As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

22 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || November 8, 2015

  1. Good morning all. Deep into my WWII research this morning. Here’s the Globe edited column on one Jerre Algeo. He was the first crew member of the downed Allied airmen that my friend Peter den Tek found information on when he discovered the .50 cal shell that led to the Giessenlanden Memorial:
    Here’s the full column I posted up to the Corner:
    And again, full disclosure, I don’t make any money off the site, just want to spread the word, especially as another Veteran’s Day approaches, of the sacrifices made.

  2. This country has become a one party system. Obummer just sunk the Keystone pipeline again. The Baltic dry index is at an all time low. The Fed pretends there is no inflation. Zero interest rate for our savings. If you have any.
    We are very near a financial collapse like 2008. House bubble re-inflating. New Dot com bubble building. China is in real trouble. Which means so are we.
    Have a nice day