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Obama Schedule || Monday, November 23, 2015

12:15 am || Arrives at the White House from his trip to Asia

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Live stream of White House briefing at 12:45 pm

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  1. Friday news dump, in case you missed it.

    The Justice De­part­ment on Fri­day form­ally asked the Su­preme Court to rule on Pres­id­ent Obama’s im­mig­ra­tion pro­grams, as soon as pos­sible.The Justice De­part­ment on Fri­day form­ally asked the Su­preme Court to rule on Pres­id­ent Obama’s im­mig­ra­tion pro­grams, as soon as pos­sible.

    • Because the people are getting very very very annoyed at a lawless Executive and a DOJ that refuses to enforce the law — and that is unsettling for the boy king.

    • Teabaggers -what about the hooker Teabagger Senator Vitter who got his ass kicked. You are such a bunch of hypocritical old bags.Lets see- family values America, flag waving hooker lovers. Disgusting knuckle draggers. Can’t wait for Carson/Trump ticket!Crickets from Teabaggers.

  2. As usual, he takes a day off after an international business trip. Someone should tell Barry that corporate CEO’s who travel on business for a week don’t take a day off when they return home. Heck, the average mid-level employee who travels on business doesn’t get to take a day off when he returns. Rather, he’s in the office early jumping right back into things and catching up. But, for someone like Barry, who has never had a real job in his life, that’s difficult to understand.

    • He took five days off after the G20 to loll around in Malaysia. He shouldn’t be allowed back in this country after his stunning display of ignorance, stupidity, and America-hate.
      He is the enemy within.

    • Agreed- he should be like Reagan and Bush and go to a ranch 60 percent of his days in office. Poor teabaggers, can’t accept facts in echo chamber. Oh, and if you are a lawyer, then you are full of crap. No attorney would spout off nonsense like you do. Probably live in trailer in Tennessee with 9th grade terminal education. Moron.

    • Well, you gotta give the poor guys break. After all, look at all he’s missed. NFL, NBA, College football and baseball – so much to catch up on. I think we’re looking at a full-on ESPN day.

  3. Zzzzzzzzzz. The CIC is sleeping now, dreaming of new ways to divide our nation, with visions of pressers dancing in his head, and future professorial positions and honorarium to line his coffers….

    Please , stop this nightmare…


  4. Great news to wake up to in Canada this morning!

    “The Canadian government’s Syrian refugee plan will bring in women, children and families only, CBC News has learned. To deal with ongoing security concerns, unaccompanied men will not be part of the program.”

    Some sanity prevails!

    • Why do we accept the women and children that leave their men behind? It’s as if we think all these women are widows and the children are orphans… that reality?


      • Seems to me that more women and children are left behind by the male “refugees”, than vice versa. This new ruling by Canada isn’t perfect by a long shot, but if we have to take in these people, I’d sooner have women, kids and families taken in, than masses of young, strong, potential jihadis.

          • Crickets in your bed again? Try washing your sheets more than once a year and that should help. And shave once in a while. Crickets living in those disgusting hairs on your face, no doubt. You’ve got cute names for all of those crickets, no doubt, since they’ve been living on your face so long.

        • It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out, how it’s managed. It should cut down the sheer number of Syrian refugees since it’s been reported that 60-70 percent are males. I’m surprised that Trudeau is going along with this, or is he?

  5. OT… As we continue to mourn the massacre in Paris by Muslim jihadists, here’s a tribute by Celine Dion (distant cousin of mine–her branch of the family went their way in the early 20th century). She’s singing Edith Piaf’s “L’hymne à L’amour” at the American Music Awards. You’ll recognize the song, most likely. Not a dry eye in the house.

