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Saturday Open Thread || November 21, 2015

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    • I actually think Ryan is bringing a return to regular order–but I don’t like the idea of putting the refugee bill on the Continuing Res and daring Obama to shut down the govt–Obama won’t be blamed–the Dems have pretty well imprinted the idea that the Reps shut things down. Second, I need to look into why Harry Reid can stop things up on the Sen side–that weird, mean, lying little homonoculus. icentrenettngRe

      • Star, I am curious about that also — Reid. I thought it might be the filibuster feature that I don’t understand. If you find out how he is planning to do this, and have the time and inclination, would appreciate a post.

      • Well, Star (I say Star because only St Michael and the other archangels know where this comment will eventually nest), it’s time to bring out the truth on Reid and Obama. We don’t talk about it, but everyone knows it to be so. They are both ectomorphs. Yes, they are. It’s time to get it out in the open, political correctness be damned. We can observe it, others can see it. It’s time to talk about it.

        • Whatever happened to that ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph description–could it be that it was too “tolerant” of diff body types–all of which HAVE to be skinny as things stand today.

          • You’ve put your finger on the central issue. Why are these terms being censored? Are there no safe places for them except in the White House and the Senate!!! What is being taught on college campuses today? Nothing good, we can conclude.

          • Um, Star, I beg to differ. Today everyone should be celebrated for who they are (with the notable exceptions of conservatives and obese people that Michelle Obama finds personally offensive — well, actually anyone Michelle Obama finds personally offensive). Haven’t you seen all the commercials, especially for women, large is beautiful — look at us while we walk around in our underwear!

          • I am all about the No Body Shaming and similar movements. See My Big Fat Fabulous Life for more on that. Where did you get the idea I am not. But you don’t see the concept of the three body types being bandied anymore…It’s like the athletic or mesomorph is the norm and everything else is not acceptable. Two GFs and I once wrote a story for Playboy–THREE WOMEN TELL MEN HOW TO GET THE PERFECT BODY–We each took a body type and extolled it…

          • Star, My comment wasn’t about the three body types, it was about the have to be skinny. Anyhow, my comment is a small thing as everything else stands anyway.

          • Clickbait in the Wapo Sunday morning on how men prefer fleshier women…I do think there is a cult of skinniness now–and I was wondering if that’s why the three body types are never mentioned anymore.

    • After Carson’s incredible gaffe – the rabid dog analogy- and Trump’s Muslim registry …we need someone to rescue the Party. It won’t be the remaining field.

      I think it was George Bush who said ‘Are we creating more terrorists than we are killing?’
      Trump and Carson need to rethink their rhetoric.
      Carson actually needs to withdraw ASAP.

        • One refuggee left Slidell, La. and went to another state. Jindall had to track him down. The state that he went to was not mentioned. There was another refugge that left B.R., LA.
          Each and everyone in Congress needs to tend to this ASAP. Our children’s future depend on it. o has been over seas critizing America in one way or another. It is our right as an American to critize. o critizied the citizens and the Press on his speech right after the Paris attack.

          • That’s kind of the point, the vetting is so bad that they shouldn’t be here in the first place. I am over coddling non Americans. Refugee or no. And especially refugees where the enemy has openly stated they have infiltrated.

          • Jindal was not notigied they were coming to begin with. They do not have papers. With the large number of articles and news I have read about woman, children being harmed in Germany, it woulld be a good idea to know where these people came from and who they are.

          • As I think I mentioned earlier in a different thread, I see it as a good sign that Pence in Indiana was able to refuse a refugee family entrance to his state and they were taken to CT. who accepted them. So maye they can be relocated due to community resistance.(good bad or indifferent — they were in Jordan for three years hardly straight off the Syria boat, so they could have stayed there)

      • The whole issue is a fake and ignores what is really happening in the US.
        All of us are on multiple databases in the government stockpile, every business knows our business, our private medical records are scanned by government drones, and the supermarket knows if we are “regular”, eat Kosher, like frozen pizza, or never eat fish.
        We need to register every immigrant and our current laws allow for the inclusion of their preferred religion.

        • You’re right. There is no place to hide and there hasn’t been for a long time. Quick example: Most of the Big Box stores have a device–a bar code reader actually– that uses RF (radio frequency) to read your credit card bar code when you walk through the door. They know you are there. Where you live, your phone number–all the stuff on file with the credit card company–as soon as you walk through the front entrance.

          By the time you check out your stuff, the information now in their server knows the following about you:

          1. Your name and address and telephone number (obviously)
          2. Your credit card information (even if you didn’t buy anything).
          3. When you walked into the store
          4. When you departed the store
          5. What you purchased and how many times you have purchased that product
          6. How many times you have entered the store in the past X number of years.
          7. A profile of your purchasing habits–items, colors, quantity, sizes, whether you have children and what you buy for them.
          8. If you are a problem customer (always returning stuff, letters of complaint, etc.
          9. What you look like (coordination of surveillance cameras and the time–to the milisecond–of when you entered the store). Also can determine where you wandered around in the store, i.e. what you are interested in.
          10. Coordination of where else you shop, what you buy elsewhere.
          11. Higher and even more coordinated level of information profile–they know what kind of car you drive, your debt level, where your kids go to college, where you buy your booze. Etc etc etc etc.

