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Stopping ISIS: Borders, Guns, and God

I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that you and your offspring may live. — Deuteronomy 30:19

A Republic, if you can keep it. — Benjamin Franklin, describing what had been created during the Constitutional Convention.

“Ideologues,” “restrictionists” and “extremists” are among the epithets applied to those who want the United States to adhere to simple values that would have been obvious to the Founding Fathers. Sometimes it takes a gruesome event like Friday’s slaughter in Paris — and the similar attack that is no doubt coming here on day, again — for the wisdom of such values to become startlingly clear.

So let’s state three of these values that could prevent ISIS from striking in the United States:

  • Well-patrolled borders and limits on legal entry that help ensure the worst actors are excluded from our society;
  • Guns that allow Americans to protect themselves from evil;
  • And a belief in God that helps us recognize the existence and nature of evil in the first place.

When traditional values such as these, long held by our country, begin to break down, society loses the capacity to defend itself and is open to attack — from without and within.

In Western Europe, this process is well along and possibly irreversible. But in the United States, while we are in decline, we still have a chance to save ourselves. The core of greatness remains.

The sophistry that we are “a nation of immigrants” is as meaningful as a cancer patient saved by chemo who proclaims, “all drugs are good.” We are a nation of immigrants, but not immigrants from one culture that subsume our own or from nations chock full of Islamists who want to destroy us.

President Obama must move immediately to vastly increase surveillance on our border with Mexico in order to ensure that ISIS is not funneling terrorists across it. And he must revoke his decision to increase our acceptance of refugees to accommodate at least another 45,000 Syrians over the next two years.

Early reports indicate that two of barbarians who struck Paris bore Syrian passports.

Obama won’t do these things, of course, which is part of why an attack on the United States is inevitable. But this is what must be done. This is not “ideology” or “restrictionism,” unless ideology or restrictionism are defined as “common sense.”

In Europe, they refuse to learn. “Don’t link Paris attacks to migrant crisis,” tweeted the German interior minister.

The effort, led by Obama, to degrade the Second Amendment right to bear arms must be abandoned, or resisted with even greater force. It should come as no surprise that there is no right to bear arms in France and that obtaining a weapon there is exceedingly difficult.

Terrorists who plan to strike in the United States will no doubt choose a setting for their carnage where they are most likely to find themselves unopposed. For example, the “gun free” city of Chicago, where they are only likely to incur return-of-fire if they have the misfortune of running into some gang members.

Belief in God and adherence to organized religion in the United States remains, relative to other Western countries, very strong. It will be, in both Heaven and on earth, our salvation. Americans must oppose efforts to degrade religious activity and symbols in both the public and private sphere. The Constitution prohibits establishment of a specific state religion, not advocacy by the government or anyone else of belief in God.

You do not have to accept the existence of God to understand evil; but it sure helps. Rejection of God is too often associated with moral relativism that forgives virulent behavior as merely an alternate, equally valid point of view.

And those who accept God, paradoxically, can best perceive that those who believe in a false interpretation of of the Divine cannot be convinced by sweet words to relinquish their adherence to evil.

These values are not meant, as their opponents would have it, to hurt and disparage other people. Rather, we hold these truths — truths — in order to safeguard our nation, protect our children, and preserve our Republic for the good of our society and of the world.

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  1. I’ve met pure evil face to face. It held a gun to my head for 7 hours. It exists. But I had to talk myself silly to convince a minister of this. We also have to be very careful of stamping evil across foreheads that don’t warrant the stamp. In all, a good essay.

  2. No one realistically expects MrO to DO anything that impedes the flood of illegal aliens to our country.
    As for the rest of any wishful thinking – MrObama leads the elite Dems who wish to eliminate God from our national conversation, who choose abortion above children, who wish us all to be helpless in the face of armed evil or government might.

    • He will do nothing but bring in even more invaders. Total destruction of the USA is his goal.

      He has almost destroyed the country with the help of both parties.

    • A competent President who fulfilled his duty to protect and defend this country against all enemies would close the borders and stop all immigration and refugee resettlement.

