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Hollande to Visit the White House

French President Francois Hollande with meet with President Obama at the White House next Tuesday, November 24, the White House announced this morning.

From the White House:

This visit will underscore the friendship and solidarity between the United States and France, our oldest ally. President Obama and President Hollande will consult and coordinate our efforts to assist France’s investigation into these attacks, discuss further cooperation as part of the 65-member counter-ISIL coalition, and reiterate our shared determination to confront the scourge of terrorism.

Maybe Obama will be able to generate some emotion this time about what happened in Paris and provide more leadership than some comments about sharing intelligence, or whatever.

Think about how the Europeans were there for us after 9/11. All Obama could do during his press conference Monday was get peevish about how everyone is questioning his grand strategy to combat ISIS, which is clearly not working.

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  1. It would be nice for Obama to show some true emotion, but that will not happen.

    The man is a cold fish, and that’s no appetizer to create a bond with France.


  2. Interesting observations here. Noone has the courage to admit that all of this was brought on by Shrub’s invasion of Iraq.It will go down in history as the worst geopolitical decsion EVER made by a President. Democrats have to clean up after Republican Recessions and Wars, what’s new?

    • “shrub”, what?
      The first invasion of Iraq was instigated by Bush the First in response to Saudi Arabia’s invasion by Saddat. The second invasion was in response to 9/11 and instigated by Bush the Second.
      No one named “shrub” was ever indentified as being responsible for anything in the MiddleEast.

    • re: Republican recessions
      The Dems have been in power for almost a decade and nothing is better, in fact it’s worse out here in fly-over country.
      90million unemployed and 50million on foodstamps are hard facts.

      • oops ISIS grew from the huge whole that Obama left when he withdrew from Iraq — in order to preserve his previous image. The Democrat Party and the sorry ass progressives who slavishly follow it and this disgraceful President never account for this — a very basic in history — nature abhors a vacuum. And now Obama’s abdication of leadership is seen in all its glory in disasterous effects around the world and in this country.

        Take all your Booooosh and Shrub stuff and stuff it.

        • I thought Obama was President now, GWB hasn’t been in office for 7 years, yet still being blamed for Obama’s bad policies today. Sure, let’s go back to Clinton, there were a lot of mistakes (not counting Monica) he made too that contributed to 9-ll.

          Typical Obama defense (re: MarkJ)BLAME BUSH. LOL.

    • MarkJ is a moron. IQ of a shrub. Mark rewrites history as any dem troll would.

      Don’t forget ISIS was a CIA creation. To fight a US proxy war with Asad.
      Its all about the pipe line.

      Saudi Arabia is funding ISIS and terrorist all over the world.

      • This morning Kerry said we won’t be sending in any troops to fight ISIS because “that’s what we did in Iraq and look how that turned out.”

        I’m convinced Barry pulled out of Iraq to simply screw over Bush and make everyone forget about the surge and the victory that was at hand. They’re determined to rewrite history on their terms.

        • the x2 for jimg

          Pibb — ISIS arose out of the vacuum of Obama’s stupid withdrawal from Iraq and Kerry’s response is so child like it doesn’t deserve a comment. Kerry is an idiot — not much more so than the host of idiots that Obama has employed to suck up to him and leave him clueless — just one of the idiots who gets more visibility. And for me, Kerry is a traitor and should be nowhere in a US government position. Then again, look at what we have for a President — a man who doesn’t like America and who “stands with Islam”. Sad state of affairs, but it is what it is.

      • Well – I’m hesitant because there were some pretty bonehead decisions made in WW2 … and other conflicts. Which brings up the point that leftist seem pretty immune to the lessons of history.

        • About the left being immune to history ..depends on the circumstances….From Mr. Pibb’s comment Kerry uses it as only a liberal can!

          This morning Kerry said we won’t be sending in any troops to fight ISIS because “that’s what we did in Iraq and look how that turned out

  3. I read that Putin orders his navy to work with France and doubles the volume of airstrikes on Islamist targets. The EU countries go all in for France like the Musceteers in that old Dumas novel , “All for one, One for all”. Hollande is bringing about a fine coalition against IS. Will he get Obama on board ?

    • I believe that Obama is already on board.

      Reportedly, he is sending “meals ready to eat” and blankets to the French forces who are serious about defeating ISIS.

    • It is in Putin’s interests to crush ISIS — although that is disturbing to Iran who wants chaos in the region and Barack is doing his best to accommodate that.

