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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, November 18, 2015

From the White House:

In the morning, President Obama will hold a bilateral meeting with President Benigno Aquino of the Philippines.

Later in the morning, the president will deliver remarks at a CEO Summit, attended by 800 business leaders from around the region representing U.S. and Asia-Pacific companies.

In the afternoon, Obama will participate in the first meeting of the leaders of the Trans-Pacific Partnership countries since the conclusion of negotiations and public release of the complete text of the agreement.

Later in the afternoon, Obama will participate in an informal dialogue of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit (APEC) leaders with the Pacific Alliance.

In the evening, the Obama will attend an APEC welcome dinner and cultural performance. The president will remain overnight in the Philippines.

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  1. While our President is abroad smooching with the 1percenters or whatever they are, we here are getting angrier and scared-er by events that are happening in our country.
    We don’t feel safe anymore, even in our homes and communities.

    • X2 Srdem65. I woke up to seeing on CNN and Fox a raid in Paris. Two terror suspects killed in raid. woman blew herself up. Five officers wounded.

      • Also a police dog killed by the woman suicide bomber. 8 terrorists posing as refugees headed to Germany arrested in Turkey. Yet I can’t tell you how many of my Facebook “friends” think we who are hesitant to welcome unvettable refugees here are just evil scum.

        • Yeah–big pushback against the Press Pause movement, as I call it…blah blah–Reps are cowards, Mika was dripping disdain, but Christie told O’Reilly 75 Syrian refugees had been brought into his state just recently and his office was not informed in any way–which seemed to sort of stop Bill in his tracks.

          On MoJoe also: Joshie saying basically it was really us, our intelligence, that helped France get up to speed so fast…and start bombing. Oh, yes, we did it all right. Then in the next breath, they trumpet about their year-long policy that is working so splendidly even though no one can define it.

          • Her frowny face is her default setting. Someone should tell her it could stay that way. She basically accused King of lying about “vetting.” He did pin her ears back yesterday.

          • I heard a clip of Josh saying basically that without our intelligence France would not have been able to bomb so quickly — oh really, a quick call to Putin and they would have everything they need. Like in all things this arrogant WH, Josh neck in neck with McDonough, Jarrett, Obama, and fancy pants Rhodes Barack killed Usama BL and everything else is the Republicans fault.

        • Kasich’s canned reply to me:
          Dear Star:

          Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding future relocation of refugees into the U.S. and specifically Ohio. I appreciate hearing from you.

          Recent events in Paris have underscored the need for us to do all we can to protect the citizens of our states in these times of international threat.

          Ohio has long been willing to help individuals who face persecution in their home country. However, the federal government’s inability to gather intelligence on those in Syria seeking to relocate here poses a serious risk to our security and safety.

          Recently, I sent a letter to President Barack Obama urging the federal government not to accept Syrian refugees until the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program and its security-review process are strengthened. I have attached that letter for your review.

          He does not sound craven, apologetic, popping off, or anything–at least not to me.

  2. Post-mortem on Obama’s shameful trip to Turkey. He is not one of us!

    One day after Obama left Turkey and his close, close Islamist pal, Erdogan, Turkey fans booed during the one minute of silence for the victims of the Paris attack during a friendly game with Greece. This was followed by chants of Allah Akbar.

    Take a closer look at Obama/Erdogan relationship:

      • Girly, I saw it, it is just disgusting. And a while ago some politicians, foremost Obama, wanted to see Turkey as a EU-member. Just imagine…
        I visited Turkey some time ago, I even went to the eastern hinterland, and it is a fascinating historically interesting country, but I witnessed, and was told about, Erdogans Islamisation of the nation. Old Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, probably rotates in his grave. He wanted the country to be secular.

  3. Obama goes where Valerie wants to go. Obama says what Valerie tells him to say. Obama eats his pablum and drinks his milk, like a good little boy. Valerie has complete control over his little mind. So who is our president? Valerie, I suppose…

    • Are you watching CNN or Fox of the raid that was made this morning? They said they caught them in the nick of time, they were planning another attack. As stated all this is going on and o is doing as typed above.