      Obama should be impeached. Saying that does nothing but belie the cowardice and corruption of our Congress.

  3. I am staying up late, watching news, because of the Paris events.
    I wonder if this will lead to a new Europe, things will change for sure, but how ? The EU can not remain as it is, we cannot keep the open borders within the EU. I hope the EU will dissolve and be replaced with another, smaller organisation without political, federalistic ambitions. The Syrian passport linked to a “refugee” will affect the migrants. This enormous invasion just cannot go on. It is easier for you to secure your borders and check the travellers than it is for Europe but it must be done, well, as it is not done at all right now ( just by some of the courageous Eastern European nations building fences ) it can only get better.
    And hopefully this is a wakeup call for all the radical liberals who have been ruling our PC media and made the weak politicians follow their beck and call. I hope they are subdued to silence. We need tough, brave politicians right now.

    • There are reasons countries have had borders for as long as there have been countries. They protect citizens and resources from invaders, create a safe haven for citizens, stop governments from forcing their form of government on another country, create and protect a civic culture that help people thrive, develop, become educated, live out enhanced values that the people of that country create for themselves. And lots more. When borders collapse, or when they are not enforced or respected, it’s an invitation to anarchy and death. We know that.

      • True Marcus, we can only have open borders when our countries are homogenous and likeminded culturally. We always had that between the Nordic countries. When we joined the EU the open border policy, after Schengen, was expanded to include the EU countries and it worked fine for a long while. But now, Europe is changed. We are multi-cultural, we have terrorists among us. All of a sudden we will probably soon even have to carry passports when entering our brother/sister nations, the Nordic countries. Sad.

  4. Tonight’s DEM debate should be interesting. Three weeks ago, Hillary publicly stated that we should take in 65,000 Syrian refugees for starters – as opposed to Obama’s 10,000.
    On the other hand, as SOS, she was ‘for’ arming the Syrian rebels (before Obama), and called for a no-fly zone over Syria.

    And, of course, there is the little matter of ‘going further’ than Obama with executive actions for illegal border crossers.

    Too bad The Donald won’t be on the stage with her!

      • A political debate on a Saturday night…???
        Makes you think the DNC did this to hide the debate…(even before the Paris terror attacks)

        • The next two are both Saturday as well. Six days before Christmas, and on the same day as two NFL playoff games. Planned deceit, they don’t want people to watch.

        • Well, tonight’s Democrat debate will be a barnstormer, for sure, with Hillary, Bernie and that O’Malley character vying for who can destroy the country the quickest. I think O’Malley is actually a stooge from from Actors’ Equity brought in just to round out the group. We can tape the debate and put it into the National Archives as an example of how close we were in 2015 to falling off the cliff. ;+}

          If the R’s lose this election to one of these three useless dolts, we know that the End Times are just about here.

          • CBS changed the emphasis to FP, leading with Paris.

            Bernie is really pissed I hear. Angry enough to go after Hillary. Dream on.

            Anyway expect more propaganda and lies since they have consistently backed immigration, open borders and come on in you poor fragile Syrian able bodied young men.

            Me — I’d like someone to ask Hillary for a progress report on bringing those Benghazi terrorists to justice?

            Do they still frequent the same cafe?

    • I seem to recall that one, just one Chicago gang member was arrested and convicted for attempting to join a terrorist group.
      If I’m correct, that’s still one to many.

    • The Mexican gangs will fight ISIS. Obama will suck his thumb and make criticisms of Americans from whatever cushy haven he’s lodged himself in after his Prezzy Years.

  5. Spot on Keith. And I pray for us all.

    Obama will do nothing to protect us. Refugees and illegals will continue to invade.

    And about the Southern border, best look North as well because the “border” is almost non existent and little socialist boy up there has committed to alot of muzzies.

  6. If I don’t get put in jail — Brett’s panel — funny — talking about the Dem debate as if the panel is going to ask Hillary or any of them tough questions beyond “isn’t it just AWFUL about what happened in Paris? Surely you want to send the French people your thoughts — Madame Secretary why don’t you go first?”

