As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – November 12, 2015

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. Some useful information regarding the WH and the Mizzou facist leader — maybe Josh can reiterate the WH support and this fine upstanding individual who lied about the KKK on campus.

    —Payton Head, Chicago native, interned for Rahm Emanuel

    —Payton Head visited the WH four times, met with Obama

    –Josh Earnest voiced full support for the Mizzou and Yale students on Tuesday morning

    • This Mizzou nonsense is only just beginning. The professional agitators are behind it and it will be spreading to other campuses for the next year. It’s like a combination, or phase three, of “Occupy Wall Street” and “Black lives Matter”. I think the primary objective is to stir up the college kids over this next year so they will register to vote and vote for Shrillary. Until this point, they’ve shown little to no interest in Shrillary and there’s no way the college kids would be motivated to vote for her the same way they were for Obummer in 2008 and even in 2012. The Dems needed something to wake the college kids up and get them interested in voting and this is how they plan to do it.

      • It already has Snark.
        It’s in Michigan, New York, Philadelphia, and others.
        Obama’s plan is working.

        I say cut off the funds for the colleges that allow this.
        Parents,….you had better get your head out.

      • Outside organizations like BLM and the Communist Party and others with funding hook up with and inflame college agitators or those embedded.

        Wouldn’t spend one dime in these institutions. If winter wasn’t coming I would pull my kid out and make other arrangements. Kid doesn’t agree, kid pay for it.

        Remember what Old Man Winter did to Napoleon in Russia. And these little commie freaks aren’t half the stuff.

      • Watch this clip.
        The ignorance of this young lady is indescribable.
        Trying to link to Neil Cavato’s interview of one of the leaders of the “million student march.”
        Unsuccessful so far…

      • The agitators understand that college kids are the most vulnerable of all to these ideas. The frontal lobe of the brain, where important judgements originate–doesn’t fully mature until a person reaches the mid-20’s (on average). Thus, these young people are still in a external locus of control mode, unformed intellectually, and highly vulnerable to suggestions on behavior, politics, etc. by authority figures, college professors included. The professional and trained agitators know this very well, you can bet. As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.

  2. I posted this on another thread, but it fits here as well, regarding the invasion of Europe by “refugees” (most of whom, it has been said, are young men late teens to their 30’s, NOT families).
    I highly recommend this video which demonstrates the impact on refugees/migrants currently invading Europe. Germany in particular. This is what Obama wants to happen in the US. Be prepared to be stunned. There is (so I read) a huge effort to get this video off the internet. But as of right now, it’s still there.

  3. Marcus and Girly 1 thanks for the links. I have bookmarked them. As we all know, it is difficult to watch this but we need to.

    It makes me really angry though at the Democrat Party which has changed so much and the MSM. The Republicans haven’t helped but Obama, his party and his propaganda machine previously known as the “press” are disgraceful in this endeavor to bring this country down so they can have a power foreign to the US tradition and values.

    • Agree. Obama is doing just that and he’s darned proud of it. Trying to decipher the source of his motives is a strange trip. I see three key elements: 1. His anti-American, Bill Ayers type, Marxist progressive view of governance 2. His well practiced Chicago-style form of political thuggery and, 3. A state of mind which displays a high functioning sociopathic personality. Note how he never shows remorse or guilt about any of his abuses, missteps, bizarre statements or actions. That’s the first clue about how his brain is wired up. Another year+ to go. We’ll make it, but the debris and shrapnel from the Obama years will take a lot of work to clean up.

      • Very Leninesque. And I am not sure we will make it. Looking at the colleges etc. — very 1930s book banning. Over at AOS it was called Idiocracy. That and then this political correctness and over emphasis on “diversity” makes us ripe to become part of the caliphate moving our way. And I don’t think the little boys and girls at colleges are going to like that too much.

        • Nope, they won ‘t like it at all. They (some of them) have been transformed into useful idiots, with purposely undeveloped critical thinking thinking skills. Thus, they are being used to move the society from relative coherence to chaos. The very saddest aspect is that they themselves will have to survive the morass and confusion they helped create.