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Video || Schooled by Trump

Some of Trump’s best debate putdowns over the last few weeks.


By the video team at PoliZette.

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    1. I’m still on Trump’s team, post-Obama, I’m rooting for the head crushing, UnPc, ball busting candidate who has achieved more accomplishments since the 60’s than all the congress/Presidents combined.

      I do think all the other GOP candidates are applying for the VP positions. So far, I see a lovely Trump/Cruz 2016 ticket :D

        1. Count me in, too, Denise :-)
          I’ve been holding back full endorsement. But I just finished Trump’s book. A fun read. I agree with every one of his policy points.

        1. Moi aussi.

          Does anybody think this would be happening under a Trump Administration? See the list or 2015.

          Welcome to 2015: Segregation Returns to Mizzou by Demand

          Welcome to 2015: Hamtramck, MI, Becomes First U.S. City with Muslim-Majority Council

          Welcome to 2015: Bill Confirming Property Rights For Asteroid Miners Passes the Senate

          Welcome to 2015: Mizzou Hunger Striker Over ‘White Privilege’ Is the Son of a Railroad Executive Who Makes $8 Million a Year

          Welcome to 2015: Gay Versus Tranny Bar Fight Breaks Out Over ‘Stonewall’

          Welcome to 2015: The Emoji Diversity Problem Goes Way Beyond Race

          Welcome to 2015: Porn Star Thanks Veterans The Only Way She Knows How

          Mizzou Student Body President: The KKK has a ‘Confirmed’ Presence on Campus And I am Working With the MUPD, State Troopers, and the National Guard on the Threat

          Mizzou Student Body President Alec Lewis later: sorry – I was full of shit.

          Could the Mythical Poop Swastika Actually Be Real?

  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s move on to the big issue today – is MrsClinton wearing a wig?

    Seriously, having something to laugh about after hours of doom and gloom is just so refreshing.

    1. Don’t know about the wig….but she definitely has had work done on her teeth. I so remember how teeny-tiny her front teeth were when she was Flotus. Quite a change.

    2. i think it’s funny that Trump can legitimately make fun and ask about this after all he has gone through — with good humor — over his own hard.

  2. The nice thing about Trump is he doesn’t beat around the bushes-he tells it like he sees it which is appealing to a LOT of people….I’m with you DeniseVB

    1. That is what I appreciate as well.
      However I who ever is holding the debates to stop cutting off Cruz, when they let other people ramble on and on.
      This morning Fox claimed everyone got equal time. If that is a fact, fine. However when Cruz is stating something intelligent, let him finish. If someone interuppts fine. Go back to Cruz and let him finish his point.

      1. I like Cruz. A lot.
        But to be in this race, candidates must be aggressive and aggressive and aggressive!
        If you are cut off – throw a damn hissy fit!

      2. I like mostly everything about Cruz except for his position on one issue – legal immigration. Rubio is horrible on that as well. Rubio wants to triple the number of H1-B visas each year. Even worse, Cruz has been proposing for years that the annual 65,000 cap be increased fivefold to 325,000! That is insane. To be blunt, it is a MAJOR screwing of American professionals. The so called “shortage” of high tech workers has been repeatedly de-bunked. IT professionals have been forced out of what was once a very good and stable career before this scam visa program was created.

        It was very frustrating to see NO follow-up from the moderators in last night’s debate when Cruz was discussing illegal immigration and he said there would be much more concern if the people coming here illegally were taking jobs of bankers, and lawyers, and journalists and driving those wages down. Really? If Cruz wants to protect American jobs, then where the hell is his concern for the educated, highly skilled and experienced IT professionals who have already suffered stagnant wages, good and stable jobs turned into a never ending series of temporary contract gigs, long term unemployment, forced early retirement that they didn’t plan on and cannot afford, and lost careers after getting multiple degrees and in some cases working decades in their field? Is Cruz beholden to crony corporate donors the same way Rubio and the other Republicans are? Very, very disappointing.

