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Video || Now Rubio and Cruz Aren’t Hispanic

Here’s a preview of the kind of commentary you will hear if Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz are nominated by the GOP: They’re actually not Hispanic.

Leading the way, of course, is Chris Matthews, who calls them “Cuban nationals.”

I wonder if Matthews ever accused Obama, who of course has a white mother, of not actually being black?

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  1. Whatever the reason, trying to help MrsClinton with the Hispanic voters or just trying to force the duo to respond to his foolish comments, isn’t clear.
    Hispanics can probably identify their own kind just like other ethnic groups can do for their own.
    Chris Matthews (if that’s his birth name) is just jealous he isn’t of a minority group so he can claim discrimination by his employer.

  2. I have seen Chris Mathews on the TV show “Jeopardy” He is actually stupid. He could not answer even the simplest questions.

    I mean this guy is dumb as a box of rocks.

  3. Why is this even here? Do the polls mean nothing? These guys are in the single digits all the time.

    The country does not want anymore RINO’s.

    Trump for Pres and deport the invaders! Closes the border, build the fence and put the military on it. Defend the country!

      • He is the ONLY one who wants to stop the invasion. California is Mexico north right now!
        Your state is going down too, its just a matter of time.

        41 million illegals and counting.

        2 cops killed by illegals this week that had already been deported many times.

        Build the wall and put the military on it.

        We fight wars all over the world but leave our country undefended against a clear and present danger!!!!!!

      • I don’t think there is an argument that Trump is not a conservative. It is that he is outside the existing political structure and not beholden to lobbyists, etc. And that he loves this country — not that the other candidates don’t — but he is very outspoken about it and it contrasts brightly with how much Obama hates this country.

        • Just saying he loves the country more than Obama doesn’t do it for me–almost everyone does. I don’t want to get into a big Trump rant–seems he did that for himself.

          • PS I think our state–AZ–is already a “white” minority or soon will be–it’s not affecting me…people of all stripes commit crimes, people of all stripes work or don’t work…We just live.

          • You think Obummer loves this country? That must be sarcasm.
            Obama’s own words “I stand with the Muslims”
            He hates this country!! In spades.

          • Star,Given that you are content to live in AZ as it is works well for you. Allowing illegals to enter into the US and live and be supported by US taxpayers does not work for me. If we are going to allow people to live here illegally, as they wish, and just live than we have no country, we have no sovereignty and pretty much we cannot claim that we live under the rule of law. By that reasoning, everyone should be allowed to vote.

          • I think people should come here legally–I think that should be made easier–not yrs in the making. Yes, we need a surveilled border–if only to stop the drugs, as well as people wanting to walk over. But yes, I am OK with living here in a majority “brown” state if it comes to that. I lived in DC–a majority “black” city for 35 yrs. Lots of people have other things to worry about. I don’t like the “they” and the “us” statements…The dividing, the pitting, the punishing…

          • Star — November 13, 2015, 2:47 pm at 2:47 pm

            There should be high standards to enter the country and even higher ones to become a citizen. Not necessarily time consuming ones. Expired visa holders should be returned to their countries and they should reapply.

            The border should be secured.

            And we agree that they should all enter legally. What surprises me is that you think this is about colors, and race etc. Like you I have lived in WDC, mixed neighborhoods, was an Army brat couldn’t really pick and choose growing up — Anyway, my point is this is about the law and illegals and illegal immigration, Not about color or race. I am surprised that you think that this is what it is about — race and color.

          • I do think it is for many people…I don’t use the word racism because being from south of the border is not a race. You can’t tell by looking if someone is legal–and I see plenty of disdain based on looks.

          • November 13, 2015, 3:27 pm at 3:27 pm

            Perhaps. But I think it is more about being illegal. Unfortunately the largest percentage of illegals in America are either Mexican/Hispanics or South and Central American. Easily identifiable and transferable, so it is natural to have skepticism. All political correctness aside — it’s unfortunate but that I think is where it comes from. But the Obama administration and others have made it about color — black, brown, etc. I just disagree.

