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Obama Schedule || Friday, November 19, 2015

From the White House:

In the morning, President Obama will meet with Embassy personnel and families. This meeting is closed press.

In the afternoon, the president will depart the Philippines en route Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Later in the afternoon, the President will participate in a Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) town hall.

In the evening, Obama will have a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia. Obama will remain overnight in Malaysia.

93 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, November 19, 2015”

  1. Well, he managed to turn a two-day G20 mtg. into a nine day, and God only knows how much $$$, into another South Seas odyssey with his
    favorite peeps. All of this while Paris burns.

    Outside of his incessant barrage of insults to the folks back in America, what the h*** was he doing, and who was he doing it with? Let’s see the manifest, Barry!

    What a sorry, pathetic, disgusting parasite!

      1. his roots? buddy most Americans aren’t true American. Are you a native? I didn’t think so. All of our ancestry started elsewhere. Get your fucking head out of your ass “island” girl.

          1. It’s ok Lin… time to unleash the mouse & back away from the computer. You’re still young, yes, your voice is still cracking but that will change.. you need to go out and do something more age appropriate and face the truth that you’re in way over your head. This site is for mature, “thinking” adults with developed minds..unlike you, these people who are way past high school.
            You should ask your mommy to shuttle you to the mall & just hang with others your age.. And don’t be scared, girls are a little awkward for you but as time goes by you’ll realize it’s not so gross to kiss one. If nothing else, have your mommy take you out for ice cream and do something constructive.. finish your home work (perhaps for the first time).. Take out the trash.Turn on the TV.. maybe an episode of sesame street is coming on. One day you’ll see how childish you have been. Please leave this site to us grown ups for this is no place for you and your profanity.

            Bye now

        1. His Muslim roots, you must know baby Barry grew up in that area of the world. Maybe he wants to visit his school where he admits to taking Muslim classes.
          Caught sleeping during Koran class. Its in his book.

      2. Agree, Island Girl. The First Grifter never misses an opportunity to prance around the world, nose in the air, and spend taxpayers’ money for whatever is teasing his fancy at the moment. Meanwhile, the world burns because he refuses to do his job. Guinness Records is considering awarding Obama the Worst President in the History of the United States Award. He’d win that award hands down.

        1. At this pt I don’t care where he was born–but I do care what he does now that he has been born, grew up, and because president or was made president by heaven knows whom. And what he is doing is darn little in many cases and too much (the snide carping) in others.

  2. Well, the media is all in for Obama’s plan to invade the country with ISIS infiltrated Syrian Refugee’s. There are all kinds of suggestions that those in opposition get more involved with Syrians. I didn’t read any offers for the media types to reach out and adopt a few of their own. Perhaps the Syrian males could be their drivers for instance. The women could help the families around the house and help with the children — teaching them to behead teddy bears and the like.

    1. Well, not all the refugees would be a risk–that is the core of the issue. But I agree, the media is all about how scared and whiny the Reps are–and now on WaPo–what Nazis… I also disagree with creating a Muslim database as a candidate suggested–but when you think about it, isn’t that what they claim they already have–a watch list…a database of some sort?

      1. To me the core issue is why we would consider bringing Muslim “refugees” that ISIS has claimed to have infiltrated and that is comprised of 72% able bodied men into this country at all.

        We can contribute to a safe zone for them in an accepting ME country.

        The evidence is overwhelming that terrorists are Islamic. I am pretty sure if there were a group of terrorists out there blowing up things all around the world who shouted Praise the Lord Jesus Christ right as they committed an act of terrorism the situation would be quite different.

          1. It’s a very lonely place and the food isn’t that great. Lights out at 8 pm. Old magazines. And some guy who walks by every hour or so and asks you, “Are you sorry for what you did yet?”

          2. Marcus says:
            November 20, 2015, 6:14 pm at 6:14 pm

            Comments don’t seem to be “nesting” either. So this stuff is just now long and all over the place. Makes mod jail look sane and cozy.

          3. You actually typed “…bring my gun…” on an online forum entry box? You’re brave. The black sedans are converging on your location now.

      2. A reporter suggested and asked about a database. Trump responded. Perhaps not thoughtfully, but as I understand he was in a room with quite a few people.

        America is in a crisis. We should close the borders and accept no one until we right our own country.

        Syrian refugees can be resettled elsewhere. And all these helpful NGOS, including the Catholics and the Lutherans have international arms or offices that can provide.

  3. He will bask in the glory that the Malays will bestow upon him. They are all about pomp and circumstance and 5-star everything. He will allow it to feed his narcissistic ego.

  4. While I am reading about his busy schedule, Discussing What, in the private meeting? I am reading of hostages being taken in Hotel in Mali, by Maniacs.