        1. Yep, Cruz is weak on the H1-B issue, for sure. Disastrous, actually. Who’s contributing to his campaign to make him go this route? Otherwise, I pay attention to what he says and how he presents himself. Rubio is a complete fraud IMHO and strikes me as “for sale” to whomever comes around with the right amount of cash. Who’s contributing to HIS campaign? But it’s only Nov 2015, lots of jockeying around to go still.

  3. If we can’t deport 11 (or 20) million illegal aliens, then we are no longer a nation.

    If the kiddies cry, it’s their parents’ fault for having babies while living illegally in the U.S.A.

    And let’s not forget that amnesty for the parents of anchor babies is amnesty for the parents’ employer of an illegal workforce. How much scoff-law can a nation take?

    1. I agree with you, but Bill O doesn’t:

      Bill O’Reilly told Donald Trump tonight that the Republican presidential contender’s plan to deport millions of illegal immigrants will never work.

      O’Reilly pointed out that immigration law enforcement efforts implemented by President Eisenhower in 1954 resulted in the deportation of one million illegal immigrants.

      “Believe me when I tell you, Mr. Trump, that was brutal what they did to those people to kick them back,” O’Reilly said. “The stuff they did was really brutal. It could never happen today.”

      Trump countered that the number was actually closer to 2.2 million, and President Truman also deported 3.5 million illegal immigrants before that.

      He added that his plan would deport people in “a very humane way.”

      O’Reilly insisted that the Supreme Court would rule that every illegal immigrant would be entitled to due process in the courts, which would take decades.

      Trump disagreed, asserting that the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants wouldn’t require a constitutional amendment or any major change to the law, just an Act of Congress.

      1. Deportation has been done in American history as you say. And it can be done again. After that the borders should be closed. Not just secured, but closed.

        But it appears that the need for foreign workers on the part of American business and compliant Congresscritters.


        Hey I thought immigration was off the table Paul Ryan while Obama was in office ….

        Appears not …. Screw them all.

        Either plan better, hire Americans and pay more, or take a loss.

        1. Absolutely outrageous. Over ninety million Americans out of the labor force, while these liars in Congress claim there’s a shortage of workers and we need to import foreigners. Yet again, Senator Jeff Session is the lone voice on this issue, the only one with the facts and the truth about what a scam these various visa programs are.

          Ryan is horrible and, this is just the beginning. If Shrillary, or any Republican other than Trump is elected, Ryan and McConnell will push through a “comprehensive immigration reform” bill in the first few months of 2017. Constantly screwing Americans…it’s what they do best.

    2. If the kiddies cry….kinda cavalier? What if any of you had to decamp on short notice to a country where your kids probably don’t speak the language–money?…place to live?…job?

  4. I don’t think I heard it all in this debate, but I’d like to see a big push to just eliminate most of the benefits to those here illegally, and stop the madness of auto citizenship for anchor babies. Trump has spoken on this before, but not lately that I’ve heard. To me this seems far easier than deportation, and I suspect many would simply leave voluntarily once the free handouts stopped coming – and far fewer would be wanting to cross into the US!

    1. I saw the headlines from the Eisenhower purge–the term Wetback was used…Yeah, let’s use this as an example…great idea. I am limiting my Trump viewing–he says the same things over and over…


    The only President that I remember, who thought he was above the law was Nixon. He eventually fell beside the wayside in a few sinister tactics. The Watergate scandal was his downfall as the scandal escalated, costing Richard Nixon much of his political support, and on August 9, 1974, he resigned in the face of almost certain impeachment and removal from office.

    Now we have King Obama that is collecting a far worse reputation whose agenda seems in destroying the American dream. His alto ego has been to drive the American economy into a mass depression, by not following the law on the illegal alien invasion that is occurring now. The last population figure I heard was 92 million genuine Americans and legal residence who have been confronted by numbers that seems unheard of since the Great Depression; unemployment, part time work or those who had given up even looking.

    Even our children are suffering, because illegal aliens are stealing their seasonal jobs.

    Obama has restrained the hand of the US Border Patrol and the internal enforcement of ICE agents and so our Southern border is a mess. The agents who drive along the sectors from Brownsville, Texas to the San Diego, California are demoralized, yet they still try to enforce the laws of the land.

