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Oops! Obama: ISIS is “Contained”

In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopolous that was conducted Thursday and broadcast Friday — just hours before the Paris attack — President Obama proclaimed that ISIS had been contained.

“I don’t think they’re gaining strength,” he said peevishly when challenged by Stephanopolous. “From the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them.”

Maybe he meant that they were contained in Paris. I guess the JV squad is still kickin’.

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  1. ISIS is contained. Climate Change and Global Warming our greatest national security threat.

    I have no confidence in this Administration– Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama , John Kerry, Loretta Lynch Holder and Jeh Johnson — to keep this country safe.

    Fist time ever I doubted we could defend ourselves.

      1. I agree about Jarrett. History will reveal her real purpose.

        The role of the Left in bringing to America illegals and ne’er do wells for the purposes of changing the voting and political demographics of the country. And we often point to George Soros, that big sagging bag of evil bones.

        Now the Hungarian PM has taken that to an international level, suggesting a Master Plan. And I think this has merit.

  2. The terror in Paris is horrible, horrible, but I am not surprised. And it will happen again and again. IS has since long proclaimed war against the West and Europe is the closest and easiest target. The EU-structure with the Schengen-agreement on open borders makes it easy for them to travel. And many of them are already here, infiltrating the migrants and refugees who invade our part of the world.
    We must return to nationalism. We must control our borders again.And we must stop the invasion from Asia and Africa. I wonder when they will let us know who the terrorists are ? Did they travel to France ? Were they “homegrown” ? Or were these groups coordinated ? Or, extremely interesting, did they infiltrate the migrants ? This is a wake up call. And now I hope our spineless Western politicians close our borders and join Russia in their fight against IS. No more nonsense from Obama that IS is “contained”. Don´t listen to that empty suit at all. Russia has zero tolerance against Muslim extremism and always call a spade a spade so the best new-source on this right now is RT. Western media ( and Obama ) is still worried about “offending” a certain group and that “Islamophobia” will be the result.

    1. Maybe if he actually read his Daily Briefings, he wouldn’t have made yet another asinine statement. Oh, who am I kidding?

      I agree with you, Grace. I wonder the same thing.

      1. In the historical sense that is. Nationalism leads to targeting scapegoats. Unfortunately most recently Jews.

        Putin wants to kill ISIS great. He will never be Europe’s saviour. He could be it’s Supreme Ruler. And he knows Nationalism very well. Not good.

        A small example is Central Asia, formerly republics of the Soviet Union. All local culture, speech, etc were wiped out or went underground. Russians held all positions of power and influence and wealth. Russians are hated there and elsewhere like in EE — which is probably why the West should pay attention to the East in this case. Except for Merkel who seems to have quite liked her Eastern European background.

  3. Looking back I notice far too many major advents in my life are noted with tragedy on a large scale. Evil has a way of making a permanent mark on history. Friday the 13th? I wonder?

  4. I thought the goal was to “degrade and destroy them.” Now The Poseur is saying the goal was to “contain” them?
    What an absolute embarrassing ass Obama is.

    1. Black ribbons are being tied around the top of the flag in Paris. Last night, Hollande last night called it an act of war. God Bless the people who were attacked. There is no word yet about any Americans killed in the place where the band was playing.
      Major evacuation in Airport in London now, because of suspicious article found in terminal. Just mentioned on CNN.

  5. Obama – the 21st c. Hamlet – hoisted with his own petard – Shakespeare must be smiling.

    In the next breath he used a chillingly insensitive verb considering the ISIS preferred mode of slaughter: “What we have not yet been able to do is to completely DECAPITATE their command and control structures..”

    Ironically, two days ago Trump was asked on MoJoe what he would do with ISIS. He replied in no uncertain terms – “Blow them up!!!”
    If Trump comes out this week-end and rips Obama a big one, he has my vote.

    Incidentally, Conservative icon, Phylis Schaffley came out with an editorial about terrorism being the biggest threat to the world.
    She said ‘Conservatives might want to consider Donald Trump’. Quite an endorsement.

  6. And then there’s this:

    The link shows screen shots of some of the Mizzou protest supporters whining that the Paris bombings will be taking the news coverage away from their “struggle” and “terrorism” right here in America.

    At first I thought it must have been fake but I did some research this morning and found even more twitter accounts saying the same thing.

    Sick, absolutely sick.

      1. Watching France/24 on broadcast TV, Hollande speaking… ” Act of war, Jihad, Islamic terrorism, immediate closing of borders “, gee, not one word of ” workplace violence ”
        Barry, you paying attention? I doubt it.

