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Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – November 16, 2015

The press conference has concluded.

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  1. He is lecturing as if the world was full of idiots. But he is not answering the questions and he is getting annoyed that he has been asked the same questions 4 times — Whatcha’ gonna’ DO Barack?

    It is embarrassing. As if the US has never fought an unconventional war — as if we have not left blood and treasure and understand the great sacrifices required to protect this country.

    And finally ISIL does not represent Islam. Islam is what BArack Obama is willing to protect. I am flabbergasted at the extent to which he is defending Muslims and Islam.

  2. Putin discussed the financing of IS at the G20 summit. He said that it is financed from 40 countries, including some of the countries at the G20 summit. He also said that they could see in photos the enormous convoys from the gas and oil pipelines. I guess he really said, we can expose all the IS-supporters to the world unless you cooperate with us….. To fight IS, Russia now needs support from the US, Saudi, EU, Turkey and Iran. I think there is a coalition in the making. Putin is now seen smiling and shaking hands with Cameron , it never happened before.
    So, now we have war-planes from Russia, France and US in the Syrian skies. France made a Blitz-hit against IS headquarters in Raqqa, and now, finally, the US is striking oil convoys in Syria. What took Obama so long ? It is so obvious that he never intended to fight IS, not until Putin exposed him. He never really cared about these horrible images of decapitations and burning people.

  3. Been surfing the web and truly can’t understand stand people saying things like this. We have to show them love and respect, that’s from Maddona.
    Some Democratic candidate said they the terrorist are just doing what’s best for their community. His campaign lasted one day. These statements I post are pretty close to verbatim, I just so tired, its been a long weekend, I don’t think it’s going to get better. Now where that tea trolley?

  4. Did I actually hear him say “I’m pretty busy” He must be on a different schedule than what is usually disclosed. I actually yelled at the car radio ‘ you gotta be sh*(&ing me’ when he said that .

  5. IS threatens to attack Washington DC in a video. Then my guess is that the attack will be somewhere else.
    It is terrible but I somehow feel that terror attacks in the West are the new normal. It will happen again and again. What can we do ? Can we learn from Israel ? Well, right now we, in Europe, are doing just about everything wrong so it can only get better. Correction, some politicians, like Orban in Hungary and Hollande in France, are doing and saying the right things.

    • Our FBI has informed recently us that there are 900—NINE HUNDRED–investigations of ISIS members in the US at this time. Currently. At this very moment. Investigations of ISIS operations are ongoing in all 50 states, we learn from the FBI. Yet, Obama does not mention any of this. Ever. The debates with Republican and Democrat presidential candidates don’t raise the issue. We hear nothing from members of Congress. Obama doesn’t mention it. At all. Apparently, ISIS is being allowed to continue their plans and goals to cause death and mayhem in the US, and we know that is exactly what they are doing. These are not groups of stamp collectors or horticulturists. They are killers. That’s the mess we face. With our current government and the media. They are all whistling past the graveyard. Let’s start arresting these ISIS fools and put an end to this.

        • It’s a complicated question, SL. Let me paint a picture. Obama has an evil agenda to destroy our country, and ISIS is an ingredient he needs to accomplish that goal. He has placed several Muslim Brotherhood members in extremely sensitive positions (Homeland Security, e.g.) in his administration, and has been actively purging the military from experienced and dedicated military personnel. The media are inept, lazy, politically correct, radicalized in many cases. Our Congress is essentially leaderless and
          untethered from the will of the people. A minority but very loud segment of the population is highly radicalized to favor an anti-American sentiment. Many schools are not teaching the basic responsibilities of citizenry in a way to encourage them to participate in a wholesome patriotism. Many more reasons, but that’s a start.

          • Interesting, Marcus. Agree on many aspects. But I consider Obama a total fool, an incompetent, weak and vain fool, so, who is leading him in a leash and writes the scripts?

          • Certainly, Valerie Jarrett is his handler. That’s obvious. The real question is: who is Valerie Jarrett’s handler? Who gives her instructions? That’s where the trail really begins. We’ll know eventually, and we all have our suspicions, but it remains a current puzzle. For now.

      • “Let’s start arresting these ISIS fools and put an end to this.”

        I agree.
        I have a problem with the watch lists, if they are on that, pick them up.
        The terrorists that did the damage in France were on a watch list.

        BTW, France used our intelligence to take out that ISIS base.
        Another indication of Obama’s inability to react.

      • France has started stripping citizenship of the radicals within their country… Now you’re talking ! The President needs to put on some fake gonads( since he lacks the real ones) and warn ANY AMERICAN traveling to
        syria ,etc (isis territory) will under no terms be allowed to return… PERIOD.. but then,he’d only shrivel at the chance to be a man, because he’s not a man.

  6. Those of us of a certain age remember Paul Harvey, a voice of reason from the past. He was one radio commentator you could listen to regularly because his great gift was to remind us of who we are, what our country was about. Here is a 1965 audio in which, it turns out, he was prophetic about the very issues we are talking about today, on this thread and in other threads. I miss him very much.

      • I don’t know if you remember, but way back when–in the late 1960’s it must have been (I don’t know why I remember these things, but I do)– Paul Harvey went after the hippies, and lefties, and Bill Ayers types in the way only Paul Harvey could. He nailed them all hard. Made them look like the fools there were. Then somehow, there came a campaign from the various lefty groups to get him off the air, to dig up dirt on him (there wasn’t any) and spread it all over newspapers and magazines, to misquote him to make him sound stupid, etc. We all know the drill.

        But then his supporters rose up, defended him, dug into just who was behind the campaign to get rid of Harvey, went to his defense. It all lasted a few weeks, as I remember. And all through that time, Harvey, on air, was cool as a cucumber. Never skipped a beat. Finally, it all went away and he was more popular than ever. Might well have been one of the first times the lefties tried to get someone they feared off the airwaves. They failed.

        All of which reminds of Winston Churchill’s reaction when he first discovered the NAZI’s were censoring certain words and phrases on German radio broadcasts and comments from their newspapers in the 1930’s. Churchill reaction was: “Words. Words. Words. Why are they so afraid of mere words?”

        We know why, and it applies today.

  7. Justin Trudeau, new Premier of Canada, has just announced he wants 1,000 Syrian refugees a day brought into Canada until they reach 25,000. Short distance from Canada to the US. Hang on, It’s gonna be a wild ride.

  8. Looks like my Governor, Paul LePage, joins other governors in stopping Syrian “refugees” from coming to Maine.

    “Gov. Paul LePage said it is “irresponsible” to allow Syrian refugees into the country in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris. The Republican governor, who said he does “not know for certain” if Maine has any Syrian refugees right now, plans to point out in a radio address on Monday that one of his first actions as governor was to prevent Maine from serving as a “sanctuary state” for people living in the country without legal permission.”

    Here’s the list of the Governors who pay attention to what’s going on and are rejecting or resisting, at least, Obama’s hysterical demand for States to take in these people (at this time, at least). Dadgummed US Constitution and state Constitutions must really tick off the ‘Bam.

  9. Juan Williams who is scared of Arabs on a plane if he is on it now says Refugees all ok. He’s good with it. Vetting process — all good.

    What a hypocrite.

    • We should force Juan to watch that video about the “refugees” streaming into Europe by the thousands, and witness the havoc they are causing. They would do the same here. Or try to.