      The more bombs and destruction Putin and others can bring down on ISIS the better. It is irrelevant to me whether Obama joins in — he will never do so willingly although our military is at the ready to do its service.

      Obama’s focus is on importing terrorists through the Syrian refugees and exporting them out of Gitmo back to the battlefield. That’s where our focus needs to be. Obama is determined to weaken the US as much as possible so we best tend the homefires too.

  4. A fool’s errand on Hollande’s part. The moat egregious thing for me was that on 9/11 the West, without hesitation, rallied around us. In Paris, Obama made it all about him for refusing to assist outside of the mewing that he has done in the past.

    He is a disgraceful President undeserving of a visit by even the socialist Hollande.

  5. I think President Petulant (WaPo’s words not mine in an editorial) sums it up succinctly.

    If that wasn’t enough…his own words.


    • Rep Peter King said flatly on MoJoe that they have no way of vetting or tracking. They ask name (could give any), where they are from (same), and are they involved in terrorism (what do you think they would say?). King also said the governors could not keep them out–Obama would “consult” with them but had the final say. Robinson (of course) said we let in a lot of Iraqis but none were terrorists…uh, were they from a terrorist territory? Mika also tried to tell King a 5-yr-old was not a terrorist (straw child)–and what about women? He said women are terrorists in this movement…they are equal opp employers, he said.

      • By the way, if the people whining about the governors are going to use the Iraqi example–don’t they have to say Iraq was a terrorist enclave–which is their whole argment–that it wasn’t.

      • More on Syrian refugee screening…The Dems slide over this pretty much–“appropriate screening”… Yes–appropriate. Let’s have that. Taking fingerprints when they get here is next to meaningless unless they commit a crime here–there are no prints from Syria to compare to. All this palaver sounds great, humane, logical–but it isn’t. And I am getting sick of the faux-fuming of people like Mika, who had her forwny face on saying they were being vetted. King snapped back that no professional would consider what is happening or has happened vetting.

      • Did Mika miss the Vietnam war and the children who were used in it?

        Has she missed the other wars and brutal uprisings were the children were used as a first line of defense?

        Does Mika not realize the damage done to US soldiers when they encounter this?

      • I am not good with people who say the governors cannot do this. I am sure there is a bag of tricks that can be used and one of them is for the House to pull the funding. I think there is a movement to do that, but I am not sure.

        All of this defeatist thinking that it can’t be done got us to Barack Obama’s end run of the constitution and congress. He won’t do that, it can’t be done — and yet he did.

        You either protect your country and your state and your citizens or you don’t. I don’t care if they have to stand in the street and refuse to move,lay dow, go on hungerstrikes, boycott etc — if it’s good enough tactic for BLM and the Ferguson jerks and occupy ws than it is good enough for me.

          • Star, In terms of options — here’s a comment I saw. Governors could use this as well — I suppose.

            In Kentucky I found 8 agencies sucking in taxpayer dollars for “refugee resettlement programs” Two touted faith names.

            But states can stop this.

            The feds can only funnel cash to the resettlement agencies if the state legislature authorizes a “refugee resettlement program.” The state legislature can de-authorize it.

            No cash going to the refugee profiteers = not refugees.

    • There are no problems in the Obamas’ world. Bellies are full, light and gas bills are paid. Myriad vacations to exotic destinations mostly at taxpayer expense. Their children will never be gunned-down, execution style in the street like a nine-year-old in Chicago. Red carpet celebrities visiting lavish WH parties almost every night of the week. DNC fundraisers turn into rounds of golf, and rounds of golf turn into post-presidency book deals. All of it scrutinized by the watchdogs of local FM radio and Univision.

      You’d be dancing, too.

    • First of all, what does she know about theater? Wiggling her behind for the cameras doth not make an expert. The article is too focused on her, not the program.

      Second, I recall Muslims dancing in the streets and giving out candy after 9-11.

      Bad optics.

      • There are no “Obama optics” because the biased, sycophant Media will not show the Obama’s in bad light… even FOXNews is weak-willed nowadays when it comes to reporting bad things about the Obamas

    • Thanks for the link. I read a comment about this earlier, by srdem, I think, but couldn’t find an article. Some of the people at Mooch’s workshop will return on the 24th so Obama can award them, along with others, the Medal of Freedom.

