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Saturday Open Thread || November28, 2015



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  1. Thank you AFVet, that was lovely I simply love listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir…..I have two great CD’s in my car that are just about worn out but their lovely music and singing is so uplifting.

    • I am surprised Joe had all those facts at hand at home on Twitter–but I can use them, thanks. He has repeatedly characterized Reps wanting a pause in Syrian refugees as “stupid.” Is there any doubt some Muslims overseas celebrated–I saw that myself. The New Jersey branch–not so much. On MTP–Trump was raving on about how many Muslims live in NJ–they “could” have…etc etc. He also swears he “saw” it on TV–yet can’t find it.

  2. OT Nice little solo photo opp for the Missus – welcoming the WH Christmas tree. She hasn’t been in the “news” lately and her nose must have been out of joint. [

  3. No I am not going to become an “entertainment” commenter just because I am off cable.:) But I saw this and since some of you are off cable I thought I would mention it. This just happens to be a Rolling Stone Review but you can get others. The libs tend to call it sci fi (because of the author) and the consrv. alternative history. Everything I have read is very positive. And it is produced by Ridley Scott. It is available through AMZ Prime. I think it is about 3 episodes in. The Man in the High Castle. Maybe some of you are already watching. 2 cents

  4. A little gift for you all. A lesson on how to introduce peace and centered-ness into one’s life, really.


    Learn a craft, , a skill, allow yourself to be lost in something you are creating with your mind and your hands. I’ve learned wood carving and drawing landscapes over the years and it brings me much peace and joy. It’s a place to go, a place to be when everything seems to be crazy, out of control, hopelessly confusing.

    There. A little wisdom, which really isn’t news to anyone. Not really.

    Here’s a video about master ceramic artists creating something out of nothing with from humble clay. World class stuff, I would say.
    Note the expression on the faces of these artists. Mind and hands and peace coming together by creating something beautiful. You can see it clearly. They teach a wise life lesson.

    Hope you all had a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for being who you all are. Gifts to the world.

    • Marcus,very true, everybody needs a place with serenity and tranquillity. To learn a craft is one way to do it. I like to paint water colours. I also love to be in my kitchen, my hands in a big dough smelling of cardamom and cinnamom and with Vivaldis “The four Seasons” on the CD player.That´s happiness on a Monday.

    • Thanks Island Girl, I saw it. Tulsi Gabbard is lovely, bright, independent and brave. I love her. She is a Democrat but maybe she is one of those Democrats who can do a Reagan, make Republicans fall in love with her.
      Happy Thanksgiving.