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Obama Late for Moment of Silence

From the Washington Times.

President Obama walked in late Sunday on a moment of silence being held by world leaders in Turkey to honor the victims of Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris.

Reporters traveling with the president said Mr. Obama had not yet arrived when other world leaders at the G-20 conference in Turkey began their silent observance around a large conference table.

Well, he’s late for almost everything. Why not this?

26 thoughts on “Obama Late for Moment of Silence”

  1. He didn’t even have the sense to wait until the moment of silence was over to enter. So sick and tired of this embarrassment people elected President. Shame on him!

  2. What else could he have possibly had to do that was more important at the time?

    The man shows all the telltale signs of serious mental illness, and/or addiction.

    Case in point: ISIS is contained.

  3. He should have been on time, he’s an adult and this isn’t high school anymore. However, since he was late he shouldn’t have ended until the observation was over. But not him, he’s too important to wait for anything, manners be damned.

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    1. If only Pete Souza had set up the whole photo opp — then Obama could have gotten his cue — posed — and had another image for his legacy. Bad time to lead from behind.

    1. Obama was the key no-show at the Solidarity Parade after the last Paris attacks, and Holder — in Paris at the time — couldn’t be bothered to attend.

  5. Our world’s leaders probably thought “hey, this guy’s been silent for years. We don’t need to wait for him.”

    Oh, Mr. President, please get your head out of your butt and deal with this problem.

    1. Right on. I would do a slight edit…”He’s been silent, late, clueless, ‘present’ and unfit for purpose for years. We don’t need to wait for him.” He’s more at home lecturing 5th graders (using a teleprompter, of course) than mingling with world leaders and discussing serious issues.

      The sad thing is that he will never, in a thousand lifetimes, ever understand how out of place and inept he is as POTUS. He is surrounded by sycophants whose only job is to tell him how wonderful he is and laugh at all his jokes, whether they are funny or not.

  6. Fashionably/Fascistly late. Prolly due to the release of ten more Gitmo prisoners last night.

    Take away quote from the G20 on Syrian refugees:

    “Society has not passed this exam with good grades.” said the man, who has refused to release his own.

  7. French reporter to Obama: “Isn’t it time for your strategy to change?’
    Obama: “Keep in mind what we have been doing… we have a military strategy (HaHa)… have been training troops on the ground (all FIVE of them); taking strikes against high value targets (Jihad John)…

    “A strategy has to be one that can be sustained.” (Therefore, he has done nothing.) This is getting too embarrassing.

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