As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

76 Responses to Live Stream || White House Briefing – November 23, 2015

  1. One wonders…

    If we could convince this White House that ISIS causes global warming, would they start taking the threat seriously THEN?

    I mean, they’ve got to have quite the carbon footprint driving around all those abandoned SUV’s. And they’re making money selling–horrors!–pollutive oil, of all things!

    ISIS is bad for the environment! It must be stopped!

    …or something. I can’t argue liberal-style to save my life.

  2. Apparently the apparatchik in Obama’s Propaganda office had this to say:

    Charlie Spiering


    Josh Earnest hopes that Americans sitting around the table at Thanksgiving will discuss why Congress hasn’t passed gun control yet
    2:15 PM – 23 Nov 2015

    Josh is such a loyal little cultist.

  3. Just for fun from an email I received today:
    “If you were alive in 1957, and old enough to enjoy Rock and Roll, you will probably remember the group, “The Diamonds” who had just launched their super hit “Little Darlin’ “. For you that are too young to remember – it was a time when the performers were happy, enjoying themselves, respecting their fans, dressed appropriately and their lyrics could be understood.
    They did not feel obligated to scream, eat the microphone, mumble inaudible lyrics or trash the set.
    In 1957, The Diamonds had a hit with “Little Darlin” 47 years later, they were requested to perform at Atlantic City … This link leads to both performances.
    Watch the first one then scroll down for the new one 47 years later.
    Tom Hanks father is much better looking than Tom, and even better looking with age. In the linked videos Tom Hank’s father is the lead singer on the left. He still has it! Hope you enjoy. 47 years apart 2 Performances”

    • Good stuff. Memories. I graduated from high school in 1958. I was 17, youngest in the class, a small,, punky, argumentative kid, fist fighting with kids who didn’t like me or who I didn’t much like. Same difference. “What will we do with Marcus?”, the teachers would say. I heard them say it.

      And life moved along. The world was waiting for all of us. But what would we do? Where would we go? What would we become? There were some problems in society–Blacks in the South were mistreated, certainly. We knew that. There were poor and needy around us, and the usual array of misfits and social dropouts in the little town I grew up in. What could we do for them? We didn’t know.

      But there was also a sense of coherence in our values and principles and some confidence; a little bit anyway. We KNEW we would make it, we just weren’t quite sure how. We knew what was expected of us and we tried our best to make our family look good. Most of the time, not always. It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t paradise, not without problems.

      It was, however, and I promise you this is true, much more positive and hopeful than it is today.

      Your family’s values were the values others had in the schools, the community, your friends and neighbors. Mostly, they were. On TV, there was Gunsmoke, Milton Berle, Rin Tin Tin, Sid Caesar. Heroes, funny, likable people. Radio was still popular but slowly dying in the late ’50s. Changing at least. I didn’t like it as much. The Shadow. The Green Hornet. The Lone Ranger. I listened to them all with my grandfather, an old man even then, in his ’70’s as I am now, but alert and funny and as excitable as a kid. We made a telescope together with spare parts and a lens I bought from the Johnson Smith catalog for two bucks. WOW! Looking at craters on the moon, seen from our back field. Can this really be true? Is that what they really look like, those craters? Mysteries of the universe opened up for two bucks!

      There was a very popular radio program called The Master. Sunday night. They wrote scripts based on the New Testament–the healings, the blind regaining sight, the cripple now walking, the guidance, the instructions. Jesus, the Apostles, their words, their conversations– for that is much of what the New Testament is, conversation, when you really think about it–the sense of those old days in Judea. It all came alive. We were right there in the crowd when Jesus was explaining the Beatitudes. Listening to the radio, in the quiet evening, with my grandfather.

      Eisenhower was President and you just knew he was a good man. A President who couldn’t be trusted? Impossible! The Congress had some weird people, but mostly they were OK. We believed they were, at any rate.

      Dear Lord, we had no idea what awaited us. Viet Nam, the insane psychedelic world which left so many kids lost and in the dangerous ditches of life, the mocking of social norms, wild gangs roaming the streets, the collapse of the traditional family, skyrocketing divorce rates, abortion on demand, everyone shacking up and bragging about it, a sense of the loss of purpose and meaning flooding the culture and into our lives. Good music, yes. Progress on Civil Rights, yes for sure. But lots that wasn’t good for our nation. Division. Conflict. Yelling at each other. Colleges got worse. Captured by the Left. Can’t deny that. We weren’t being educated. We were being programmed and we all knew it. We could tell.

      So here we are, those of that generation. We’ve seen a lot and we are sorta tired right now. And we are also quietly happy that we are nearing the end of this very long road. We don’t say that to our kids or grand kids. They’re not ready to understand that quite yet. We’ve had fun. We’ve cried, we’ve goofed up more times than we dare say. And we’ve all hit some genuine, WOW-level home runs in life. We all have.

      We’ve had our children and they are now grown. We watch our grandchildren from afar and we can only hope for the best for them. No promises for them anymore. Can’t do it. We can’t lie about it, certainly not to theses precious little ones. We haven’t the slightest idea what their lives will be like in 20, 30, 40 years. Give them the courage to try their best to be good, to be true, to keep on keeping on. That we can do and not a whole lot more.

      So, well done, Diamonds. You opened up the box of photos and memories. ;+}

  4. On Special Report I watched muslim men sitting in a Belgium cafe sympathizing with the terrorists who terrorized Paris as an eye for an eye for what was done in Syria and Iraq by the West. And yet, there they sit, in the country. One would think they would be deported from the country, or if citizens, then arrested for questioning.

    Then people with experience talked about how the Muslims are not assimilatable into Western culture.

    But Obama just opening our doors wide…and how bizarre is it that at the same time the State Dept. issues a “worldwide” warning to Americans regarding terrorists.

    • They are not assimilatable into Western Culture.
      Anymore than we want to assimilate into their culture.
      Anyone who argues with those two valid points has never lived in the ME.
      Do you fancy eating with your hands?
      Do you enjoy the occasional cocktail?
      Do you want to keep your head uncovered?
      Do you like dogs? Petting dogs? Letting them lick your hand or your face?
      Just a few pertinent questions all the ill-informed bleeding hearts need to answer.

  5. Dumb ass Juan Williams dumping the intell issue on the Intelligence community instead of where it belongs — right in the lap of Barack Obama and his Administration who were either ordering or pressuring the community to downplay the threat to the United States — defending the country is his primary responsibility.

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