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Kerry Finds a “Rationale” for Charlie Hebdo Attacks

You see, this isn’t a gaffe. This is how they think. Kerry, President Obama – they believe Muslims have a gripe when they complain about free speech, and that these murderers, while not justified in their actions, aren’t necessarily lunatics looking for reasons to kill Westerners and destroy our way of life.

They think we can reason with these people. Which is about as rational as thinking you can reason with Kerry or Obama.

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  1. Someone once said that liberalism is a mental disease and MrObama and MrKerry are prime examples of that.
    What he’s saying is that if someone offends you or your religion, then it is rational to kill them.

    MrObama thinks Syrian refugees are all widows and three-year old children, when in fact they are mostly young men, Muslim young men. He forgets the Muslim young men who were here in the US enjoying our generosity and so repaid that by packing two pressure cookers with explosives to kill people at the Boston Marathon.

    We have never, ever, had a POTUS who so offended his own people as MrO does with his caustic and sneering remarks. By dismissing the public fears and the real threats we see everyday, he shows his real colors to all of us.

    • While we all fear Muslim male terrorists, a Muslim female terrorist blew herself up and injured five cops in Paris. The fire power they showed live on Fox News last night was spell binding.

    • His job is to protect Americans first. I am astounded that things are only getting worse. The List/The Mess. I am so sorry, I stopped adding to the list. The children of this Nation deserve better than this.

  2. Obama at least manages to try to cover his real beliefs most of the time. Kerry is too stupid to do that. He just says whatever fool thing he thinks. This was near the top of the list, right up there with “We have a deal with Iran.”

  3. He knows that ISIS is the USA proxy war fighters. He must keep that secret of course and this is the cover for that.
    The American people must never know the truth.

  4. Liberals and Progressives truly believe that these evil cultures think like we do…with reason. That is mistake #1.

    ISIS understands forceful dominance by any means possible.

    Discussion is just a way for them to understand our weaknesses and plot against us.

    You cannot fight fire with an accelerant. You must extinguish it fully. Until we put out the fire, it will burn us.


    • Remember the ave IQ in USA is 100. That is not real smart and half the peeps are below 100. So a there are a staggering number of really dumb folks out there.

      • The median is 1/2 above and 1/2 below. Not the average. I am not sure what the average IQ in America is. It isn’t so much the IQ level, but the disengagement. This is the most self-centered, me-only society we’ve ever known. When FOX News’ Watters goes on college campuses, these are the most pathetic young people in the history of America. The only ones that know anything about politics are the ones that have been indoctrinated by their socialists professors.

        • OMG, I had to look this up. We are doomed. IQ levels by country. At least we did not make the bottom list.

          1. Hong Kong: 107
          2. South Korea: 106
          3. Japan: 105
          4. Taiwan: 104
          5. Singapore: 103
          6. Austria: 102
          7. Germany: 102
          8. Italy: 102
          9. Netherlands: 102
          10. Sweden: 101
          11. Switzerland: 101
          12. Belgium: 100
          13. China: 100
          14. New Zealand: 100
          15. United Kingdom: 100
          16. Hungary: 99
          17. Poland: 99
          18. Spain: 99
          19. Australia: 98
          20. Denmark: 98
          Lowest 5 Countries by IQ

          1. Equatorial Guinea: 59
          2. Ethiopia: 63
          3. Sierra Leone: 64
          4. Democratic Republic of the Congo: 65
          5. Zimbabwe: 66

          • Just as an addon…

            -US students’ current world rank is 35th in math, 23d in reading, and 27th in science. At one time, we were first, or nearly first, in all categories.

            No wonder Obama got elected and reelected. With Common CORE, we’ll drop to last in all categories, no doubt. That’s the plan. The plan of the Marxist Left is succeeding very well. An old adage: a strong, vibrant Democracy can survive only if it has a well educated middle class. We don’t.


    • Our Secretary of State is a traitor to this country. During the Vietnam War, He met with North Vietnamese officials in Paris to closely coordinate propaganda efforts in the US with NVA attacks on US forces in South Vietnam. His photo now hangs in a war museum in Ho Chi Minh City.

  5. One year ago, October 19, American reporter Serena Shim was killed in Turkey while reporting on the heavy battles in the Syrian border city of Kobani. Serena Shim was investigating the thousands of foreign fighters that have crossed the Turkish border to fight in the Syrian proxy war and in the process uncovered evidence of secret western assistance to the Islamic State.

  6. Joshie! The same old wimpy weasel he has always been. After Obama is out of office I have no idea what Josh will do for conversation — if someone asks him a question without a prepared response he’ll be stuck and look like the automaton that he is.

    • What does Obama have on Josh that he would defend such an atrocious comment? He’s said before that Obama misspoke so why didn’t he this time?

      • I have come to believe that some — many — are willing sycophants. And Josh is one of them. A lot of people hook their stars to wagons, but I think Josh might live to regret this one. He’ll have a good paying secure job but he will never have a reputation of integrity and truthfulness. No one will ever believe what he says outside the Obama cult.

  7. Good afternoon everyone, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Everyone has different schedules, and I didn’t want to miss telling anyone.

  8. Here’s the deal, John. May I call you John? When you let the current crop of Syrian residences live in your palatial homes, then we might take you seriously. You could easily take in 100 refugees. Until then, you’d be wise to keep your big mouth shut and stop insulting us.

