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Feinstein: “ISIL is not Contained”

This is really chilling.

Sen, Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., is a liberal, but I’m impressed that she sometimes does bump into common sense.

“I’ve never been more┬áconcerned,” said Feinstein, who is vice-chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Never? Not in the days after 9/11? And yet President Obama huffily insists that he’s not going to change his approach, which has brought us to the cusp a major terrorist attack.

20 thoughts on “Feinstein: “ISIL is not Contained””

    1. I appreciate her statement. However I did not see anyone standing in line next to her. This Country has become a lot smaller. In other words many families now have family members throughout America, instead in all in the same town, or state like years ago. My point. We need to keep the whole Country safe. o doesn’t seem to follow that line of thinking.

  1. OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

    Obama == America’s lame duck president (ruptured duck?) A treasonous, lying Muslim Marxist delusional narcissistic sociopath, wannabe world leader…

    Poor, poor obama…No affirmative action on the world stage for an unfit/incompetent community agitator who thinks himself king…

  2. She does some times bump into common sense. But she is over rated and it is time for her to retire. When the chips are down DiFi will lay down for Obama over the country.

    This was Mayor of SF. And a Senator ever since. She has no special qualifications whatsoever other than longevity. How she ended up with the power she has is beyond me.

  3. Even after all this, Juan Williams is still defending Obama.

    Given that he does not want to get on an airplane with suspicious looking Arabs — all the new refugee Syrians should shack up with Juan.

    1. There’s not the slightest doubt Hillary made the story up. Webb likely knows that. I suspect he’s checked around with his Marine contacts. But he’s calling her out, and that’s a good thing.

      1. And they are taking a thrashing for it on MoJoe and WaPo. I still agree with their stand–the prob is, they may not be able to keep these refugees out…It may be symbolic. I still think the Rep governor candidates should say–this is why we need INSIDERS–they can do things…Maybe the Cath Charities may move on to “easier” states to convince…

  4. Wow. When President Prissy Britches loses Feinstein, we are making progress.

    And Di, the rest of the world says ISIS. It’s only the anti-Israel Obama who says ISIL.

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