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Obama: Republicans Helping ISIS

President Obama launched an attack on Republicans from foreign soil Sunday, saying during a stop in Malaysia that they were helping the enemy, ISIS.

“Prejudice and discrimination helps ISIL and undermines our national security,” Obama said during a press conference in Malaysia.

So while overseas, speaking to a foreign audience, Obama accuses fellow Americans of being racist and aiding the enemy. All because they want to protect the nation by stopping Syrian refugees – and the potential terrorists among them – from entering the United States, with the possible exception of Christians who are targeted for death and cannot easily be relocated in the region instead of here.

46 Responses to Obama: Republicans Helping ISIS

  1. I’m starting to think that part of what’s driving Trump’s popularity–and Carson’s, for that matter–may be their ages.

    Because they’re too old for such jejune behavior as we’re seeing here.

  2. Well,darn it, can he make up his mind – is it global warming, lack of jobs, or GWBush who is responsible for all this terrorism?
    Now it’s the Americans in fly-over country that are making Muslims turn to massacre and mutilation because we don’t want millions of twenty-something Muslim men immigrating to our country.

  3. Oh, give it up, guy! The sun coming up helps ISIS–nightfall does too…They don’t need thie theoretical “help.” They are trucking along pretty well without comments from the West ruining their day and irking them. And since when are “caution” and “prudence” unAmerican and so off the charts? You, in fact, seem to LOVE those–with the wait and see, the stall, the half-measures…

  4. We should peg our take of refuge numbers to those of Saudia Arabia….or use the same complex formula that the Saudias are using…

    Number of Refugees = (barrels of oil daily produced/number of current citizens X number of days in a week X GDP of NATO X Square Root of the current year X Obama’s weigh in grams) X 0

  5. The man (boy? manchild? boychild?) is bad enough but the sycophants who still support him even worse. Got this in my email yesterday re: the column on how Obama is ignoring the oath of office:

    “I read with total disbelief the article you wrote today describing President Obama. Your opinion should contain at least some true facts but I failed to locate any in this article. However, if you substitute the name of George W. Bush for Barack Obama’s, you have a factual article. Your very Republican and biased opinion does not allow you to fabricate what you wish was true with what the true facts are. I find this in all of the articles you conjure up in your mind and present as fact that appear in the Globe. I prepare myself each week for your little piece of fiction that you must wish so much it was true that you believe it. Real history cannot be changed just because you wish it was different and put it in writing. It is what it really is. Learn to deal with it.”

    That my friends comes from a person who works in a local law office. It’s what goes for intelligence in the liberal community. Sad ain’t it?

    • At least no mention of the clown bus, clown car, echo chamber, your meds, tea accoutrement, Faux News, moron, etc…but otherwise, this could come right off a WaPo comment section.

    • Sad, yes. But satisfying in a way — someone who thinks you are so wrong and in denial about reality prepares himself every week to read you.

      But since he is an LEO we should all be grateful that he confines his misplaced anger to words.

    • Kind of reminds me of my divorce. Had my wife been reasonable, we would not have gotten the divorce. If this liberal was reasonable, they would probably not be a liberal.

    • ” Real history cannot be changed just because you wish it was different and put it in writing. It is what it really is. Learn to deal with it.”

      How ironic, coming from a liberal! I guess the Confederate flag, statues of civil war generals, and anything ever named after someone who had slaves 200 years ago don’t count.

  6. Not only is he playing for the other team, he’s a coward. He won’t call out Americans to their face. He does it in his adopted homeland of Malaysia.

    Because that’s just the kind of man he is.

  7. Of course it has nothing to do when Barry addressed the UN and stated, “The world must not belong to those who insult the prophet muhammad ”
    Lower case on purpose.
    What I found interesting is that Barry said prophet muhammad, not islam.