    Just for the record, here are John Kerry homes:

    1. Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania (Assessed value: $3.7 million)
    2. Ketchum, Idaho ski getaway/vacation home (Assessed value: $4.9 million)
    3. Washington, D.C – Georgetown area (Assessed value: $4.7 million)
    4. Nantucket, MA waterfront retreat on Brant Point (Assessed value: $9.2 million)
    5. Boston, Massachusetts – Beacon Hill home (Assessed value: $6.9)

    And, of course, John, there is your $7 million, 76-foot yacht, the “Isabel”. Even though, John, you live in an area famous for building very fine yachts, you chose to have this one built in New Zealand. Bad move, John. And then you have it docked in Rhode Island instead of your home state, in order to save taxes. Also a cheap move.

    So, John, even you, at some level, must know that you are a phony, a fraud, an incompetent boob and a very dumb man. Therefore, you have no business telling us how we should live and what we should do. You are far too stupid to have that privilege.

    • You know, Marcus – John and all “these people” are about the “not for me but thee” mentality.
      I have dear Muslim friends. I would love to have them in my home for a visit. (I am a devout Christian.). They have not yet made the trek, but they probably will some day and they will be made welcome. Just as they made me welcome in their homes many times.
      You see, I know these particular people. They are not strangers to me. I know their morals. I know how they treated me -with respect and consideration – respecting my Christian beliefs. Just as I respected their Muslim beliefs.
      God is the judge of all of us. That is not my job and I am thankful for that. For me – my path to eternity is through Jesus Christ. For my Muslim friends – and for my Jewish friends – it is different. I understand that.
      However, I believe these professional politicians do not have our best interests at heart. I do not believe these refugees are fleeing Syria. I have never known a Muslim woman to travel alone without the accompaniment of a close male relative. (yes, I doubt the “widows and orphans” comment.)
      I think it is most likely they are Pakistani or Indian. I do not know them, it is true.
      But for me, my primary concern is the safety of my family. Just as it is for my Muslim and my Jewish friends. Common sense approach for all of us, I believe.
      And until I would know them – up close and personally – they would not be welcome in my home. A rational line of thought for everyone.
      Frankly, the opinions of John and Barack and their minions do not matter to me. Not one iota.
      Let them run their mouths off – it matters not what they say. “For I know in Whom I have believed and I am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed to Him against that day.” 2 Timothy 1:12

      • Agree. The premier issue of concern now is the composition of this latest round of refugees. We have credible reports from European media that 60-70 percent of those traveling to Europe now are single young men of military age. That is a very skewed population. More than unusual or merely random. ISIS has said several times in recent days that they have embedded ISIS soldiers in this migration to Europe and we now know this is true (Recent events in Paris and Germany). ISIS brags about it. ISIS has also claimed they are applying the same tactic in the current and soon to be mass migration to the US.

        There’s no doubt that there are peaceful Muslims. Obviously. They want to run their businesses, go to Mosque, raise their kids, be left alone, and live the life they chose. All good decisions. In my own very small community, we have a Muslim population of 10-12 percent. That’s a lot. Over 5,000 living within 5 city blocks of where I sit at this moment. They are mostly clustered in few neighborhoods. I see and interact with them every day. Most are peaceful, and mind their own business. But some are not. Some beat their wives, practice genital mutilation on young females, have attempted rapes, break into homes, act crazy in many different ways. Right in my little city. The schools are overcrowded, many of the male students, in particular, have no intention of learning anything and are constantly disrupting class.

        The issues to be concerned with is not only Obama’s and Kerry’s opinions, is it? It’s their actions and decisions. The end result of these words, actions and decision is to introduce immense and dangerous complexity into our civic life in many different ways, in ways that we have no solutions for at this time.

        Matthew 10:16 is a good guide for us in these dangerous times:

        “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”

        Wise as serpents. Smart. Alert. Informed. Cautious.

        It’s not a mere suggestion. It’s a command and a cautionary statement to be on alert at all times for dangers growing under our very eyes. It is a warning to be taken very seriously. That’s what we try to do. That’s what we must do. Always.

        Sorry to make this so long, but I guess I’m in a talkative frame of mind tonight. :+]

        • Thoughtful and well thought out response to my rambling disjointed comment and I agree with you.
          (I reread my comment this morning and realized It was I who was wordy – not you! I had been involved in a lengthy “conversation” with an atheist on fb…who accused Christians of being hypocrites because they will not welcome the refugees into their communities.)

          • I understand completely. Sometimes we’d like to smack them up side of the head and knock some sense into them so they’d quit accusing us of opinions we aren’t guilty of holding, and of doing things we’d never dream of doing. But that wouldn’t be the Christian thing to do. ;+}. We have to persuade them and some of them are not persuadable.

  9. Oh husband is the condiment King and will only buy Heinz, says the other stuff is too watery…could be the demise of a 35 year marriage

  10. OT…interesting that Obama insists on bringing 50,000 (Or more. Who knows?) unvetted Syrian refugees, at the very same time that he declares he will increase his efforts to take away the right to bear arms from US citizens. So his plan is to disarm Americans at the very time who knows how many ISIS crazies may be running rampant and shooting up the countryside.

    Coincidence? I think not. It will his final gift to those he detests: us.

  11. Worth noting in all of this, is that the states which have publicly said they want no Syrian refugees, period, ALREADY represent 311 electoral votes, which is 41 more than it takes to win the presidency. And not every state has taken a public position yet, so that number may grow larger still.

    Granted, that does include some historically royal-blue states, but the Democrats are delusional if they think they can, for instance, take Massachusetts for granted when the subject is Islamic terrorism (cf. Tsarnaev, Dzhokar).

  12. Us has one policy, has long as you make money. Who did develop wahabism for decades? Saudi Arabia, so for fueling that and destabilising middle east responsabilities can be given back to you John