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Obama: Syrians No More Threatening than Tourists

Has the president lost touch with reality?

“The idea that somehow they pose a more significant threat than all the tourists who pour into the United States every single day just doesn’t jive with reality,” Obama said during an appearance in the Philippines. “So my expectation is after the initial spasm of rhetoric, the people will settle down, take a look at the facts, and we’ll be able to proceed.”

Even were this true, there’s one key difference: We can stop the Syrians from coming here.

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63 Responses to Obama: Syrians No More Threatening than Tourists

  1. “So my expectation is after the initial spasm of rhetoric, the people will settle down, take a look at the facts, and we’ll be able to proceed.”

    WOW! You don’t get much more condescending than that– as if we were having a national temper tantrum —

    • Exactly how he feels and acts. How about some facts? What is the process? Does it really take 2 yrs? Are the people coming in this week at the end of two yrs of checking and grilling? Why would top security people say no–that this isn’t even possible. Rep King says he got this from briefings–does the president get different ones? Diff info? How about a slo-mo speech on this?

  2. The Manchurian President can’t even get American colloquialisms right. It’s “jibe” with reality, not “jive.” I guess that’s to be expected from Mr. “Marine Corpse.” He’s said he’ll veto a GOP bill tightening Syrian checks, so it’s obvious that he wants members of his mercenary army (ISIS) so slip through the cracks into the US and kill us. If you think that’s over the top, at this point you’re just friggin’ stupid…

  3. It’s not the “Syrian” refugee we object to, it’s the Islamic cult that hopes to damage our way of life, or to just kill us that makes us feel this way.
    We don’t want Somalis, or Egyptians, or anyone who won’t accept our laws and way of life.

    Again, we have a POTUS who insults, mocks, and ridicules the very people he represents.
    He has no idea what American ‘values’ are, and has never shown any indication that he respects our traditions.

      • Whether he was born in the USA is still up for debate. Some people complain about Cruz being born in Canada, but Cruz loves the United States 1000 times more than Barry ever has, or ever will.

    • I am still upset by hearing him insult the citizens of this nation and the Press while he was speaking over seas about the horrific attack in Paris.
      Everyone who still thinks o is doing a dandy job, need to put their self aside. Think of the children of our nation. Their saftety and what type of Country we will be leaving them with.

  4. Keith, Obama has never let reality get in the way of his ideology. It is beyond tragic that he was ever nominated, much less elected. This country and its citizens will continue to suffer because of his actions for generations yet to come.

  5. Let’s see if he will open the WH tours to these new arrivals. I’m sure their papers are all in order.
    Any of them scheduled to re-settle in D.C.? If not, why not.

    Our worst adversary lives in the WH – we should not hesitate to call him the ‘enemy within’. He has proved it without a shadow of a doubt.

    • NPR had a simpering story this AM on a wonderful Syrian professional man who is baffled by the enmity–he had to leave the interview and collect himself about the terrible treatment “some” want to give to his countrymen trying to come here now. But he isn’t a straw man or anything like that… ant

    • I am in DC now for work and looked into possibly doing a WH tour. Found that I need to apply at least 21 days ahead. It is probably easier for a terrorist to enter the country illegally than it is to get a WH tour.

    • This is a blistering piece by Mead. I don’t think I have ever read anything as strong from him.

      For no one, other than the Butcher Assad and the unspeakable al-Baghdadi, is as responsible for the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria as is President Obama

    • Wow! Scathing! Mead is spot on – safe zones in Syria would have been the solution. Obama is too self-absorbed to spend his time working on solutions. His specialty is creating chaos and turmoil and playing the blame game.

      *For the record, 1000’s of Cubans are also trying to sneak over here via Nicaragua/Honduras.

  6. I was thinking about his sneering riff about how Republicans are mean scairdycats (a favorite phrase of a particularly vacuous WaPo commenter). He says women and toddlers are no threat–well, why search them at airports then?

    • Probably applies to syrian muslim women and children only. you have to think like obama and be flexible enough to change your mind on a dime, after blaming someone else for what you said before.

  7. And now we learn that the House has passed 114 HR 4038 IH, the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act of 2015 Passed by 242-183m, also called the American SAFE Act of 2015.. The Bill includes:

    –Improving and funding the vetting process Syrian refugees undergo to be admitted into the U.S. by increasing security measures.

    –Requires the director of the FBI sign off on the background investigations done for each refugee, and also alert Congress that no security risk is present.

    –Requires the Director of National Intelligence and the Secretary of Homeland Security to report to Congress that each individual refugee is clear of any potential threats.

    –Requires that Homeland Security officials submit monthly and yearly updates on the vetting process to the Congressional committees dedicated to the program.

    Obama has already promised to veto the Bill should it land on his desk. (It will, should the Senate approve it).

    Is there anyone on the Planet Earth that does not now understand that Obama is not fit to be President? Show of hands, please? No one?

    Case closed.

  8. This guy just hates Americans! He must be thrown out of the White House, he is mentally ill. Every day he acts and speaks like a mentally ill juvenile delinquent with malice towards all things American. He is our worst enemy and the cause of many deaths here and in Benghazi.

  9. I can’t speak to his mental health.

    But it certainly appears that, best case, he’s all-in on appeasement.

    Which means that somewhere out there, Neville Chamberlain is likely doing a happy dance: his name will no longer by the go-to synonym for short-sighted foreign policy, and likely sooner rather than later.

  10. The House–Ryan leading–passed a bill to require the FBI and DHS to certify the vetting of the Syrians. It maybe hung up bec of the veto threat and bec Dems said other areas are MORE vulnerable–the visa waiver program, for instance. Well, tell youor guy to fix that, too!

    • Here’s an easy test to determine whether Obama is on the ISIS side of the issue of the side of the United States.

      Obama has given ISIS everything they want. He let them grow to a massive force; he has done as little damage to ISIS as possible in the ME, i.e., 60 percent of our fighter aircraft return from the field without having fired a shot because of Obama’s ROEs; he sends a pitifully low number of special forces operatives (50) to deal with ISIS in the ME; he does not give permission to take down ISIS command and control facilities; he lies about the vicious nature of ISIS and minimizes their destructive activity.

      And, at the same time….

      He publicly mocks and insults all those who want to seriously address the ISIS inflow issue in this country; he refuses to call ISIS by their proper descriptor, Islamic jihadist terrorists; he will refuse to sign the Bill now making its way through Congress authorizing an effective vetting process for the flow of Syrian “refugees”, which which we know will be filled with ISIS (ISIS’s own statement).

      And lots more.

      It’s so blindingly obvious who and what Obama is, how much he detests the United States, what a dangerous, obnoxious buffoon he is,what an full-hearted supporter of Muslim jihad he is, that it would be impossible to not see it. He doesn’t even try to hide who is really is anymore.

  11. After seven years of stupidity, it’s still a little insulting to hear that given time to settle and allow cooler heads to prevail, we’ll all come to our senses and see the brilliance of Fairy Barry.

  12. I have always thought that the worst thing for the Dems is for them to get exactly what they ask for. In this case, I believe this is unfolding, and it is going to get really ugly.

    Obama has done more damage to this country and his own party than anything in US history, and it will take a generation to recover, if we ever do.