          A profile on each of us can be called up in seconds, based on just the big box stores, let alone all the other means of doing so directly from government data banks. This has been the case for a very long time.

          As you and others are saying, we have no secrets. Big Brother is ALWAYS watching us.

          • To Marcus…Sharper Image is selling wallets that block RF transmissions from credit cards. They seem to be made of metal. So, poor people should keep credit cards wrapped in aluminum foil?

        • This won’t get posted where it belongs. Sorry Star, for posting a (gasp) Newsweek article on how impossible the vetting process is. Despite your disdain for the source, I thought it was the best explanation I had seen to date. My bad.

  1. Daily Mail has photos and a story of Obama over yonder in a refugee camp-oh yes, he is smiling, and laughing and hugging and carrying on like he was at home. Too bad he doesn’t laugh and smile at us true American citizens.

  2. The idea that the massive United States—once a “melting pot” but now a purposefully untossed, balkanized salad, thanks to liberalism and the Democratic Party—can duplicate such a culture in 2016 is complete fantasy.

    A good description of the US today. From an article in City Journal on The Fantasy Candidate (Sanders) and Caucus.

  3. I’m following the runoff election in Louisiana’s governor’s race right now. Senator David Vitter(R)is running against John Bel Edwards, a Democrat LA state representative.

    Going into today’s runoff, the Democrat had a huge lead in the polls (over 20 points). Vitter seemed to have a chance after the Paris attacks brought up the issue of Syrian refugees and security concerns. He put out an ad last Monday focusing on theses issues, attempting to tie Edwards to Obama. It might have been too late, though, especially since early voting was up a great deal (58%) over the 2011 election.

    Polls closed one hour ago and with 51% of the precincts reporting, Edwards(D) is ahead 55% to 45% over Vitter(R).

    Obviously, if Vitter loses, the Dems are going to be gloating BIG time over the fact that they captured not just a Republican governorship, but one in the South.

    I’ll probably update this post soon.

    • With 92% reporting, it remains 55-45 and everyone has called it for the Democrat, Edwards.

      Vitter Won’t Seek Re-Election After Louisiana Governor’s Loss

      Republican Sen. David Vitter said he will not seek re-election next year after his stunning loss to Democrat John Bel Edwards in the Louisiana governor’s race.

      “I came up short tonight,” Vitter said. “I’m eager to refocus on the important work in the U.S. Senate.”

      Vitter’s loss was a huge reveral from the beginning of the race, when he was leading by double digits and was viewed by many as the inevitable successor of Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal.

    • Final results (100% reporting):

      John Bel Edwards (D): 56%
      David Vitter (R): 44%

      The lieutenant governor runs separately and the Republican won over the Democrat, 55% to 45%.

      Up until tonight, the Republicans held every governorship and state legislature in the Deep South.


      Democrat wins Louisiana governor election in upset for Republicans

      Democrat John Bel Edwards won election on Saturday as the next governor of Louisiana, staking a rare victory for his party in the conservative U.S. South, daily newspaper The Advocate and WWL-TV projected.

      Edwards, a 49-year-old state legislator, defeated Republican U.S. Senator David Vitter in a hotly contested runoff election that defied the political headwinds in a state where Republicans currently hold all statewide offices.

      Vitter, 54, was haunted during the race by his entanglement in a 2007 prostitution scandal in Washington. After a bruising primary last month left state Republicans divided, Edwards seized the opening to become the only Democratic governor south of Virginia.

      Edwards, an anti-abortion, pro-gun Democrat, will replace outgoing Republican Governor Bobby Jindal, who is unpopular in his state and barred by term limits from seeking re-election. Jindal did not endorse a candidate.

      • Is Edwards related to the Louisiana pol who got into some trouble (forget what) and of course, Vitter was the guy with the hookers (I think). Oh, well–politics is just like it used to be.

  4. I think I have a new Hero. Or Heroine. I read an interview with Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard in Zero Hedge. She has also appeared on CNN with the same message. Which is, stop overthrowing Assad and focus on the IS. It is illegal what The Obama administration is doing. Just think about what happened in Iraq after Saddam and in Libya after Quadaffi, and now, it will happen again if Assad goes, that is total violent anarchy, civil wars, with ruling Islamists and enormous floods of refugees. So stop it, says this brave young woman and I absolutely agree. Viva Tulsi !

    • I so agree, SL! Tulsi is so impressive…a Hindu 5th generation Hawaiian. She was the youngest (21) person ever elected to Hawaii’s legislature…AND she served two combat missions in Iraq!!!
      Tulsi’s maturity level makes Obama look like the doper that he is.