  5. (Im off to the hospital for major surgery so I will be missing the only source I trust to get any real news about this Obama regime… WhiteHouseDossier.
    ~~In these times of trouble God Bless to all my fellow WhiteHouseDossier posters :-)

    1. Lord, you know “Langley Spook.” You know his name. You know all Langley’s comings in and goings out. We are so grateful that You Love us with unending and everlasting Love. Thank you, Lord.
      Bless and keep Langley today and throughout the coming days. Bless the doctors and all medical personnel who treat Langley with Your Wisdom and Your Compassion. Give them great wisdom and understanding as they go about the healing work you created them to perform.
      We pray that Your Holy Spirit will permeate the very air Langley breathes. We pray that Langley’s illness is cured and that Langley’s recovery is rapid and pain free.
      Thank you, Lord, for providing us like-minded individuals to encourage us as You sustain us in this time.
      In Jesus’ name I pray it.
      And all the people say, “Amen!”

      1. I’m kind of late checking in, but wanted to add my prayers and well wishes for Langley Spook. I hope the surgery went well, the recovery is quick, and you are back with us soon. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers til then.

  6. Everyone is preoccupied with the Syrian refugee problem yet there is another one going on in your own backyard. Over this pass week end there was a clash between Costa Rica and Nicaragua about the handling of a large group of Cubans headed north to the USA. It was little reported in the press. There is another group of 600 in Panama right now, Here is the link. Just image the cost to the USA when they finally enter.

      1. Not long ago there was a story about a Cuban woman fled Cuba to Panama while she saved enough money as a prostitute in one of the hotels – so that she could travel on to Mexico…and the USA. Said she could make lots of $$$ as a prostitue in the USA.
        Bienvenedo, amiga!

      1. I have never served, but as a kid we had better strategy play outside in the backyard.
        There is no strategy. There is no end in site, which leads us to feel comfort that we will win.

    1. Note that France immediately sent their fighters to bomb targets after the attack.
      One of their targets was a mass of oil tankers supplying ISIS.
      Obama denied our Air Force from hitting them because the drivers could be ‘civilian’.

      Unbelievable ROE.

      Same with Russia.
      They took the fight to ISIS immediately.

      Hit them and hit them hard.

      Our CiC is an embarrassment.

  7. As we continue to try and uncover what’s really going on with this latest Muslim migration promoted so much by the Obama Administration and others, we should learn about a Muslim concept called Hijra. Hijra is commanded and proscribed by both the Koran and the actions and words of Mohamed in the Sunnah.

    Hijra is the religious command to spread Sharia law throughout the world by large migrations of Muslims. There are several phases of Hijra activity as Muslim migrants arrive in a country, and we are in one of those phases in the US at this time.

    Here’s an eye-popping article from American Thinker describing the nature of Hijra, its stages, its activities and its purpose. Darn well worth a look. To help us understand Hijra, the author reviews the book “Modern Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration” by Sam Solomon and Elias Al Maqdisi.

    Understanding the implications of a successful Hijra in the US seems to me critical to understanding what is happening to us and the rest of the world, for that matter, right now, in these strange times.

    1. Thanks for the link. I am still waiting for someone to explain with a map the IS’S/IS’L name. I I had to look it up on my own quite some time ago. I keep hearing the other word now, forgive me I can’t remember it, but it starts with a D. With all the horrific news this week, I have yet to pull it up.

  8. The Demokrats are now siding with the “Muslims” and Islam. Political correctness and party over country. I don’t think people realize how dangerous a time this is. Do you really think we won’t be like Europe? We already have Muslim communities — and not the nice peaceful kind either — Muslim city councils — and Sharia law being practiced — to say nothing of the occasional honor killing here and there. No Muslims period.

  9. Here is a piece about a Syrian family that was living in Jordan for three years and somehow qualifies to come here under this Syrian Refugee deluge.

    But what I think is interesting is that the family was refused resettlement in Indiana and was transported to CT.

    How did that happen? Can the refugees be refused? How? Good on Indiana.

  10. I haven’t been following all the news on the French attacks and US refugee invasion, but what I would like to know is this: We have one of the terrorist’s passports. If that guy showed up asking for entry to the US as a refugee with that passport, would he have been screened out? It’s a simple question that I think we should be able to answer. If he would have been let in, then we need to absolutely refuse entry to all Syrian refugees.

  11. Given that we will soon be welcoming people who practice the Religion of Peace who have a different way of life so to speak, now might be the time to be all capitalist about it and invest in a Goat Breeding Operation .

  12. Russia is sending puppy to France to make up for loss of Diesel, dog killed last week.

    Good move on Putin’s part.

    Of course, Obama was going to send one also but Valerie had it served as a special treat for the boy king before it could be sent.

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