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Happy Veterans Day

I know all of you join me in saluting our nation’s war heroes.

On this holiday, I thought you might like this video we produced over at LifeZette.

WARNING: Do not watch if you are averse to having a tear in your eye this morning.


20 Responses to Happy Veterans Day

  1. Thank you for the beautiful video, Keith, and for the “tear” warning.

    What very special people they all are.

    Thank you, veterans – each one of you. We love and cherish you all.

  2. Thank you, Keith and AFVet, for the videos. It really is a day of deep reflection for the nation, for the men and women who have served the nation in uniform. Those of us who have worn the uniform were changed in mysterious ways that take a lifetime to fully comprehend.

    And we remember those who served with us, whether in combat, on a ship, sitting at a desk, in the trenches, in the firefights, flying the F-4 Phantoms, pararescue heroes who were actually embarrassed when they were thanked for, once again, saving a life.

    And we remember the medics and the friend who had our back, no matter what. We remember those who are no longer with us. Al, and Tom and Frank “The Tall One” and Bob who flew C-130’s and crashed near the Ho Chi Minh Trail trail in a rescue attempt and Mick with the huge eyes and always smiling and so full of courage.

    We remember them all and they will never be forgotten. Ever.

    • God Bless the fallen.
      My Dad served Navy in between Korea and Nam. My grandfather served in WWII. It took a life time to become the smiling, man he was before the war. He never shared the war memories with any of us. In his early 80’s and a yr after a heart operation, I went to visit and he opened the door smiling and looked like he was 19 years old. My point God Bless all Vets, no one knows the pain you take home with you. He was a wonderful husband, and strick father to 6 successful wonderful kids.
      Many X-mas and Thanksgiving dinners with the huge family he would have dinner than relax in the living room chair, napping while everyone was still in the dining room kitchen laughing and talking. I would walk by him as a kid and would notice he would really be awake listening to all of us from a different room.

  3. Thanks for posting this, Keith.

    Thank you to AFVet, Marcus, and other WHD veterans. Thanks to all our veterans who have served this country and are still serving. God bless them and keep them safe. Also, a special thanks to their families for the sacrifices that they have made.

  4. Attended a beautiful ceremony today at Big Canoe GA with men and women from all branches of the service. A special Semper Fi to my dad, gone but not forgotten.