      • We stayed up late last night and watched some of the coverage. I’m glad France has acted quickly and aggressively and saved possibly many lives in a future attack.

      • As he welcomes 30,000 more. Like all of the Western leaders — they are blind, despite the murderous graphic evidence in all of their countries, including our. But willfully blind I think, at the altar of re election, political correctness, power and greed and some perverted unobtainable idea of world government.

  4. OT: The Mayor of Baltimore posted on twitter an open invitation to Syrian “refugees” to come to Baltimore.
    This as Baltimore recorded its 300 murder this weekend.
    I guess they’ll fit right in.

  5. St Denis, France: female suicide bomber lights herself up last night, thankfully taking just her.

    Obama: there is no harm in letting in babies and women from Syria.



  6. Here is the “Final Report of the Task Force On Combating Terrorist and Foreign Fighter Travel”, issued by the House Committee on Homeland Security,. Published in Oct 2015.

    Go to this site:;jsessionid=TDpTWLXNnZZ6yFNNTxWTh7v0hF998XXxbjyjnXjyc1B57DsfCLgb!1549446635!-1413194137?st=task+force+on+combating+terrorism

    And then chose No. 5 in the list of publications listed on this page to get the report. 89 pages.

    It’s worth a read. If your hair hasn’t turned white at this point in your life, it will be very white by the time you finish reading this report. Have your smelling salts nearby.

    We should send Obama and his fellow travelers a copy of the report so they can begin to understand what a mess we are in re Jihadists and how they are determined to kill us.

  7. Who said this? “Apparently they are scared of widows and orphans …. Doesn’t sound too brave to me.”

    A. A skinny third grade bully in a school yard fight OR

    B. A sitting president of the united states while in a foreign country about his opposition party at home.

    Someone needs to paste totus screens on his eyeballs.

    • And he frames this comment into a preposterous Republican vs Democrat battle. An authentic President would understand that all of America is at risk, that it’s a national issue involving all of us, political affiliation be damned.

      Oh, Obama is creating his legacy, alright. He’s not going to like it.

    • “Apparently they are scared of widows and orphans….Doesn’t sound too brave to me.”

      Interesting comment from the man who wasn’t brave enough to enforce his own red line, and thereby had a hand in making them widows and orphans.

      • The most unpresidental speech I’ve ever heard.
        He talks to us like a neighborhood bully.
        Compare this man and his words to President Kenndys address to the nation during what became the Cuban Missile Crisis.
        I still remember the words that introduced me to real fear. ” Any missile launched from Cuba will be considered a attack from Russia that will call for a retaliatory response ”
        In essence, but probably not verbatim.

        • If only Obama would take the hatred, anger and venom he has for Republicans, conservatives, Tea Party members and the Sisters Of The Poor, and focus all that on ISIS. That indeed would be a new day for America. But he’s just not wired up that way.

          I must say, as we have been observing Obama’s bizarre behavior and words, particularly in the past few months, I believe he is the early stages of a psychological breakdown. I really do believe that.

  8. As he welcomes 30,000 new refugees after Paris attacks Hollande asks “What would France be without its museums, without its terraces, its concerts, its sports competitions?

    Maybe it’s better to What will France be without its museums …..Because that is the direction France and all the other countries including ours is headed by this hapless refugee invasion. And God knows if Hollande hasn’t learned his lesson then God have mercy on France.

  9. I’m just gonna say it….this guy is a traitor-in-chief. If he wasn’t black..he would have been out of office/impeached long ago. This is who he really is..these past few days. He’s a muslim sympathizer at a minimum. All of these refugees, according to Rand Paul, today,immediately get welfar, govt housing et….when we have so many out of work. Congress needs to grow a pair….think it’s too late though. I’m disgusted with my
    party, the Reps, right now. The damage this
    idiot will do now to the end of the term is frightening…he can do even more than now.

    • Don’t forget the Walmart gift cards too! Yes, they are given gift cards so they can buy essentials. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do this with our Vets and homeless?