        1. I caught Geraldo in tears about his 21-yr-old daughter being in that stadium–I know most of us can’t stand him, but I can identify with that reaction. She escaped but he told her not to take the subway home…he was at such a distance. It would be agonizing.

          1. I understand and give them all my support and tears. I do not believe it is useful or to the family’s advantage to put this on tv other than a single comment. Geraldo has purposely made himself a controversial figure and unfortunately for him this will now backlash onto his daughter. And let’s face it, he knows it.

            So, thank God she is safe. The rest, not so much.

          1. Bad, stupid guys — are bad and stupid so who knows. I certainly hope not. But when you are a controversial public person it’s best to try and keep your family out of the spotlight. I understand these dreadful circumstances, but ….

  7. First group of Syrian young, male refugees landed in New Orleans (or maybe Louisiana) today or at least recently.

    WTF Where is Jindahl — he’s a fighter? Lee?

      1. As you know, my little city has undergone the “refugee” resettlement issue, courtesy of Catholic Charities/Relief. As to their “help” in the situation post dumping? Zero to none. And I think we are about to get another group–Syrians, like NO. And, as in the current European experience, I’d bet they will be 80 percent males of military age with a few families thrown in for photo ops.

        And any one who doesn’t understand that ISIS has embedded itself in these current refugee migrations to Europe and the US should immediately turn in their automobile driver’s license. They are clearly too feeble-minded to be at the controls of an internal combustion engine.

        1. Good Star. We all need to speak up. And not let it go.

          I am pretty sure they will get tired of hearing from me on a consistent basis ….. screeching wheel that I am.

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    No change in Pres Obama’s plans to leave on 10-day foreign trip this afternoon to intl summits in Turkey, the Philippines and Malaysia.

  9. The Obama of “ISIS is contained”, “al-Qaeda is on the run”, “Global Warming is the biggest threat we face” and “The police overreacted” demonstrates once again what a dangerous, disengaged and emotionally flat man he is. At this time, with his push for even more “refugees” from the Middle East he demands that we become even more vulnerable to the kind of catastrophe Paris is experiencing.

    His little speech about the Paris killings last night was an insult. Emotionless, dead eyes, jerky movements, and summed up with a sterile “If the French need us, we’re here.” And with that, goodnight and good luck. I have been listening to other world leaders reacting to the Paris massacre on my wifi radio. They are full of anger, passion and heart-felt words. Obama? He may have well been talking about this year’s crop of corn in Indiana.

    History will not be kind to Obama, after 8 years of laziness, pointless and bizarre behavior, disengagement from critical issues, and leaving a trail of confusion and damage behind him. Obama has voted “Present” since his Chicago days, and that’s the way he will ever vote in his whole life. A weak shadow of a leader.

    We’ll survive him, as we have survived the likes of LBJ and Clinton and other POTUS crackpots, but it will take a lot of work and dedication to the American idea to get back to where we should be as a nation.

    1. Did you notice how Obama carefully said he was not going to reach out to Hollande for a few days because ” Hollande is very busy right now…” This is pure narcissism. He is so afraid that he will be considered weak and disconnected he blurts out his thoughts on live national tv, thusly covering his fanny. Disgusting


      1. That is a real possibility. Even without the information directly in front of us, we already know Common CORE has/will paint Obama as the savior of Western Civilization.

    2. First thing I noticed about Barack Obama. “Emotionless, dead eyes” and the evil reptilian eyes as well.

      You know what they say …. The eyes are the windows to the soul.

  10. Probably old news, but I believe it’s worth the reminder at this time in history.
    From the “Moonbattery” blog.
    ” I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction “.
    Page 261, The Audacity of Hope.

    1. Good reminder. Who could forget Obama’s words about the Shahada, the Muslim call to prayer: “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth.”

      As Daniel Pipes writes: “According to Islamic scholars, reciting the Shahada, the Muslim declaration of faith, makes one a Muslim. This simple yet profound statement expresses a Muslim’s complete acceptance of, and total commitment to, the message of Islam.”

  11. OT Back on the homefront Soros, and the Democrat Party to fund BLM ans their co conspirators the Communist Party etc. Elsewhere people would consider funding an organization that calls for the killing of LEOs rather unAmerican, but this is the new Demokrat party. So, every time BLM is called out on something it is legitimate to attach the Demokrat party to it. Pond scum.

    1. I looked and didn’t see anything about Jindahl doing anything. Surprised me too.

      Grace…I really am glad you didn’t disengage from here. I would miss your posts a lot.