    Obama’s Imperial overreach of executive orders has to some extent been quashed by the Federal court of Texas, but this administration cares nothing for the law and is still determined to press forward with an illegal act. Personally I am sickened and angry with this Administration I voted for, thinking this man might be different from the rest? Instead my fatal vote was for a plutocrat, who has lowered America’s self-esteem in our allies, and pilfered the US treasury in pandering to illegal aliens.

    In 2016, I will not that same mistake again. I’m an Independent now and I will be voting no matter what for outsider Donald Trump, or Senator Ted Cruz as a backup? The Liberal mainstream press has belittled Trump and so have some in the GOP, as they are stunned by his incessant rise in the polls. I am like millions of free thinking Americans that finally have realized the economic map of the United States has already ordained by the massive influence of Super Pac money and the lobbyists that buy most legislators–except Donald Trump.


    He is a fighter and that’s what we need on Pennsylvania Avenue? When he commits himself to something, he means it? Just saying that if Mr. Trump doesn’t become the nominee or even Senator Ted Cruz of Texas then it will not be even worth voting in my case? It will be just the same type of people running things, the same buyouts of American voters, by the wealthy or special interests. It makes no difference between the two hierarchy leadership. Then we have the ‘Spongers’ or ‘Freeloaders’ and not just illegal aliens? It’s a downright shame that among the working people are the forever welfare recipients, who are the virus that brings our nation down.

    Big Democrats will give away the US treasury to gain votes, especially for illegal aliens, seeking without apologizes illegal voting. Nor is the GOP bowing to their wealthy donors and Super Pacs for cheap labor, while our people get the rough end of the pineapple.

    From the desk of Natalie Johnson is a news reporter for the Daily Signal.

    Senate Republicans are asking the Department of Homeland Security to explain a leaked agency memo reportedly revealing that federal officials are planning to evade a federal court order barring pieces of President Barack Obama’s executive immigration actions.

    Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, led eight others on the committee in a letter sent to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson last week demanding he clarify the document.

    The agency’s proposed regulations would allow immigrants, including those in the U.S. illegally, to receive extended work permits if sponsored by an employer, even if the sponsorship is terminated or expired.

    The leaked memo states that a benefit of the proposed action would be to “authorize the presence of certain individuals who are not here lawfully and address the needs of some of the intended deferred action population.”

    The senators charged that such changes would “directly violate” a federal court injunction issued in February suspending Obama’s plan to shield roughly 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation through expansions to a program granting extended work permits.

    The executive program, called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), initially granted temporary two-year legal status to immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children and attended school in the country.

    In 2014, Obama issued an executive order extending the work permits to three years. He also established deportation protections for certain undocumented parents of already protected children.

    Twenty-six states filed a lawsuit against the 2014 executive action in a Texas federal court, leading U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen to issue an order placing the programs on hold.

    The senators argued that the leaked DHS document appeared to show that agency officials “actively engaged in attempting to skirt” Hanen’s injunction, constituting “yet another illegal ‘executive action.’”

    “The authors of the memo openly acknowledge, and offer as a reason to support the proposal, that granting employment authorization to illegal immigrants under the proposed scheme would accomplish, by different means, the de facto legalization of the population intended to be legalized by the enjoined DAPA program,” they wrote.

    The committee gave Johnson until Nov. 12 to respond.

    “We want assurances that the administration will refrain from moving forward with any such proposal that harms the integrity of our legal immigration system and violates the law,” they wrote.
    The letter was signed by Grassley along with Republican Senators. David Vitter of Louisiana, Orrin Hatch of Utah, John Cornyn of Texas, Jeff Sessions of Alabama, Mike Lee of Utah, David Perdue of Georgia, Thom Tillis of North Carolina, and Ted Cruz of Texas.

    Got some time, then head for another organization that is growing in California. (CAPS) is for the stabilization of the California illegal alien incursion. In the state they have a governor who seems greatly oblivious to the massive cost to the taxpayers.

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