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Saturday Open Thread || November 7, 2015

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    1. It’s seems odd to me that Keith hasn’t penned a line re what happened and instead puts up an Open Thread.

      Perhaps he’s handed over the reins to another Administrator while he works at LifeZette?

        1. Thanks for the heads up Denise.
          I came here and figured the feds had taken K down.
          After that, I started foraging around and fell on yours.
          The fall didn’t hurt me a bit. ;)

    1. I don’t know what muffuletta is, but for breakfast I made GF pumpkin muffins from a mix I bought in Trader Joe’s. They are pretty good. Of course, with all the sugar in the mix, they had to be good!

      1. Sandwich with Hard Genoa Salami, Ham, mortadella, Swiss, or Provolone Cheese. Topped off with Italian Olive Salad.
        On a big round bread. Than bake for a couple of mins.
        It is a N.O. classic. One big sandwich can feed two to four people depending on how hungry you are. :)
        As mentioned I just threw everything on sliced bread.
        The Olive Salad can be found in the store, I believe on the pickle isle.

          1. We had them at Cafe du Monde when we visited there years ago. I made the mistake of stopping in while wearing all black. What a mess…but totally worth it. We came home with a box of their beignet mix and my husband made them at home. These days, I think you can just buy the mix online.

    1. I can agree with that point only up to the fact that our only knowlege of DrCarson’s background is what he wrote in his book and it’s not looking good for him.
      I believe he lied, continues to lie, has buffed up his persona and just made a muddle of everything.

      Instead of claiming something like journalistic license or just jazzing up a boring story, he claims it’s all the truth.

      1. I don’t have a dog in this fight. But what exactly did he say that is a lie rather than either an exaggeration or a mishandling of the situation as it was. The fact that CNN can’t find more than 9 people on the personal violence incidents or a poor explanation of the WP discussion I don’t see a lie.

        Going back to sins of my father or whatever that piece of garbage is called, is not helpful now, but I think we can unpack the lies there.

        Carson is an odd man, granted, with the ego of a Surgeon that’s what I see.

        1. The Mannatech nonsense was a lie–he did way more than give paid speeches. Since he insists he did try to hit his Mom with a hammer, I guess I have to go with it, LOL. Moms–we never get a break just a skull fracture.

      2. I’m still a recovering Democrat, now Independent and it’s so much fun to watch politics with a much more open mind. I like ALL the GOP candidates, ALL are more qualified than Hillary…or Obama. So I’m enjoying the ride.

        Carson won my heart a few years ago wiping the smirk off Obama’s face at that prayer breakfast. :)

      1. No DVR here.

        We are thinking of getting rid of cable TV, as we watch so little and it costs so much.

        How many old episodes of NCIS are there? Or House?

        1. If you want to go off the grid, so to speak, a HD antenna to your TV should bring 30-60+ free channels.
          I have one hooked up to the TV on the patio and get 68 different channels here in Phoenix.

    1. I never watch SNL, and I rarely watch anything live because I can’t stand the commercials but, I’m going to watch to live tonight.

      I heard that Mark Simone of WOR radio in NY said that Trump should announce to the audience right off that bat that they should all scream, “Trump’s a racist!” in order to collect the $5,000 from that “Deport Racism” PAC that’s offering someone money to do it.

      1. I hope that’s true about the racist part. Can’t wait for your Entertainment Report. I have no problem watching Trump it’s those other a**holes….

      1. Considering it’s these left wing Latino’s demanding that they’re race should be put above others and calling any one of another race who wants the rule of law followed “racist” isn’t the term “Deport Racism” self defeating?
        I mean really folks, if we really want progress on ending racism in American wouldn’t deporting all these leftist bast*rds be a great first step?

          1. That professor is terrific. We definitely need more like him.

            We’re only a few years away from sending our kid to college and I get sick at the thought of giving our hard-earned money to some liberal wusses who are intolerant of anyone not ultra liberal and whose main objective is to try to brainwash the kids. I’m sure our son will be the outspoken student who debates the professors, but they like to punish those kids in the grading.

    2. I plan too! I’m spending the night in my MomCave with the t.v. on so if I fall asleep, hopefully my tv will still count in the Yuge! ratings. :)

      1. Spot on! Exactly! And see what they did? Google owns YT and they did not attribute the source as my brain. :)

        BTW what did you use in your search to come up with this. I am impressed.

    1. How horrible. But, now I know why I only saw a brief mention of it, and no photos of the two cops who were just arrested last night. Had the six year old and his dad been black and the cops white, this would be the biggest story ever and there would be massive protest/riots.


      Two Louisiana police officers charged with murder after shooting dead a six-year-old autistic boy were moonlighting for a controversial local marshal agency, it has emerged.

      Lt. Derrick Stafford, 32, and Norris Greenhouse Jr., 23, a reserve officer, were arrested Friday night by the Louisiana State Police after the shooting death of Jeremy Mardis and the wounding of his unarmed father, Chris Few, in the central Louisiana town of Marksville on Tuesday.

