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Obama Schedule || Thursday, November 12, 2015

11:15 am || Awards Captain Florent A. Groberg, U.S. Army (Ret) the Medal of Honor; East Room

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Live stream of White House briefing at noon

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  1. Wow, a fifteen to twenty minute day. Don’t overwork yourself, Barry.

    As usual for him, his pathetically light schedule this week has been even lighter than normal because he’s scheduled to leave on Saturday for a nine day trip that encompasses two full weekends. He’s leaving this Saturday, November 14th to attend summits in Turkey, the Philippines and Malaysia, and not returning until Sunday, November 22nd (and then he’ll take that week off for Thanksgiving). He always takes it easy before and after a trip. In his mediocre mind, he thinks he punches a clock and he wants comp time for traveling and “working” on weekends.

    1. You are so right. Have you ever noticed how many weekends he and Mooch are apart? I’m assuming these countries don’t interest her so she’s not going along.

      1. I wonder is she’ll be going with him to Paris at the end of the month for the “climate change summit”. I read that it begins on November 30th and runs until December 11th, but Obummer is scheduled to be there only for a day or so at the beginning. Let’s not forget, they’ll be in full holiday party season back at the White House, so maybe that’s why his trip will be so short. He has to get back and attend the dozens of parties, and then before you know it, it’s time for two to three weeks in Hawaii.

        1. Michelle’s vacation will start in November and end sometime in January/February. She will make the occasional appearance under duress and with her usual sour puss firmly planted.

          She cannot possibly want this to be over anymore than we can. What an absolutely disgraceful woman.

        2. Well, nobody stops this creep from his evil bringing radical muslims 6 or 7 million or more to our shores, and Congress also be damned for not protecting all of us from the radicals OBAMA, CLINTONS, KERRY, ETC.

        1. I bet the “WH press corps” knows the ‘truth’ & all the rumors in the White House about the awful marriage the wookie and Barry have…but they will not dare say a word the Obama’s have an awful/fake marriage nowadays…

          1. Exactly. I bet that, just like the Clintons, the Obamas will never actually reside under the same roof once they leave the White House. They’ll appear together at events occasionally, but they will be living totally separate lives.

    1. Two good articles about Captain Groberg, who now works as a civilian at the Pentagon:

      A retired Army captain who saved his fellow soldiers lives when he tackled a suicide bomber is to become only the tenth Afghanistan veteran to receive the prestigious Medal of Honor

      Capt Florent Groberg was seriously injured after he dived on a suspicious man who turned out to be a suicide bomber on August 8, 2012. The explosion ripped apart the soldier’s leg and he spent years in hospital and had to undergo more than 30 surgeries to recover.

      But his incredible sacrifice saved the lives of the men in his unit and several Afghan officials. Now the 32 year old’s bravery is to be commemorated when he receives the military’s highest honor on Thursday.

  2. Establishment choice Rubio is being protected:

    Debate moderator Maria Bartiromo is showing remorse about how she did her job.

    Last night marked the fourth consecutive debate in which Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was not asked about his signature legislative accomplishment: ushering an immigration expansion bill supported by President Obama through the Senate. Now, Bartiromo admits it was “unfortunate” that Rubio had not been asked about his co-authorship of the Gang of Eight amnesty bill, because “you cannot look at [the job market] today without considering the fact that we have foreigners coming in and taking the jobs that Americans need.”

    “I think that question [about Rubio’s co-authorship of Gang of Eight] should have been asked,” Bartiromo said on Wednesday’s The Laura Ingraham Show. “It’s true. I think that conservatives wanted to hear him on the record… you cannot look at [the job market] today without considering the fact that we have foreigners coming in and taking the jobs that Americans need. And, that is the bottom line.”

    Rubio’s 2013 immigration bill would have provided illegal immigrants with eventual eligibility for all federal welfare, entitlements, U.S. citizenship and the ability to vote in U.S. election. Rubio’s bill would have doubled the number of guest workers admitted annually, and it would have added 33 million new immigrants on green cards in the span of a single decade. As conservative populist Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)explains, Rubio has not backed away from a single one of the those policy items, even as he has been able to avoid being asked about the bill in any of the Republican presidential debates.


    1. More and more, Rubio’s reminding me of Obama when he campaigned in 2008–the rhetoric, the slickness, the big white teeth, the pressed pants, the say anything to get people to like him, the pandering. Something is not right here.

    1. They just need to read verbatim, this, the PUBLIC ‘daily schedule of Pres.Obama’… and comment how this is the ‘most transparent administration ever’ and what does Obama do all day… why wont they?!

      1. Just as there is an information embargo on Obama’s relevant biographical information, there is, in effect, an information embargo on Obama’s real daily schedule. The WH absolutely does not want the citizenry to know who Obama is meeting with, what is being discussed or what issues he’s working on with visitors. It’s a secret. This is what fascism looks like in its early stages. Mad King Obama is not working for us. He’s working against us. Always has been.

  3. What do you all expect? He only gets paid $400,000 per year plus a $50,000 tax free expense account plus free security, free airplane rides, free stays at the best hotels, and lot of other perks. Do you actually expect him to work for that measly pay? (sarcasm on)

    1. You forgot the fully staffed mansion, the helio rides to avoid traffic and where traffic is unavoidable – the law just stops everyone so he can pass through.
      Annnnnd, never having to wait for a table in a trendy restaurant, tickets to the best shows or front row seats at sporting events.
      Then there’s the rustic/modern getaway up in the mountains waiting for him.

