 2012, and lost; average Americans have been suffering with the consequences of that stupidity ever since. American conservatives want someone as far from the smoke-filled rooms as it’s possible to get; thus, Trump’s ascendancy, and his seeming infallibility in the face of controversy.

          No, he’s not an ideologue; and if the GOP primary was supposed to be a contest of doctrinaire purity, the man would have little to no chance.

          But it’s not; it’s a contest of who registered Republicans would like to see as the next president of the United States, and the party brass ignore that aspect at their peril.

          Even if one disagrees with Trump on individual issues, or dislikes his over-the-top demeanor, or is less than impressed with his route to name recognition, this much remains:

          NO ONE can credibly question Donald Trump’s patriotism, and his love of America.

          And that, I submit, is what is overriding all other concerns with the electorate. Trump is proudly waving the flag that Obama wouldn’t even wear as a lapel pin, until it became a campaign controversy.

          Are the other candidates doing the same? While all of the GOP contenders arguably love their country, not all are making it the center of their campaign.

          The candidates’ slogans, per

          Jeb Bush: Jeb!
          Carson: Heal + Inspire +Revive
          Christie: Telling It Like It Is
          Clinton: Hillary For America
          Cruz: Reigniting the Promise of America
          Fiorina: New Possibilities, Real Leadership
          Graham: Ready To Be Commander-In-Chief On Day One
          Huckabee: From Hope to Higher Ground
          Kasich: K for US
          O’Malley: Rebuild the American Dream
          Paul: Defeat the Washington Machine, Unleash the American Dream
          Rubio: A New American Century
          Sanders: A Political Revolution is Coming
          Trump: Make America Great Again!

          For the Democrats, it’s interesting that in Clinton’s camp, no one seemed to pick up on the subtext of putting “Hillary” before “America.” Sanders will have no chance if he’s the nominee: Middle America has already seen the Left’s idea of a revolution, thank you very much, and they don’t much care for it. O’Malley wouldn’t be too far off base with that slogan in any other election, but with the Clinton machine on one side, and Sanders’ shock troops on the other, he’s already finished, and he apparently doesn’t even know it yet.

          As for the GOP, look at how many of the candidates don’t even mention America. The ones that do: Cruz, Kasich (not exactly), Paul, Rubio, and Trump.

          Of those, Kasich is putting himself in his slogan, and here we go again with ego. (That, and he’s too squishy.) Paul dilutes his slogan, by adding that Washington is the problem. Arguably so; but which of those two themes is the dominant one, and which would he give more weight to, if elected? Ambiguity is not the way to impress voters now: blank slate candidates are so 2008.

          That leaves us with Cruz, Rubio, and Trump. Rubio’s record in the Senate is not unblemished, and conservatives are going to have even MORE problems with his candidacy if he starts drawing Establishment support. It will be asked, and not without merit, which does he love more: his country, or his donors?

          And that really does reduce it to Cruz and Trump, on the question of who is most unabashedly, and unshakably, pro-American.

          But when you’re talking about “the promise of America”, you’re implicitly talking about possibility, about potentiality, about MAYBES. That’s not as strong a statement as it sounds at first blush.

          Trump is having none of that. His message of Make America Great Again, with an EXCLAMATION POINT, no less, is an IMPERATIVE. There’s no “maybe,” no “promise,” not even his own name–which is quite a shrewd move, for a businessman who’s put his name on just about every other project he’s ever done.

          For Trump, it’s about America–nothing more, nothing less, and no half-message or half-measures.

          And THAT, I submit, is what is striking a chord in the heart of weary Americans throughout the land. They have had their fill of politicians whose loyalty to country is not unassailable at best, and open to question at worst.

          And that is why Trump may well be the next President of the United States.

          • Love your post. Pray Trump wins, we must pray, he is our only hope, We need to love America again and BE AMERICA AGAIN! Vote for Trump, I am begging.

          • @Star

            You’re entitled to your opinion, but answer me this.

            Trump has been the lead story for the better part of four months, living under a media microscope 24/7. His every “mistake” is at the top of every news cycle.

