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Video: Trump Says Heckler is “Seriously Overweight”

41 thoughts on “Video: Trump Says Heckler is “Seriously Overweight””

  1. Yes he did..”I mentioned food stamps and this guy who is seriously overweight went crazy”.
    MrsObama has spent the last 7 years berating parents for allowing their children to be “obese”, claiming that “obesity” is a threat to our national security, and helped change the rules for schoolroom lunches to where they are so unappealing our children go hungry.
    Yes, she did.

    1. What we didn’t hear on this clip was the heckler yelling “Trump is a racist”, uh huh.
      It seems that MrTrump is not just the master of the “deal”, but the master of the “dozens”.
      Go Trump!

      1. As always, you speak for me srdem !

        The story also left out some crazy called for the assassination of Trump at that event (not sure if she was arrested or given a stern lecture).

        And also there was a failed attempt to get tickets and not show up so Trump would have lots of empty seats. Not only did that fail, but there was an over capacity crowd and 3k more could not get in.

        The “Trump was Rude” is the story as I glance at the news sites, there’s always more to the story!

        Also, he has SS protection now, they don’t mess around.

        1. Just listening to WRKO in Boston. They are saying there were actually three hecklers at the rally, and Trump just destroyed them with humor. The crowd roared with delight. Also, there was another 4,000 people outside the venue, but no room for them inside. Interesting.

      2. I’m currently entertaining a Trump/Cruz ticket. I may change, but for now, that’s where I sit. My test is: who do I want sitting across Vlad the Mad Putin, Xi Jinping, or Ayatollah Ali Khamenei working out our future? Obviously not Bush, Rubio, Kasich, Huckabee. The rest? Fiorena, etc.? Not that much confidence they could handle the bad guys.

        I might favor Jimmy McMillan. Who’s he? He’s the founder of the The Rent Is Too High Party. Remember him? ;+}

          1. Heard tonight on WABC (John Batcheler Show–the best talk host of all– that DeBlasio was going to have a presser last night (or maybe tonight), cameras set up, etc. Didn’t show up. Lots of comments about the catastrophe DeBlasio has wrought on NYC. Very high number of homeless people on the streets, no more stop and frisk causing much increased crime rate, NYC police intel in terrible shape since DeBlasio essentially decimated the NYC intel efforts.

            All bad news in this day and age for sure.

    1. A fatist? That Fat Bastard could feed a small town in Somalia. I’m sorry, but I don’t have a lot of compassion for obese people either. So you think Trump is fat?

          1. The Zonies are so dumb that they cannot figure out the time change works. So to make it ez on them they never have to change to Daylight savings time.

    1. I don’t care about anything involving his childish “punch backs” or whatever he calls them. How about his proposed Federal Police Force–to round up those illegals…like that one? I was not charmed…

        1. Round them up and ship the useless eaters back.

          EBT numbers will drop like a Peso.

          Numbers of free baby deliveries will save us billions.

        1. You did not read the part about

          “the west,and Turkey support the opposition”

          That means us and we are supporting them. ISIS name made up by the CIA.

          Think about it, this doc was written BEFORE the name was made up.

    1. The one link to all of the madness in the world today is…Barack Obama. From his non-action in Iraq leaving a void filled by ISIS… to his racist rantings beginning with the Cambridge cop… to Ferguson… to ‘What do we Want? Dead Cops – Al Sharpton… to the release of jailed felons…to the illegal EO’s for illegal aliens.

      Today I heard that an LAPD officer was murdererd in the police dept. parking lot where he sat in his own vehicle. Killer on the loose.

      Obama should be indicted, tried, and convicted as a traitor. He is either insane or evil. Either way, he needs to be stopped ASAP. 25th Amendment? Go for it!

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