      1. Thanks. Apparently disengagement is a process for me. I am still disengaging with Comcast. Hopefully that will happen this week. They made a mess of a simple procedure — sound familiar? As in effective noon certain date all borders for entrance to the US will be closed until further notice.

  12. Oh, la de dah, maybe he misspoke…the usual. He probably meant contained to the known world. I am dull, numb, sick at the carnage–and they say they will taste Am blood next and I believe them. So how about some…you know…protection?

    1. Star — Just musing – I wonder how effective it would be to start contacting our individual governors and expressing opposition to any refugee resettlement in the state.

      1. More effective than trying to approach the WH or DHS–the closer to home the danger, the closer to home the possible cure. I am amazed Jindal has not come out and put his foot down. Bobby–this would be your moment!

          1. Can’t help myself. Contacted Jindahl — email. Will do same for my governor.

            I felt entitled to contact Jindahl as a Republican and an American.

    1. This “detail” will shake up the European politicians. They need to be shaken up.
      By the way, when I talked about nationalism before I meant securing the borders, secure the citizens, your country first. Isn´t that what many Americans want as well ?

  13. Well, if you want to give voice to your opposition here is a list of all the US Catholic Charities who will be receiving and assisting “refugees” in your areas. Just scroll down the list.

    Lots in my state of course. It’s the weekend I left a message for my local center. Hey, I am Catholic — just trying to do what I can. :)

    Call your governors and your mayors and the “assisting” do gooders.

        1. Maine was a sanctuary STATE under the idiocy of the Democrats. When Gov LePage came into office, the very first thing he did, on his very first day, was to stop that madness. No more sanctuary State. There are still, however, two (as far as I know) sanctuary cities–mine and Portland.

  14. If Obama were an authentic, engaged President of the United States, he would call a second press conference today and speak the following points:

    1. Once again, I send the deepest, most heartfelt condolences to all those impacted by last night’s massacre in Paris.
    2. I have just completed a conference call with my counterparts from France, the UK, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Jordan. Israel, Russia, Canada, Italy, Spain, Sweden and several other countries. We have together agreed to assimilate 1000-ten man teams of the best trained and experienced special operations forces in our countries. These ready-to-fight teams are on their way to the Middle East as I speak. We know where the ISIS strongholds are located, and we are going to wipe them all from the face of the earth.
    3. Earlier, this morning, I authorized the complete carpet bombing of all ISIS locations in the Middle East, Africa and wherever else they are located. This operation began about an hour ago. The Special Forces teams will enter the battlefield when this phase of the operation is completed.
    4. I have suspended all ROE’s I have implemented in dealing with Middle East engagements. We are in this fight to win it, and we will.
    5. I have informed the Joint Chiefs of Staff that I will accept nothing less than complete victory in this effort.
    6. As the FBI Director has noted in the past few weeks, we have ISIS investigations ongoing in all 50 states. As I speak, the FBI is closing down these ISIS operations in our country, and are in the process of arresting all ISIS terrorists in these locations as I speak to you.
    7. Lastly, I want to apologize to the American people, and to citizens of the world for having consistently lied to all about the nature of the ISIS threat. I have minimized it, not been truly engaged in the issue and, as a result, many people have been killed.
    8. I am, in addition to what I have just told you, suspending all immigration migrations from the Middle East until we properly secure our border controls.
    9. I will keep you all accurately informed about our as the operation unfolds.

  15. France refuses to have halal meat and no wine at dinner for muslim leaders. The muslims refuse a breakfast because it is “too cheap.”

    A few days later Parisians are murdered en mass.

    I wonder how much of a game the muslim national leaders are playing with us — their goal is an islamic world, too, so why not shake hands with the West, attempt to islamicize interactions with the West, slip some money to terrorist groups, take over and run nations on islamic principles eventually? Paranoid? I think I am far-sighted.

    1. Conversely, it pleases the jihadists that Val has Obama so tangled in his own underwear that he can’t walk a straight line. So it sorta works out.

  16. CORRECTION Apologies

    There are not 10,000 Syrian Refugees in Louisiana. (Yt. There will be though imo.) The Right Scoop which I generally likes takes quite the uppity tone imo.

    Here is a map of where they have been resettled.

    So, maybe there is a chance to stop this foolishness in its early stages.

  17. Yepper. Smartest. President. Ever. ROFLMAOPIMPWTIME at Obama’s complete idiocy. What an ignorant pompous ass he is. I’d like to buy him for what he’s worth and sell him for what he THINKS he’s worth.

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