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Live Stream || White House Briefing – November 10, 2015

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  1. If you want to spare yourself. This is what I heard. Joshie is still bending over.
    Josh Earnest says Missouri has painful history of racism and praises
    the ‘courage’ of the students for screaming and yelling at other people,
    and not respecting the rights of others.

    He also brings up the situation at Yale, where crazy students
    similarly are acting like Maoists yelling at staff and claiming their
    rights to ‘safe space’ trumps free speech and the lack of respect they
    are showing other people. Earnest basically endorses this, saying that
    college has an obligation to ensure that students have a ‘home’ at

    • I like the “Maoist” reference… it is starting to feel like the ‘cultural revolution’ out there with all this PC/”newspeak”(1984) speech b#ll-sh@t.

    • So they want to ensure that they have ‘a home’ @ college? They’re actually calling for ‘segregation’, no? Separate dorms, cafeterias, water fountains, rest rooms? The campus has 20K students – 8% are Black. Give them their 8% and be done with them. And don’t forget the all-black faculty.

      Obama is leaving his community agitator legacy for all of his clones. Sickening! Worse yet, the White administrators and faculty are caving. What a bunch of sissys. It’s hopeless and will spread to the rest of the State colleges.
      (The two biggest threats to society – multiculturalism and Political Correctness)

      • t;s really beyond community organiziner. Morphed into community agitation and now is joined by full blown socialist and communist professional organizers backed by personal and organizing funds — and probably financing from out of the country as well. It is time to stop and just call it what it is. And people can be identified.

        Democrat, Progressive, Liberal and Left are now just an amalgamation of socialist, fascists and communists, including some anarchists. A rag tag band.

        Funny — over at in an article about MU they were more concerned with the terms “liberals” and “conservatives” and how they reflect on to “libertarians” rather than events and the consequences thereof.

        • gracepmc thanks for listening and noting what he had the gaul to say. I have an Indian Princess in my family. She was traded many, many years ago in the North West and brought down south. I am sure she was not pleased. It happened..
          I cannot fix what happened. My point. These brainwashed people who have been rauled up by the clic need to read a history book. They also need to go home and talk to their parents, grandparents about their family and tell them they are disgusted by them as well.