            So, why has no one in the media come after him on policy?

            Recently, it’s been, “Oh, he was making fun of the disabled guy,” or, “Hey, he should have just let Jorge Ramos hijack his event,” or “He was making fun of Carly’s looks,” or “No, they weren’t celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11,” etc., etc., ad absurdum.

            They’ve been throwing just about every ad hominem turd they can excrete at the man since Labor Day at least, even though it’s clearly not working.

            So if they can’t hurt him with personal arguments, then why haven’t they gone at him on policy? There are five position papers on his campaign website already, so it’s not like they don’t have policy to attack. So why aren’t they doing it?

            Look at those position papers, and note the “why” behind his proposals.

            Either he’s sincere in what he’s proposing, or he’s an even bigger flim-flam artist than Obama was in ’08. For comparison, Trump often speaks either from note cards or completely off the cuff, so either he’s sincere in what he’s saying, or at worst, he can think quickly on his feet. And you can’t be quick on your feet if you don’t even know the basics.

            Compare and contrast THAT, to 2008 Obama, who was never without his teleprompter, lest he fail to keep his bullshit straight.

            I think Trump is sincere in his love of country. He can be a bit over the top, yes. He took an unconventional route to the hustings, to be sure. But if you don’t think he loves America, after hearing what he’s been saying about America in his speeches, and seeing how he thinks in his position papers, then there’s nothing I can say to change your mind.

  6. Russia bans Soros USNGO. I may question the motives but I fully support Russia’s actions. (yes, I know free speech blah blah — does not apply — Russia). Putin knows an enemy when he sees one and acts . He also unfortunately acts on “enemies” that are not. But again, banning any Soros organization is a good thing. The man is just flat out evil and Barack Obama cannot get enough of him.

    • Oh with the second “working trip” so close to the previous one … He’ll be checking out mentally rather quickly once he flies home.

      Maybe three weeks in Hawaii this year?

    • It would be easier to calculate when he DOESN’T play golf. Or is thinking about playing golf. Or telling stories about golf games he’s played.

      Here’s an idea: let’s get a golf match between him and the Grand Ayatollah. Winner take all. Oh, oh. No, not winner take all. The Ayatollah would beat Obama even if the Swami dude had never played golf before in his life. By all accounts, Obama is really, really lousy at golf.

      • With all the play and practice time you would think he would be better than reported. I don’t know, but he does not seem particularly naturally athletic to me. Kind of tall, and gawky and all akimbo with wrists flapping as if that would stabilize him or give him lift or something.

        • LOL. Yes, you would think. He plays an average game of basketball, but no other sport as far as I know. He’s certainly not an athlete. Remember when he posed for the skeet shooting photo? Aye Yai Yai. That’s was painful to see. It’s a wonder he didn’t blow his left shoulder off. Someone should have taught him how to hold and shoot a shotgun safely.

  7. I must have been out of my mind yesterday to suggest that, although I am not a fan, Christie could be a contender b/c of his prosecutorial background. Had no idea that he was pro gun control! He is one RINO who should switch parties.

    “Brett Baier cited a 1993 Star-Ledger article quoting Christie during his campaign for state Senate as saying, “The issue that has motivated me to get into this race is the recent attempt by certain Republican legislators to repeal New Jersey’s ban on assault weapons.”

    Christie told Fox he doesn’t remember taking the position.
    (He is also lying…how could he forget such a critical position?)

    • I must have been out of my mind yesterday to suggest that, although I am not a fan, Christie could be a contender b/c of his prosecutorial background. Had no idea that he was pro gun control! He is one RINO who should switch parties.

      “Brett Baier cited a 1993 Star-Ledger article quoting Christie during his campaign for state Senate as saying, “The issue that has motivated me to get into this race is the recent attempt by certain Republican legislators to repeal New Jersey’s ban on assault weapons.”

      Christie told Fox he doesn’t remember taking the position.
      (He is also lying…how could he forget such a critical position?)

      Joe S. pressed Christie on this statement this A.M. He still claims he doesn’t remember but he still said no one can buy a gun in NJ.