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88 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || November 15, 2015

  1. Good morning all, I’m sharing with you a thought experiment I emailed out to my email list this morning. Below are 3 articles on the Mizzou mess this week. Mine from the “old fart” of the group, the other two by fresh out of Mizzou J school. See a difference? They both have their entire careers in front of them and yet it seems they’ve already thrown in with ‘writing to the narrative’ instead of ‘digging for the truth’.
    Ferguson the foundation of Mizzou:



    When feelings replace facts the truth doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell.

    • with all the much bigger problems facing this nation this is not even a blip on the radar.
      zrip interest rates
      new housing bubble
      new tech stock bubble
      .gov faking the unemployment figures
      Fed supporting the stock market
      War with Russia and China
      Obama destroying the country
      And you want to talk about that BS. Really?

      • Don’t disagree we have big problems. Just that I live in Missouri and watching the PC crowd take over the state is a very big problem here. Not to mention, those young J school grads will be the ones feeding the propaganda to the masses when the bigger stuff comes crashing down.

        • Geoff I agree.It is a problem. I appreciate the links and updates. It is a much smaller world these days. We went on vacation to the underwater city, a couple of years ago. That is not the correct title. I have a cold and not up to par. :) Point being we had a wonderdul time throughout Missouri and have been so sad by what has happened/happening.

    • Thanks Geoff. This is why I check WHD daily, imo, best links, and some great comments and thoughts… I occasionally “steal” them and use tho fuel my arguments. Tks everyone.

    • Jeff: Thanks for the trifecta. Fascinating how the first writer claims MU required a “nuanced response”, yet the heads were ousted because they were a bit too nuanced. (U.S.: Unconditional Surrender — do it precisely the way we demand or else.)

  2. Marcus — Carry over. What do you know about the Investment Watch blog (your military purge list link). They don’t seem to have an about box and I am considering bookmarking them if they are worth it. Thanks.

  3. Hmmm. This could be problematic — you know how the libs, Obama, and the left in general try to separate radical islamic terrorist from Islam? Well, the popular liberal Pope Frank said about the Paris attacks “It is blasphemy to use the name of God …violence”.

  4. Over at one of the Boston papers–and I misplaced the link, sorry–they were suggesting we use the acronym “Daesh.” It’s unflattering in Arabic, no matter which way you conjugate it.

    I’ve got a better acronym for English:

    Barbaric Savages Always Raping and Torturing In Service To Satan.

    You know.


      • Lee, Check back in my comments where I posted a big CORRECTION to the # of refugees being dumped where and when. It includes NO — it is not so many yet. IIRC correctly there are two links in the thread that might help you in assessing the situation in your area now as well as providing local contacts — although that might be in the older links. It should put your mind at ease for the short term.

        • Zypher Dmm thanks for concern. I no longer live in N.O., but still in LA. Many, many relatives and friends back home.
          gracepmc I will pull the site back up. Thanks for point out.

  5. This is so weird, an American couple caught up in the Paris crisis turned away from the US Embassy ?

    What exactly is the purpose of an Embassy if not to help Americans in distress?

    A little more info on the Ambassador, former Obama bundler … and the embassy is yuuuge!

    • California Finance Co-Chair for Barack Obama 2008 –Rivkin. Paris, as you guys know, a plum political ambassadorship. More $$$, the better the appointment.:)

      Embassies have different levels for helping Americans in “distress”. Depends on a lot of things. Not saying it’s good or bad, just sayin’

      I happened to be in Russia in the early 90s and later when they tried to overthrow Yeltsin. I could not have been aide by the Embassy and I only had certain usage rights there. My friend, who worked for another company, was assisted and had a higher level of privileges. Just an fyi kind of thing.

      • Good USAF friend of mine, working at the American Embassy in Moscow, got the bat snot beat out of him by Russian KBG in Riga just about that time. Maybe it was a few years earlir. Memory fading a little on that. He was at Riga airport, taking surreptitious photos of aircraft on the flight line. He’s passed now, and his initials are EA, if that might ring a bell. Part of the Air Attache office there. I think I could reveal his full name since it was a page 1 story in the NYT at the time.

  6. Surprise. But a good first move.

    Michigan Gov. Snyder (R) suspends Syrian Refugee Resettlement. I would have liked to have seen a more hearty rejection but this will do — hope it catches on. Also, looks like communication with Governors might be an effective way to go, especially since someone has now made the first move. And if memory serves there are more Rep Governors than Dem.
    I was surprised it came from Michigan, home of Dearbornistan.

  7. Just breaking–French fighter jets have struck ISIS command and control center and recruitment location. Probably other strikes, as well. Reports are varying between 10 to 20 strikes. That didn’t take long post the Paris attacks. More strikes likely planned. Best news of the day.

  8. Change of topic (a bit, but still Hillary stuff). Tomorrow (Nov 16) is the last day the Clinton Foundation have to file corrected audits of the Clinton Foundation. What, you say? Turns out they have filed false, misleading or incomplete audits (audits done by PricewaterhouseCoopers–new name for Price Waterhouse) pretty much since 2001. In addition, they seem to have filed false registration papers in all 50 states and in 75 countries. Each state and country can sue. Nov. 16 is the day they are supposed to finally tell the truth, financially, about the Clinton Foundation.

    Oh, my.

    It doesn’t matter if Obama’s IRS chooses not to follow up. Each state’s Attorney General and all 75 countries can sue them independently.

    Heard all this tonight from Charles Ortell, the No. 1 investigator of the antics of the Clinton Foundation. He claims that the Clinton Foundation may turn out to be the largest charity-fraud in the history of the country. There’s lots more to the story, but that should whet your appetite for what’s to come. Interesting that Hillary was never asked a question in the debates about the Foundation (as far as I can remember). But this may be the issue that puts the Clintons in the slammer.

    Anyway, here’s Charles Ortell’s report from April, 2015. Click on the PDF at the bottom of the page to get more detail. It’s wonky, but interesting and revealing as to the corruption the Clintons engage in as a matter of course. Think the MSM will dig into this? We know the answer: no.