      Lest we forget – never having to worry about the electric bill, or what it costs to keep the thermostat at a comfy level. Health insurance gratis, free medical checkups, no auto insurance woes, no tsk tsking about the rise in food stuffs….gee, the list goes on.

      1. Speaking of tickets to shows, I’m predicting a Moochelle sighting at a Broadway theater very soon. I saw the other day that The Color Purple is now on Broadway, starring Jennifer Hudson. It opened in previews on Tuesday and officially opens on December 10th. I’m sure Moochelle, who has hit every black-themed Broadway show, will be spotted there with the Moochettes and her entourage very soon. Perhaps this weekend or next weekend while Barry is on his trip to Turkey.

  4. Rubio is getting the Obama ‘kid-glove’ treatment by the media.
    In addition to being a flip-flopper on amnesty, Rubio appears to have a little ‘character’ problem. He double-crossed his mentor, ‘they only come here out of love’, Jeb! Bush…and he seems to have some shady dealings in FLA. A couple of his co-horts ended up in jail.

    Personally, I find his ‘fast talking’ and overly rehearsed talking points obnoxious. Sounds like a hustler to me.

      1. Well, not to me–all this stuff was thrashed out when Crist tried it–except the Jeb rivalry…Friends do fall out–but this seems to be a political falling out–remember what Truman said–want a friend in DC, get a dog. This isn’t pattycake. Oh, well, Rubio can take care of himself, I have no doubt of that.

        1. By the way, Trump said on O’Reilly that he never actually met Putin at 60 Mins. He sure tried to leave that impression–calling them stablemates. Carly also flubbed on Putin–said hers was a private meeting andnot a green room one (which Trump’s wasn’t even) and they had a clip of her saying it was a green room thing. Small ball..but it adds up.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Girly1. The more I see of Rubio, the less I like him. He’s a slick, smooth-talking professional politician. I don’t see any qualifications there to be president. He’s definitely overrated and, unfortunately, he’s managing to fool a lot of people.

      I don’t care what Romney claims now, it’s extremely concerning that he chose Paul Ryan as VP over Rubio. The vetting process surely turned up too much baggage on Rubio, otherwise he would have been chosen over Ryan given the Florida factor, being Cuban, having a higher profile always being on the cable shows, considered to be very articulate and a very good debater. I think he was definitely the preferred choice for a VP candidate, but the vetting turned up far too many issues.

          1. Reply to Marcus:
            I heard him emphatically and passionately state, “I want to be President!”
            Not that -as President- he would do this or that…he just “wants” the position.

      1. Apropos of nothing really, just interesting, my insurance broker was by to help me find a new health plan (mine went broke due to taking a ton out of Medicare for Obamacare, I figure). Anyhow, we got on the subj of politics and he shook his head. This is the moment, I usually sort of cringe–but he then said Obama had completely screwed up the health care system…hmmm. So I said, and Trump–I can’t listen to one more half-finished generality sentence–he agreed. Carson–we both laughed. Then he said maybe Rubio or Kasich–I said if we don’t get such a choice, I won’t vote–first time ever. We both laughed. Meeting of the minds–Arizona–what are the odds?

      2. He is certainly not qualified. He speaks “sound bite” – just like our President.
        Following the same play book?
        And in response to the following religion questions – which religion would play best in the media?
        Catholics are more accepting of certain groups….
        None of these guys are innocent when it comes to working the media to their advantage. Don’t forget that.

    1. Lord have mercy. I couldn’t watch the whole thing, it’s too scary.
      Trying to imagine this feral horde marching down MY street, into MY city is just too horrible.

      What in the world are they thinking there? Who’s going to feed, clothe, medicate, school, house all these men?

      1. It’s the end of civil society in Europe if the governments there don’t address the situation. It may be too late for them, in fact. Odd how the MSM don’t describe the issue there as it really is. Maybe not so odd.

      2. As I’ve noted many times here, my little city has 5000+ Somalians dumped here by the Catholic Relief people with very little warning. Someday I’ll list the attempted rapes (in high schools), the fights on the streets, the house break ins, the car accidents they’ve caused because they can’t drive worth a damn, the harassing of Caucasian women in stores and on the sidewalks we’ve undergone with these Somali men. And don’t believe for a second that Muslims (again, the men) don’t get pie-eyed drunk. The women tend to be more docile and mind their own business. But the young males are crazy (not all, of course, but too many, far beyond their proportion of the population).

        1. The way it is set up CRS or whatever dumping organization has been assigned the dumping must have the agreement of the town. We should apply pressure at that bottom tier and local level. No influence at the top.

          1. I have pulled up many articles, and shorty video’s.not so much now, hary any to find at this point. No one is speaking of the close to 200,000 they announced to bring here. Most Americans do not know what Cali’pIate means. M’M hardly mentions or explains what it means.

  5. My oh my, he certainly lives the easy life while the country is crumbling at his feet. Good job, O. You promised to fundamentally transform the good old USA and you’re doing great. Enjoy your day watching TV and hanging out.

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