      It has since been revealed, the pair – along with another officer at the scene – were moonlighting as marshals who work for the city courts and serve warrants, carry firearms and have police powers.

      The local agency is run by school bus driver city marshal Floyd Voinche.

      Mayor John Lemoine, says Voinche, who has served as marshal for the past 12 years and was recently re-elected unopposed, has recently begun overstepping his authority.

    1. I’ve been trying oto figure ut what “GOPe” stands for, as I’ve seen gracepmc use it several times lately. Now, I see it’s used at that site. Does it stand for “GOP establishment”?


    Hundreds of Latino protesters have gathered outside NBC studios in New York this evening just yards away from where Donald Trump is preparing to host Saturday Night Live.

    The controversial Republican frontrunner will take his second turn at hosting the sketch show this evening, after being invited on following a hugely successful appearance by Hillary Clinton last month.

    However, Trump’s appearance on the show has drawn anger from the Hispanic community, with pressure groups handing a petition containing half a million signatures to network bosses, asking for his appearance to be cancelled.


    Pics at the link. Too bad it’s not raining in NYC tonight.

  2. Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump
    I am at the Saturday Night Live Studio – electricity all over the place. We will be doing a “tweeting” skit, so stay tuned!
    7:17 PM – 7 Nov 2015 ·

        1. Never heard of the musical guest. Is she in the Witness Protection Program or transitioning to becoming an Old English Sheepdog? Trump is good though.

          1. Sorry if I sounded too serous in my reply. I was busy watching it, talking, looking around online and typing comments all at the same time. That was a good one about the witness protection program or Old English sheepdog. She’s definitely a strange one. Yeah, the performance art was rather odd. I’m glad I never have to watch this lousy show again.


      NEW YORK (AP) — During Donald Trump’s opening “Saturday Night Live” monologue, he was heckled by someone offstage calling him a racist.

      But it was comedian Larry David, who moments earlier had performed his own impersonation of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

      “Larry, what are you doing?” Trump asked.

      “I heard if I did that I would get $5,000,” said David with a shrug, echoing an offer reportedly made by pro-Hispanic groups protesting Trump’s appearance.

      “As a businessman, I can fully respect that,” Trump said.

    1. So, the WSJ is going after Carson now:

      The most recent story under question is a harrowing tale he told last month of protecting his white high school classmates the day after Dr Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated in 1968.

      Violent race riots hit the neurosurgeon-turned-politician’s predominantly black Southwestern High School in Detroit.

      Carson, who was a junior lab assistant with a key to the school’s biology lab, sheltered his frightened friends from violence by bringing them into the workroom, he told the Wall Street Journal.

      The Wall Street Journal spoke to half a dozen of Carson’s former classmates and a the candidate’s former physics teacher, but none of them remembered the incident.

      ‘It may have happened, but I didn’t see it myself or hear about it,’ Gregory Vartanian, who was in the junior ROTC in high school with Carson, told the Wall Street journal.

      Another story featured in Carson’s book is one in which he was named the ‘most honest’ student in a Yale psychology class during his junior year at the university.

      Carson wrote that his Perceptions 301 professor told the class that their exams had ‘inadvertently burned’ and they would have to take a harder test. All of the 150 students but Carson walked out of the room.

      The professor came toward me. With her was a photographer for the Yale Daily News who paused and snapped my picture,” Carson wrote. “’A hoax,’ the teacher said. ‘We wanted to see who was the most honest student in the class.’”

      Carson’s photo never ran in the student paper, and sources told the Wall Street Journal that Yale did not offer a Perceptions 301 course while Carson was studying at the University.

      1. Roger that!
        The true Immigrants are those who wait in line to accurie the proper paperwork to be processed and be admitted LEGALLY into the USA.
        They come as law abiders, not law breakers.

    1. Finding that increasingly the illegals are calling themselves immigrants. That can’t stand — they need to be called out for what they are. And the anchor baby parents as illegals also. Sick of it.

  3. Thanks goodness it’s over. I’ve watched more commercials tonight than I’ve seen this entire year. What is this show, about 40 minutes?

    The best skit was in the beginning of the show, the one set in President Trump’s Oval Office in 2018. Second to that, maybe the restaurant skit where Donald sat it out and live-tweeted about the various cast members. After that, each skit got progressively worse and it seemed like it was taking forever to end.

    1. Agreed. Hillary changing accents between southern and New York was funny though in the opening skit. After the Oval Office skit, it was just bad.

  4. Re.. Gitmo from Rep. Mike McCaul

    Mike McCaul (R TX) thinks there will be exec action on Gitmo and thinks the American people will rise up in protest. So, once they vote against it and Obama goes his own way — “it’s difficult to stop him” heh, from McCaul, defaulting once again to the American people.

    So, I guess we are on our own.

    1. So if we leave Gitmo, do the fun loving Castro brothers take it over to fill up with their least favorite citizens? Or does it just sit empty while we still pay at least something toward its upkeep and welcome its fine upstanding occupants into our prison system?

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