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Live Stream || Obama-Hollande Press Conference

The press conference has concluded.

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  1. Erdogan and Obama must be giving each other mental high-fives this A.M. after the downing of the Russian jet. Wonder if they plotted it together…
    Just read on WZ that the two pilots were shot to death by the rebels.

  2. Oh no. This is bad. NATO-member Turkey shoots down Russian warplane on IS-fighting mission and the plane crashes on Syrian territory. However, Turkey insists that the plane intruded in Turkish airspace. So, if so, a few seconds there was apparently so bad that it did not matter that the mission was fighting IS, not invading Turkey. It is even more clear on whose side Turkey, and NATO, is. They support IS. And to make matters even worse, the pilots, who catapulted from the plane, were shot at and killed by “rebels” on the ground.
    I do hope that Putin and Lavrov will show restrain. They usually do. The world can now see who the bad guys are here . And it is not the Russians.

    • I do not think it is fair to say that NATO supports ISIS — it is likely that Turkey does, and Obama might be along for the ride with that one, but to paint the whole of NATO as such is unfair.

      • NATO must condemn Turkey here and give Erdogan a sharp lesson. And if they do not, well, then I stand by what I said. We are so very close to a serious, expanded war, Turkey is a loose and dangerous cannon. Grace, you know what I think about NATO after the involvement in the Ukraine conflict. I donĀ“t see them as “white knights” anymore. Rather the opposite.

        • It’s “our” alliance and stickin’ to it, SL. Of course, we only call it up when it suits..but all nations do what suits..the problem here is we are not doing what suits.

        • NATO under Obama may be suspect especially regarding Ukraine. That said, NATO has done a lot for Europe over the years — lots of personnel, money etc. so I do. However, it is not uncommon for some in Europe to look for Putin and an alliance there.m That does not include those Western and Central European countries who have had allied experiences with Russia and want nothing to do with it.

          • You put your finger on the core issue: there are shifting alliances happening all over the place in that area. Baffling, unsettled, confounding good guy/bad guy exchanges and no one knows who to trust and rely upon from hour to hour. That’s a recipe for complete chaos, as we can see.

          • Grace, I respect you and your familys East European heritage and experiences and I am fully aware of the horrors of the Soviet Union but Russia is in my opinion something else, not looking for an Empire but for prosperity and acceptance by the West. The Olympics was a good example of that. And we should let them in, it would benefit us all in so many ways. After the collapse of the Soviet Bloc the Warsaw Pact unraveled as well ( and all this was certainly a blessing for humanity ) but then the NATO Pact should have at least reformed. NATO is nowadays, under Obama, in my opinion an aggressive player.

          • Sorry–but I don’t buy the kindly Uncle Vlad scenario, SL. He is a ruthless former torturer and ruthless present geoppolitician. He wants ascendency, a return to Russian “greatness,” not acceptance.

  3. Make no mistake about this. We are supporting ISIS with this shoot down. However it happened its still a plane shot down that was fighting Terror.

    Obablabber wants ISIS to defeat Aasd. Our Pres and turkey working help ISIS.

  4. Frenchy: Our planes have been bombing the XXXX out of the terrorists.
    Translation: When are you going to step up and quit being a wimpy girly-man?
    Preezy: Our planes are using ROE to avoid hurting anyone not wearing the terrorists secret ring.
    Translation: No way am I going to be involved in hurting any Muslim, so I plan to drag this out until the next guy takes over.