          • That’s a good point. Gallup has been reporting record low scores of confidence and trust, etc. for the Congress, politicians, the media, Supreme Court for some time now. The citizenry is absolutely fed up with these characters. We are in a weird point in our history. The danger is that people get so fed up they disengage and stop paying attention to what’s going on. They might just shut down because they believe nothing can be done. We have to keep the light of hope and truth alive or we really will be doomed.

          • To Denise…
            Trump/Cruz would be my pick.
            Trump has the fire to go after the libs, Cruz knows the machinations of the gov.
            Besides the GOPe hates both of them.

  4. Chris Matthews , the whitest Pillsbury Doughboy, imminently qualified to comment on whether Rubio and Cruz are Hispanic. Remember George Zimmerman — what was he — the white hispanic.

    A little OT — unless you connect hispanic and immigration. This is a link filled excellent article on Fox News, their coverage of Rubio, and more importantly, immigration.

  5. Listening to a discussion on student debt. One point being made is when subsidies are lowered often this kind of outrage, protest etc. results. Consider that this is just one small example of what happens when the “social safety network ” begins to crack. When subsidies to decline, or disappear for schools, housing, food etc. This is what happened is in the Soviet Union (90s) — all those social safety networks cracked wide open. It was devastating in every societal way. The subsidies just stopped.

  6. My question is; Why do people insist on constantly quoting that P-O-S Chris Matthews? Please, he’s had his 15 minutes of fame too many times over to be taken seriously.

    He isn’t and never has been a credible, objectionable, unbiased, reporter. He is nothing more than a shill and a “snake oil salesman” for all things Liberal. His biased “Tingle” when he thinks of or mentions Obama is enough to remove any question of his credibility.

  7. Trump/Cruz or Trump/Paul. I’m in.

    Cruz seems more like a politician than Rand. (Cruz -1)

    But Rand had that pathetic, embarrassing attack on Trump in the first debate (Rand -1)

    Rand seems to understand that we need to say ‘No’ to some to be fiscally responsible (Rand +1)

    Cruz has demonstrated possession of a backbone (Cruz +1)

  8. Geraldo’s daughter was at the soccer stadium when the attack began. She is ok but her father, needless to say, is a basket case.

    100 hostages in the concert hall. Imagine the horror. Another shooting just occurred in a major shopping mall. There’s no stopping these savages.

    • I wonder if any of these murdering scum posed as “migrants” to get into France. Sending prayers that the hostages make it out. Heartbreaking.

      • My first thought, too. It was an open invitation for every terrorist – the ‘refugee’ crisis. Why weren’t they all herded onto an island somewhere? All of Europe is under siege – our turn is next.

        Just heard France is closing their borders. Hope Obama is taking all of this in!

  9. Paris. God watch over these souls. RIP. Apparently executions going on now in the concert hall. Something similar to this (concert hall) I think happened years ago in Russia.

    The leaders of the Western civilized world better take notice and take action. It doesn’t get much more real than this — but it can get worse if we fail to act against terrorists everywhere.

    And I don’t feel all that safe with this Administration and Jeh Johnson at Homeland. So, I’ll put my trust God and our military.

  10. Noted elsewhere

    This isn’t terror, it’s a military operation.

    And Obama said today, ISIS was “contained”. Yep — right again a**hole.

    • yup.. it was Big “O’s Mission Accomplished (Part 2) that ISIS is on the run speech. I hope this puts the brakes in his letting in more refugees into the U.S. for the rest of his term. But probably not.

      This was the wake up call that EU was hoping would never happen.

  11. Captured, “I am Syrian. I was recruited for ISIS. This is for ISIS”.

    And Obama is on board to process and receive record numbers of Syrians into the United States.

    • The Arabs like it here in AZ – we have the desert, the climate, the wide open spaces they are used to.
      We have open carry, so they can buy their arms without any problem.

      What we don’t have in AZ are the closely packed residential or commercial areas that terrorists love to victimize. We do have stadiums and concert venues and that could be a problem.

      Scary. Really scary.

  12. Isn’t “Cuban national” the kind of euphemism that is employed for illegal aliens who have murdered U.S. citizens?

    Is he saying they aren’t American citizens?

