As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Open Thread || Friday, November 27, 2015

My apologies for the problems with the website earlier today. I hope everyone is having a nice Thanksgiving holiday.


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  1. Best Holiday Wishes to you as well Keith!! Don worry too much about the website being down. I’m sure the majority of us have multiple avenues for spleen-venting!!

  2. Have my body armour on and ready to leave the house for necessary errands, ugh.

    Did anyone catch the WH tree delivery this a.m.? Didn’t see the girls, and MO was all dressed up – carrying a large handbag or tote. Looked like she was on her way to the limo or AF2. She almost forgot to stop and speak to the two tree people. No public comments! Looked like she was irritated and in a big hurry.
    Could be there was more to it, but that’s all there was on CNN.

  3. Could Obummer be so insane because he is of a very odd combination of background?

    Black, gay, Muslim, schooled in Indonesia in his formative years. His mother an Odd semi communist, left him to be raised by grand parents. They were perhaps CIA or communist too. Radical black friends and went to a church that hates America? Gay friend in that church murdered.
    What a a very odd background for a President.

      • At his core, Obama is an angry introvert, socially awkward, a misanthrope, a confused, angry man who cannot and will not see the big picture. He is driven, and will always be driven, by a political philosophy that has failed every single time it has been tried. He is the full flower of the foul result of the 1960’s “tear it all down” agitators and destroyers of normal society. He is one big mess, in other words.

    • When he was running for office they made a “big deal” about how different he was and how that was a good thing. They failed to mention that he hated America and was proud to be “different” and to bring his whacked out commie values to this country — by edict if necessary.

      • I’m always up for thinking outside the box for our reps and leaders, but what bugged me about Obama, there was no there there. Totally unaccomplished in his personal and professional life, a do nothing state and US Senator. I don’t even think our first historic black Pres has made life better for anyone other than himself.

        • And the ultimate and bitter irony (I guess) is that while he peddled himself and as a “Black” person (down with the struggle and all that), and rode that horse until it collapsed, he is no such thing. He is no more Black than Bernie Sanders is Black (in the manner Obama retails his “Blackness”). He is of mixed race, every bit as Caucasian as he is Black. A quick DNA test will make that point. He no more cares about the plight of the inner city Black ghettos than the squirrel in my back yard who keeps stealing the bird food is sorry for fooling me every time.