As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

80 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || November 22, 2015

  1. Good morning all. Lovely day here in the NY burbs….wondering why the Russians and French have so many choice target sites in Syria after we supposedly have been bombing Isis for a year? Obama has a zero civilian casualty tolerance plan that has prevented our sorties from success. That leaves a bevy of prime targets, which we gave to the French and they shared with the Russians. They don’t see a problem in bombing Isis strongholds. Isis understands our President 100% and willfully places civilians as shields, effectively protecting their sites.

    Obama the Feckless strikes again, or does not…..


  2. An opinion on the leading candidates for President brings this hit piece from the Wash Examiner:

    “National security issues expose the danger of amateur candidates

    By WASHINGTON EXAMINER • 11/21/15 12:01 AM”

    Amateur candidates as opposed to “professional candidates”?
    By insulting MrTrump and DrCarson for their assumed lack of knowlege of foreign affairs is unfair and just another establishment hit piece. Most of the other Republican candidate have access to classified information not available to private citizens. Of course, SenCruz and Paul know more about foreign affairs – they might be on committees that are privy to that information.

    Why is it so hard, so difficult for the media to grasp that the little people in fly-over country are mad as h*ll and want a new deal coming from their elected officials. Part of that deal is a fresh face, a man who knows what needs to be done.

    The media and established politcos can’t find a single instance in MrTrump’s past that will smear his reputation – his past is an open book. They are left with making up arguments against a President Trump or Carson, or even MsCarly.

    • I remember when in the late 70’s and even through his Presidency in the 80’s the same establishment tripping all over itself to label Reagan an “amateur” and “bellicose buffoon”, yet the Cold War ended and the wall came down.
      To me (imho)the most important aspect is what is the conviction? What drives him/her? Is it the Founders, the Constitution, the rule of law or is it demagoguery, division, and identity politics?
      While I do have my favorites in the Republican field, I’d take even my least liked against Hillary.

    • I’d say having a global business successfully represented all over the world gives a candidate more foreign policy street cred than say … Obama had.

      I think Obama couldn’t put a qualified team together to make good decisions either. Every department of his administration is a miserable failure because there is no true leadership in DC right now.

      Even our diplomats and Ambassadors around the world are nothing but Dem bundlers rewarded for bringing in the Obama cash.

    • After watching the horror of such programs as ‘ISIS in Afghanistan’ (see link), or yesterday’s CNN special report, ‘Blindfolded’ as told by the
      German reporter who was allowed by ISIS to enter Mosul and film life under the Caliphate, it is beyond belief that Obama and our feckless Congress have sat idly by for 2 years while ISIS has metastasized.

      I wouldn’t give a plug nickel for any of the candidates today. Trump stands alone in his relentless battering from Day One of the failed immigration system, ISIS, and Syria.

      At least we know Trump gets it. More than I can say about the others. They’re all way too late to the party, as is the spineless, sorry excuse for a potus who today declared ‘we have to destroy them’. Shut up, and go home, Barry!

      This is the ‘good war’ – Obama’s war!!! These children need to be rescued!

  3. I read on Drudge Report about the first majority Muslim city in the US, it is Hamtranck in Michigan. It used to be a Polish, Catholic city but, starting 2004, now it isn´t. So this transformation happens quickly when it happens and it seems to happen all over the West.

  4. I’m Catholic and there is a Catholic channel EWTN. On Sundays they have beautiful concerts, with full orchestra, in some of the most beautiful fresco filled old churches.

    And it occurred to me that this — and the civilization of the West, the Renaissance came to mind — is what Obama and his filthy Leftists BLM, terrorists, Muzzies are determined to destroy.

    Clock boy passes for their idea of brilliance. People have no idea what’s in store for them.

    • I am Lutheran Grace, close to your faith.
      I agree with you.

      I really don’t think that they will be able to destroy the Jewish or the Christian religious beliefs in this Country.

      It is becoming more volatile.
      The PC is starting to take it’s toll.
      People are sick of it.
      The push back will become greater as more people become fed up.

      Now,…is Obama’s intention to rile us up ?
      Or is his intention to transform America ?
      As he chuckles on AF1.

    • The Liberals here in the USA have never been anywhere except their own backyard liberal playgrounds.
      They yell about this and that and something else – always demanding their way just like the spoiled rotten children they are.
      I do hope some of these people “welcome Syrian refugees” into their homes. The culture shock will be interesting. And their response to “their way” on this particular issue will be a sight to behold.
      There are those of us who lived within the Muslim culture. I will politely state that It is not easy.
      But, of course, the liberals are so much more highly intelligent than us – they are certain the cultures will mesh somehow and everyone will live happily ever after.
      Good luck with that – and don’t come crying to me when your sensibilities are shocked to the core. You will have made your bed and as far as I am concerned, you will lie in it.

      • The irony is that extreme liberals–the Bernie Sanders/Obama types– are the least tolerant, the least accepting, the least accommodating of opposing views of all. Funny how that is.