  7. The sophistry that we are “a nation of immigrants” ….

    Our besotted romance with immigration must stop. We don’t open the doors to our homes and let everyone in — we must reclaim the power to allow only those who want to be American to immigrate.

    The “multicultural society” lie has been so destructive to the U.S. There is no such thing, no such thing as a society with more than one culture. A culture is a society.

  8. CORRECTION Apologies

    There are not 10,000 Syrian Refugees in Louisiana. (Yt. There will be though imo.) The Right Scoop which I generally likes takes quite the uppity tone imo.

    Here is a map of where they have been resettled.

    So, maybe there is a chance to stop this foolishness in its early stages.

    • Not that I want this to be a political football, but it already is somewhat…but I see a chance for these governors (even ones not running) showing what an “insider” can do–which is ACT. Those outsiders can run their mouths and posture, but people like Jindal, Kasich and Christie can say something like–look, we will send a hundred million to the refugee camps in Eur–but not so fast on loading those people in here with no watch lists, no docs, etc. Remember what happened when AZ had questionables taking flight lessons–do we want that stigma and danger for our state?

  9. Began watching the Dem “debate”. Decent questions being asked. All three candidates blowing smoke. Hillary seems uncomfortable. Sanders is nuts. O’Malley looks like he’s ready to take off his shirt to show what a man he is. They go from a sort of “I’m really George Patton in disguise when it comes to ISIS”, to blaming George Bush for everything, to a softy, almost silly assessment of “what we need to do”. Losers. All three of them.

    Turning it off. Can’t stand it.

  10. Didn’t watch — couldn’t watch the coronation prep. But from what I read and the little reviews it appears that the Republican candidate will be running against a Queen in Waiting for her Coronation.

    I don’t think pantsuits are suitable attire for this, but then again we have never had a Queen. (I mean, a real Queen … part of a dynasty Queen … with ladies in waiting and all ….

    • I would include many of the American people and all of our new illegals as well. There does not appear to be a lot of national will to lobby to do anything. I am afraid that they will have to strike here — I hope not. But Americans do not believe ISIS is at war with us.

    • I don’t want them to strike anywhere — but if they did — the WDC area, Chicago hometown of the President or a particular Congressman’s hometown, is the only way that our government will take this seriously. Just like, as much as we sympathize and want to support the French, the impact is always when it is in your home, etc.

      We should be prepared but I don’t think this Administration prepares for such things. Obama has an agenda. He does not deviate. Taking care of Muslims is a priority for him.

      • My daughter asked me why Paris? I said because it’s a major capital. I also said I would like to think it was because they could not do it in NY–but I am afraid they could or will.

        • It’s tough — because we have a government that has not clearly defined a position that we can believe in. I guess it is true that until you clearly define the enemy …

          That said, I also think , largely because the President is unwilling to clearly define the enemy, we will continue to have “small” terrorist attacks on individuals or smallish circumstances that can be written off as “lone wolf”, workplace violence, unbalanced, mentally ill etc. That is becoming very dangerous. Our unwillingness to call it what it is.

          Kinda’ like we are not at war with ISIS because we don’t have boots on the ground.

          Good job with your daughter — tough to answer those questions I would imagine.

      • They got Petraeus on these personal issues, and Allen also, IIRC. And there are others. The purge and the cutting back of the military and the political correctness replacing discipline etc. — I don’t trust Ash Carter at all. He is an Obama stooge despite his career. Obama has an eye for the weak ones.

      • Marcus I should have clicked on your link before responding. WOW. Thanks for that. It is terrifying to see how much damage has been done. It is a purge indeed. And that makes me question even more the people who especially late stage like Ash Carter accept a position with this Administration.

  11. Good morning all. I did not watch either. I have a cold and wanted to be able to rest instead of be upset by what watching. them.
    I made coffee…
    Have been reseaching, pulling up local newspapers and tv news from N.O. My home town. Not as much to be found as I hoped for.