  13. It will create no difference to me of what the mainstream press publishes, to hopefully crush Donald Trumps meaningful race towards the White House. All I know is that my conviction goes to Donald Trump, whereas the others who stand behind the dais at every potential nominee performance either slips intently through the loophole on illegal immigration. When questioned most say almost nothing about the illegal alien incursion, except for Ted Cruz.? As a second choice Senator Cruz gets my vote, as like Trump speaks his mind on any stage, but additionally before of the full House of Representatives. I am very leery of any of the others, who most cannot answer a straight forward question on this human curse, that is swallowing a cornucopia of welfare benefits that should be flowing to our citizens/Lawful residence and more so our Seniors, Veterans and truly honest low income families. It’s a very sly invasion by the non-admission parents who arrive with children, or pass them off as orphans and infiltrate America from every nation in the world. These are not undocumented immigrants/ immigrant or anything else but–foreign nationals or ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    Another thing is King Obama does not have the right under Article I, Section 8, clause 4 of the Constitutions to direct immigration. At that time the Articles called Immigration–naturalization and the only the Congress had the power to write the naturalization laws, not the President of these United States.

    The battle will commence over Birthright Citizenship (14th Amendment) and could be dismissed by the Supreme Court, but it’s worth the state prosecutors to hopefully get the case heard. However nobody could guess on the outcome, as through the laws according to the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights must be interpreted correctly, but this isn’t always the judgment of the courts; it doesn’t necessary mean the judges will follow prior laws. If Donald Trump does become the nominee and his race to the White House is not stealthily rigged from the time of the Iowa caucuses onwards, then as Commander in Chief he can use Presidential privilege, to proceed with the mass deportation which would be a costly affair, especially if there is an alternative? Dismissal within the high judiciary cannot be applied to MANDATORY E-VERIFY as the Rule of Law?

    As of this time there is no mandated E-Verify, as it’s up to the states how they operate it? Corporate and industry didn’t like its apparent objective, so the politicians who approved it were bought by the rich donors by investing in their campaigns? Mandated E-Verify ends with certainty, no access to CHEAP LABOR, and so the few states that observe it as mandated law saw it as a lost cause. This proposal is essential to fortifying immigration enforcement and the Donald Trump wall.

    MANDATORY E-Verification should be set up right now on a huge scale, with the necessary recruitment of an army of ICE agents to audit businesses around the country. Every company or workplace entity should be treated the same with no exceptions, from largest corporate factory to the landscape workers. Trumps wall is a good beginning and stop wholesale movement across the Southern border to end the drug, gun, and illegal alien traffickers with the assistance of the Border Patrol or even the National Guard. This is a time of imminent danger for our nation as it’s not secure and will eventually be attacked by Muslim radicals. It is not “if” it is when ISIS, or any other terrorist organizations comes this way.

    King Obama is gives the impression to be lying low from all the critics, as if he has some secret agenda relating to our domestic and foreign policies. This man just follows through on everything that is negative to our nation. It is beyond me that Congress has not collecting signatures to impeach this man, WHERE IS THE BACKBONE FOR ALL THESE POLITICAL LEADERS TO END THIS PRESIDENTS IMPERIAL REIGN FROM DRIVING AMERICA INTO MORE DEBT, Allowing criminal war combatants from their incarceration in GITMO, Cuba and place them in US penitentiaries. The issues keep confronting him and he walks away from him as if they don’t exist. Probably very dangerous Muslim extremist are already here because of lour already slack borders and no serious exit/entry digital tracking system at any ports?

    Doesn’t seem odd that King Obama didn’t journey to France, when delegates of many foreign countries flew in to offer their condolences?

    Although Americans maybe sympathetic and passionate for the strife of the Syrian people, it makes no sense to add more welfare recipients to the illegal alien invaders already pouring in owing to Obamas executive orders. We already have 1000 of criminal aliens being let loose around us, without any indication of where the Bureau of Prisons dropped them off? As to the refugees It seems to me more plausible to send shipments of food, tent shelter and cold hard cash to the charities over in there country of origin, instead of taking them out of their environment. The CIA and security organizations says they have no possibility of investigating any of these individuals, as personal records are none existent over in that part of the middle east. This is a risky as any man or women could be a fanatical religious crazy as we have no way of knowing who they are? These butchers are human time bombs and don’t care if they live or die for there abhorrent, fixated cause.