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NYTs: Obama Curbing Power of Watchdogs

The openness administration is curbing the ability of agency inspectors general to investigate Obama officials, writes the right wing, rabidly anti-Obama, pro-Ted Cruz New York Times.

According to the Times:

“The bottom line is that we’re no longer independent,” Michael E. Horowitz, the Justice Department inspector general, said in an interview.

The restrictions reflect a broader effort by the Obama administration to prevent unauthorized disclosures of sensitive information — at the expense, some watchdogs insist, of government oversight.

Justice Department lawyers concluded in a legal opinion this summer that some protected records, like grand jury transcripts, wiretap intercepts and financial credit reports, could be kept off limits to government investigators. The administration insists there is no intention of curtailing investigations, but both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have expressed alarm and are promising to restore full access to the watchdogs.

I’m sure the press will be just as outraged as it would have been had the nefarious George W. Bush done the same thing.

21 thoughts on “NYTs: Obama Curbing Power of Watchdogs”

  1. I guess this is intended to protect an ever expanding group of people from prison, wrath, fury and lynching. Maybe old Jimmy Carter was into something when he said that “US is an Oligarchy with unlimited political Bribery”. ( Information Clearing House, August 2015 ).

  2. Obama is clearly a liar and dictator. He promised full transparency,yet he does everything in secret. His first official as president was to sign an executive order sealing his personal records.

  3. Guess I’ll have to read the article to see which Republican and Democrat leaders have “expressed alarm” — I find that difficult to believe.

  4. Gee, didn’t notice THIS at the Wash Post… They are over there spewing about mental health under Obamacare and how nothing Trump does seems to dent him, ignoring the 12% drop in his Reuters/IPSO.

    1. I am suspicious of the Reuters drop, especially since the GOPe is still diddling over whether they should go after Trump full force or not.

      All I see in both parties are a bunch of cowards, with the exception of Trump, Cruz, Clinton, Pelosi and Reid (who say anything that comes into their pea brains without critical comment).

      All of government departments are immune to investigation or critique of any value — so we are essentially a nation run without federal law through congress.

      1. Congress has been the main problem since Barry was elected the first time.
        They are a bunch of gutless wonders who refuse to adhere to the Constitution.

        1. Well, we voted some out — and they turned at the first whiff of power. After the Haley Barbour/Thad Cochran/McConnell approved fiasco buying black votes and aligning with the Dems. — I pretty much hung it up. That was exposure enough for me to the Republican Party elite.

  5. Fences and armed protection — who has it , who doesn’t.

    The US — no on the fence or even at this point security of any kind with DHS run amuck under Jeh Johnson who should have been impeached and Lois Learnothing who never should have been appointed. And Obama will never give up on taking guns.

    On the other hand, Obama has a fence — that not even the inept SS can prevent crazies from scaling — and lots and lots of protection. Macedonia is building a fence on its border with Greece. Hungary is building a fence. I think — somewhere in South or Central America — there is some fence construction.

    Celebrities, congress critters, wealthy, government hacks — have fences or protection or both. And, of yeah, Farakhan (sp?), Jackson and the Rev Al –protection.

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