      I have no idea what qualifies Barbra Streisand as a recipient other than being a big Dem donor. I used to like her music until we attended one of her concerts and her intermission entertainment was a comedian imitating Bush and was just deplorable. I wanted our money back!

  6. Hollande should tell Obama to jump off the Eiffel Tower. How many ‘do-overs’ does Barry get on press conferences?
    Since Hollande missed the G20 for obvious reasons, Obama needs to get a few pics for the library.

    There’s also a back story with the Putin/Obama/Rice photo op at the G20. Will look for it and post it.

  7. I’m in this late, but DeniseVB @1:19pm nailed it. 7 years later, the abject failure of Obama is overlooked by using the only weapon his worshipers have in their arsenel, Bush and/or Republicans.
    Sad, really sad.

  8. OT Blows my mind. I was looking into why reps from OMB, DHS, and OPM cancelled an on the record scheduled testimony before the House Armed Svces Cmte. There is some rumor about the fact that it was going to be on the record, but that was unclear.

    So la de da … I go skipping down the path of Armed Servcies Cmte — helpful — to ASC Press — more helpful. Helpful, polite but no answer as to why they pulled out, or how a bureaucrat can refuse to testify.

    So, I think to self. Who are these PEOPLE? Back to helpful ASM phone answerer who eventually tells me when I ask for a place to go to see who was to testify or who were these PEOPLE and I am told “I cannot release the names of the PEOPLE”.

    These people are nothing more than common government bureaucrats, public servants under what law do they get to have their names to be protected? Of course, the innocent could not answer that.

    Crap like this infuriates me. The entitlement of it all.

  9. Heard this today on I forgot which show: After the Paris attacks, Hollande contacted Putin and asked him for help in going after ISIS. Putin immediately said “Yes!”. Hollande also contacted Obama and asked for help. Obama was much less enthusiastic, hummed and hawed and pretty much left Hollande hanging except for help in intel, etc. That may be why Hollande is coming to DC. Put pressure on our ShamWow guy in the White House Pres for some realist help.

  10. OT …Mark Steyn has a funny line about Bernie Sanders’s comment about Global Warming causing the ISIS uprising. Goes something like this…

    As a Muslin terrorist is about to chop off Bernie Sanders’s head, the terrorist cries out: “Oh, if only I had attended a carbon emissions course, I wouldn’t be doing this.”

  11. DOJ Loretta Lynch does not disappoint. Obama all the way! She is Holder in a skirt. Headlines from Drudge.

    LYNCH: Obama Opinion on Hillary Investigation Has ‘No Influence’…

    Contradicts FBI on refugee screening…


  12. And then we have this…

    “In a call with senior Obama administration officials Tuesday evening, several governors demanded they be given access to information about Syrian refugees about to be resettled by the federal government in their states. Top White House officials refused.”

    Everyone in this White House gang should be arrested and interrogated to determine where their true alliances lie.

    • I just read that and was going to post it. What an arrogant sob McDonough is. So much for the consent of the governed.

      I read it correctly there are and there will be no means to track these people.

      I am all for cutting the funding — if the GOP has the guts to do it. And I am all for citizens of the communities refusing to allow them to disembark. I am all for contacting the enabling agencies like CC and the Lutherans and others on the list and asking them if they are delivering these people without the consent of the governors, the mayors or the communities. There is something in the pages and pages that says not so much that they must get the consent but that the must be informed.

      Short of that — the courts. If the courts can go after Obama on the Dreamers thing, some court somewhere ought to be able to act against this which is clearly against the will of the people.

      If not, we live in a dictatorship of Obama.

      • It is so obvious after these past seven years that Obama is a post-Constitutional, my way or the highway President. We’ve thus far had a Congress of posers and eunuchs who act as Nubian slaves for He Who Must Not Be Challenged. Finally, Governors are beginning to work together and use their power to take the Big Dude on. Let’s keep encouraging and supporting them. Good for you for your efforts to encourage citizens to contact them and put some pressure on this issue.

        Lesson for all of us: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”–Edmund Burke.

        Or, “He should not be lulled to repose by the delusion that he does no harm who takes no part in public affairs. He should know that bad men need no better opportunity than when good men look on and do nothing. He should stand to his principles even if leaders go wrong.”– John Stuart Mill.

  13. With any luck, Hollande will tell Obama to man up.

    Quite the insult THAT would be, coming from the leader of a nation once infamously referred to as “cheese-eating surrender monkeys.”