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White House Thanksgiving Fence Jumper Arrested

Well, on Thanksgiving, your White House correspondent was strolling by the White House and ran into this:

White House Secret Service
Photo by Keith Koffler

Someone had jumped the White House fence, I found out. The front of the White House – the north side – was on lockdown. Hazmat trucks were brought in. And these guys above had their fingers on the triggers of their weapons in case the kooky fence jumper was just the vanguard of a far more aggressive effort to ruin the Obamas’ Thanksgiving.

Turned out not.

fence jumper

According to the Washington Post, 22-year-old Joseph Caputo of Stamford, Connecticut, scaled the north fence on and gained access to the north grounds but was immediately arrested. Caputo was charged with unlawful entry.

18 Responses to White House Thanksgiving Fence Jumper Arrested

  1. It was the Free Tuition Now Brigade! 22. White , from Stamford Ct….take that you black lives matter folks. Whites from the burbs demand their say for equal face time for the downtrodden in suffering Nutmeg State!

    Free the scaler, let him roam with the higher educational elite. Mr Obama, your kinship with the fellows from academia demand your attention. Nothing is more threatening to our future than the effect of pay for degree. Even climate change cannot deter the brigade.

    Sarc, of course.

    Happy Thanksgiving, keep your humor intact


  2. OT A comment from another poster elsewhere. Good on Poland.

    Personally I don’t see them so much as “refugees” as parasites. If all they wanted was to get to safety they would have stopped as soon as they got out of Syria and into Turkey. But the ME shuns these people and then pretends to be appalled if Western countries are hesitant to take them.

    Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski is right, IMO, when he says that Poland won’t be sending young Polish men in the harm’s way, while “hundreds of thousands of Syrians sit and drink coffee on Berlin’s Unter den Linden and watch us fight for their safety.”

  3. The fence jumper was carrying a large envelope in his mouth as he was scaling. Any idea what it was about? Could have been his resume…looking for a job with SS.