  6. Because I surf the E-newspapers every day, I have began to notice a breakout of Progressive Left wing blogs and media. Its actually saturating the Internet doing their level best to either insult the Conservative ‘Outsiders’ or encompass the web with an account of something they said and twisting the words or omitting any Presidential candidates statements. It is a sly tactic by reporters who have succumbed to the Liberal slant to undermine the Republicans? It is not even any different in the E-Press as the mainstream newspapers are always dominating first on Google, MSN, Yahoo or any search engines. The corporate ownership of the media completely dictate what we read/see, whether it’s the Liberal, Democratic prepared schedule or the GOP Elites? These Super Pac are a scam anyway, but it just show the desperation of the hierarchy in the political parties? THEY ARE GOING TO LOSE THEIR MONEY MAKING MACHINE IF TRUMP WINS?

    Without doubt illegal immigration will be right at the front of issues that will be governing the 2016 election? That be a combination of Donald Trumps wall and by far the most important–MANDATORY E-VERIFY and a BIO-METRIC SYSTEMS FOR ALL EXIT AND ENTRY PORTS. We must enact these programs to stop the drain on all levels of government. It will not be accomplished under Obamas rule, but it sure will if Trump gets the top job. The $$100 billion to $$ 200 dollars that is going to support foreigners and now the chance of 100 thousand Syrian refugees all on this presidents watch. Keep them over there in a safe region and pay for their survival, until ISIS is wiped out?

    Yet another multinational company is moving to Ireland, owing to the high corporation taxes here. They call it “reverse-inversion,” and Allergan, a small Dublin-based drug company that makes products such as Botox, will technically buy the US-based Mega drug company Pfizer, which makes products such as Viagra and Lipitor. These ‘Reverse Inversions” means loss of thousands of jobs, because of the highest corporate taxes in the world. Recently Ford Manufacturing commenced to make a move to Mexico and this will include Nabisco.

    Donald Trump will put a block on these giant companies going overseas or Central America. Trumps ultimatum to these tax games is lowering corporate taxes or suffers the consequences of an import tariff on all goods and products of 35 % entering into the United States. We cannot suffer any more from job losses of companies leaving this nation. Unfortunately we have a bunch of Bozo’s in Washington, who don’t seem to care about our business policies? Unless of course they have a secret motive to make money from shares, which are hidden from public view?

    Donald Trump is on the highest rung of business acumen; a top notch contract writer and he can reclaim businesses and industry that is already in some low tax country. WE just cannot compete with China, Mexico, India Mexico, and a mass of foreign and governmental entities. Trump is the ONLY one for President will bring back employment for all Americans. It’s a renewal for depressed neighborhoods were crime is rampant? There is an outcry from the impoverished that are dragged down by poverty, whether you’re a black, Hispanic, Latino, white American citizen or lawfully here immigrant or any other race, who are either have a poor paying job, underemployed or just have vanished from the job market. 92 million Americans have no job and are reliant on Welfare programs.

    Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders plan is to spend what money is left in the state and federal treasuries. Only jobs government can produce is in there sector, whereas jobs are created in the private sector. Yes! They can spend taxpayer’s money on free education, free healthcare free everything–but it cannot survive?

    To find any news minus any unbiased reporting I either click over to One American News Network or try BBC America. It carries the factual intelligence not stimulated by the wealthy media or the TV airwaves. Right now its broadcasts are compromised by a mega merger between the Charter Corporation and Time Warner? If they join in this merger then they are not going to carry ONE AMERICAN NEW NETWORK. These are multimillion dollar corporations that obviously feel intimidated, by this small family oriented company? It will be a great shame to our freedoms, our free speech if they end up on the chopping block. If you belief in a free thinking American broadcasting network, click on their web site and learn more. Cost you nothing, but you could save an independent news agency from extinction. It’s all factual intelligence news from around the world and the USA. There is a short and simple process to register your support of One America News Network directly to the FCC. Here’s how:

    One America News Network Needs Your Help. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!

    I already contacted Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, and former Governor Huckabee on Twitter. Now it’s the American public turn to stop the massive monopolies, who wants control of the Internet, TV and the airwaves.