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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, November 17, 2015

In the morning, President Obama will arrive in Manila, Philippines. In the afternoon, Obama will participate in a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of Australia. The president will remain overnight in the Philippines.

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  1. 6am Call to prayers.
    9am meet with other sympathizers
    12pm Call to prayers.
    3pm do presser, condemn religious scrutiny
    6pm Call to prayers.
    9pm look in mirror, admire self.
    10pm nod off, wondering why the world has not elevated him to deity.


  2. Thinking about Obama’s incredibly inept and bizarre press conference yesterday, his behavior, his snarky attitude, his discernible anger and impatience, his curious responses to questions. It’s obvious something strange is going on with Obama–even more obviously observed than usual. He’s not processing information correctly. He’s not centered. He is saying all the wrong things. His level of paranoia is markedly elevated.

    It may well be time for the Congress to invoke the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution. This is the Amendment which removes a President from Office, at least temporally, because the President can no longer discharge the responsibilities and duties of the Office. It is not impeachment, but more of a Constitutional approach to ensure the proper function of the Office of the President should the current occupant be unable to do so. I think that’s where we are at now.

    Here’s the 25th Amendment and the guidance on how to legally apply it. Section 3 and 4 are the applicable portions. See what you think about it

    • For years, I have prayed that Obama would be removed due to mental illness.

      The Senate President Pro Tem and Speaker of the House would need to submit a written declaration stating that Obama is unfit to serve due to mental ilness.
      It ain’t gonna happen with Ryan and McConnell, unfortunately.

      Classic mental illnesses amongst dictators:

      1.) Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) Sufferers believe that they are entitled to special privilege and that the rules of society apply to others but not to them.

      2,) Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD) Individuals are people who are unusually suspicious in situations in which most people would not be concerned. They frequently change allies and lack stable relationships in their lives.

      (Obama does not trust his military advisors; does not interact with Congress, or anyone but his small coterie of co-conspirators.)

      3.)Anti-Social Personality Disorder (ASPD) people are a combination of what we used to call a sociopath and a psychopath. These people are capable to doing great harm to another human being without feeling any empathy and remorse. This is the central element in the personality structure of a person who would commit genocide against their own people.

      (Obama doesn’t appear to be genocidal…yet. However, he shows no empathy or feeling for anyone but himself and his ‘peeps’.)

      • Almost forgot…Obama has not kept his Oath of Office to protect us from our enemies, domestic and foreign.

        Don’t know if that falls under ‘impeachment’ or the 25th Amendment. It’s our best bet, though.

      • Good summary! Someone’s been reading her Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders ( DSM)

        It’s Obama’s lack of appropriate affect and event reactions that stands out for me, in addition to your assessment. If you look at Erikson’s Psychological Stages of Development and correlate it with what we know about Obama’s biography and early years–who was present in his life, the lack of stability, mother and father pretty much absent from his emotional life, etc–we begin to see the picture. The kid never had a chance. That’s why IMHO, he was so attracted to anyone who offered him even a semblance of warm human contact. Read Frank Marshall Davis and a long list of other similar characters throughout his life.

        • The “warm human contact” with Frank Davis is rumoured to have been sexual abuse. Also, isn’t it interesting that “narcissistic personality disorder” was removed from the DSM, edition #5, in 2013? Coincidence, or executive order?

  3. While most of America is still reeling from the Paris massacre and worried about our own safety here from terrorists, our unsinkable FirstLady was hosting a dance party with celebrities at the WhiteHouse. It looked like all were having fun, with nary a care for their safety or tragic global events.

    The photos and the press release were ‘official’ and not the result of some snarky or sneaky paparazzi.
    The question is this: what is the WhiteHouse trying to convey – MrsO is a silly person?

  4. Over here in old Europe we have all decided to unite against IS ( at least in theory ).
    France is asking for help and we will support in various ways. We all understand that next time it will happen in our neighborhood. And Russia just declared that IS brought that passenger plane down so they are in as well. We have to be, and stay, united here.

    • swedishlady, what about this sickening quote from Sweden’s Foreign Minister:

      “Margot Wallstrom, Sweden’s Foreign Minister, blamed Israel for the Paris attacks.

      “To counteract the radicalization we must go back to the situation such as the one in the Middle East of which not the least the Palestinians see that there is no future: we must either accept a desperate situation or resort to violence,” Margot Wallström told Swedish television network SVT2T (link in Swedish) a short while after the November 13 attacks, which were claimed by the Islamic State terrorist organization.”

      • Yes, it is sickening and she is heavily and rightfully critizised by the opposition. Please, pay no attention to this confused feminist. She has been silent for long , subdued by other scandals, and I hoped that she had resigned ,then all of a sudden she pops up with another insane comment. Ignore her, many of us do. Unfortunately, she is not the only embarrassing minister in this government that was the result of a complicated political situation, they are not doing much right.

        • SwedishLady I read that this morning. I appreciater your incite as well. I only wish that the citizens of America will pay attention, therefore be concerned for their neighborhoods and children as well.

  5. Ron in Ohio sez:

    While reading today’s Obama schedule I immediately thought, “Staying overnight in Manilla! What will Obama do for entertainment?” Then it hit me – Why not arrange a reenactment of the Bataan death March, with Obama as the only participant?

  6. This just breaking—a passenger has been restrained on a fight from Paris to Boston after trying to break into the cockpit. No other details yet. Plane is landing at Logan just about now.

    • Two Air France planes were forced to land yesterday, due to a bomb threats.

      “No explosives were found aboard two separate Air France planes that were diverted to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Salt Lake City due to bomb threats, according to the airline.

      Authorities in both cities thoroughly inspected both aircraft, passengers and their luggage, and nothing was found, according to an Air France release.”

      Source: CBC

  7. Sheesh.. more news breaking. Soccer stadium in Hanover, Germany evacuated during a Germany/Netherlands game. No other details. Happening right now.

  8. My goodness…Barry was mental before he was elected (appointed due to skin color)…we can’t count on that now…kinda like saying I didn’t, know my wife was bitchy till after the wedding.