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Video || Latino Kids Curse Out Trump

A new low, as people who claim to be safeguarding Hispanic kids make a mockery of themselves by having children unfurl a string of epithets. Nice.

36 thoughts on “Video || Latino Kids Curse Out Trump”

  1. Obnoxious and disgraceful. They completely undermine any points they want to make.

    Can you even imagine if some Republican-aligned group put out a video with kids calling Shrillary a f#&@ing liar? The outrage from the lamestream media would be enormous.

  2. This is what happens to kids when radical lefties are allowed near them. They are props for a destructive agenda and that’s all. And that’s if they are allowed to be born in the first place and not wrenched out the mother’s room.

  3. This is who most of them are! Takers! They take our jobs,EBT,section 8, what ever freebie they can get. They kill, rape and steal. They do not want to learn English. Drop a baby and you get all of the above!
    Send them back!
    My ancestors came thru elis Island and were veted for disease. Not these takers they sneak in and steal our country.
    You will call me a racist, so go ahead.

  4. So then, Trump is right about undesirables sneaking into the country? Their parents proved their point. This kids will grow up to be Crips and Bloods anyhow.

    I read earlier, this video was made by the same guy that made the feminist swearing princesses awhile back. He’s also a Hillary supporter.

  5. over on YouTube, many commenters have written that YouTube is “disappearing” downvotes on this horrid video. the number of dislikes is apparently going DOWN as time goes by.

    (even at that, the thumbs-ups are at around 1,200 and the thumbs-downs are at 11,000.)

    which just puts the cherry on top of this wonderful story. 8-year-olds yelling “motherf***er!” at a presidential candidate? who thought this was a good idea?

  6. What a disgrace. If the goal was to inspire sympathy for anchor babies born of illegal aliens, it missed by a mile.

    Really, one could assume that it was made to be so obnoxious that a Trump supporter sponsored it – thereby proving his point.
    Shame, shame.

  7. LaRaza has reached a new ‘low’…using children to spew hatred. Sorta reminds me of those horrid Muslim children shouting epithets against America and Israel.

    It’s also a tribute to the anti-American, race-baiting law breaker in the Oval Office. He is the inspiration for ALL of the racial hatred in this country.

    The thought of a Clinton/Castro administration is terrifying. Trump may be the only solution. We need to have a showdown between the Latinos who stand for legal immigration vs. those who support the invasion. Our future depends on it.

  8. OK, am I sinking to their level or do I have a devilishly clever way to make these sniveling little takers out for the takers they are?
    I want to see a smart video made of kids of ALL races with a simple script about the Founders, freedom, the rule of law and the Constitution.
    Something along the lines of :
    Hey ……, we saw your video. Why you so down on America? Are your parents citizens or legal immigrants of America or are they illegals from Mexico who took advantage of an amendment to our Constitution meant for ex slaves after our Civil War. Slaves that had endured decades of horrible human abuse that you are now abusing their memory by manipulating the “natural born” clause with the fact that your mother just happened to be on the U.S. side of the border to pop you out and stick us citizen kids with the bill.
    Yeh, you heard that right, we’re Constitution Kids and we’re calling your sorry asses out.
    Do you speak English at home? Fly the American flag above the Mexican flag? Do you know the difference between a foreign army on the shore and a cancer that destroys from within? Does your mother or father send money back to Mexico at the expense of American workers here?
    Yeh, seems harsh but quite frankly I AM SICK of the Alinskyites getting away with this crap.
    Rant over. (Until the next one)

  9. These are the same kids who will be in high school in a few years and demand that the school administrators ban the wearing of American flag t-shirts on Cinco de Mayo because it will upset and inflame them.

    1. Yep, it was suspended this morning and came back up with Nov 6 posts missing.

      Some of us were concerned on Twitter that a suspension means a WordPress TOS violation?

      I hope Keith will explain in case one of us caused it? I’m wracking my brain over what I commented about yesterday “Oh crap, did I break WHD?” LOL, hope not.

      1. Same here. I wasn’t sure if it was my account with WHD, or Keith’s site, being suspended. Probably some maintenance of the site going on behind the scenes.

        1. Glad it’s back up and thanks fellow tweeters here who tag-teamed sleuthing til sight was back up. In my estimation an account isn’t suspended with maintenance going on behind the scenes. It had to be a violation, or perceived violation. Anyone can complain about a WordPress blog and it can be shut down, leaving the owner of the blog to fight his/her case why suspension should be reversed.

          1. Interesting. I know less than nothing about how these sites operate or what restrictions are placed on them and by whom, so I take your word for it.

          2. Maybe Keith just forgot to pay the power bill ;-)

            Last thing I saw was Marcus’s comment about how O seems to be okey dokey with the miles and miles of gas lines that already exist in our country. Great post!

    2. Same here, Lee. Logged in @7a.m and almost choked. Account suspended!
      Sent Keith an apology for whatever I said or did to provoke him. I do go off on tangents occasionally, lol.

      Glad to see it’s back up now.

    1. He’s a true profile in courage. He surely knows the price he might pay, but he stood up and was counted. I suspect there are many others in academia who share his stand, but their courage has been washed from their soul.

  10. I am glad I was not alone with the issue. :)
    Did however rearrange my desk to face the outdoor windows. Little tight behind the desk, but wanted to do this for a long time.
    Is anyone planning on watching SNL. I woke up to very early this morning. I hope I can stay up that late.

    1. I am ! Should be a ratings bonanza for SNL. His many fans tuning in + his non-fans hoping to see him crash and burn on live tv + plus the people sick of those protests by the Hillary supporting illegals wanting DJT off the air.

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