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Fifteen Times Obama Said No Boots on the Ground

President Obama promised many times not to put “boots on the ground” in Syria. But that’s exactly what he is doing in the latest example of his incremental style of warfare.

Although he wouldn’t call it warfare. We’re just helping. But our service members overseas must sure feel like they’re in warfare when they get shot at.

Here’s a recap, courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon, of Obama’s broken promises.

31 thoughts on “Fifteen Times Obama Said No Boots on the Ground”

  1. 50 troops. All ordered to not shoot, just “help.” May as well order 50 caskets. Obama hates America, but in addition he’s a massively-incompetent Commander in Chief. We could take ISIS out if we chose to, but even our forces would need more than 50 troops, and they would need rules of engagement that allowed them to actually fight the enemy without worry of being second-guessed by the ninnies in the White House. January, 2017 cannot come soon enough.

    1. It is unfair to/for the safety of all American citizens not looking out for a safe future for us. It is most certainly unfair to the men and woman risking their lives being sent to what seems to me a no win situation.
      Than on the back burner the issue of over 200,000 migrants being brought here in 2016. This should be discussed/mentioned over and over by everyone in Congress, as well as m*m having discussions of this.

    2. I’ve routinely suggested that we should send 1,000 ten-man teams of every variety of Special Forces to wipe out ISIS. Delta Force, Seals, etc and including Special Forces from our allies. Their only ROE should be: Wipe out ISIS. Period. They absolutely could do it, and in short time.

      1. Use them to call in the aircraft and let’s get this done with.
        An A-10 pilot was complaining that he had to hold off on a target because he did not have authorization.
        This was on NPR.
        Screw ROE.
        Let them fight.

  2. Haven’t we helped enough. If Obama helped anymore, we would all be under Sharia law and either walking to work or riding a donkey. What an ass.

  3. 15 times, no boots on the ground.
    37 times, if you like your plan…
    22 times, insurance premiums will go down $2500.
    22 times, can’t pass amnesty by exec action.
    12 times, not one dime of OCare for abortions.
    Shovel ready jobs, No lobbyists in the WH, Most transparent admin, Shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed…

    Worst. President. Ever.

  4. And what about this : ” CIA, Saudis to give “select” Syrian Militants weapons capable of downing commercial airliners”, Zero Hedge.
    It is insane !
    Now I am going to watch some TV. I follow a very interesting documentary series about World War I. Another confusing, upsetting and totally insane war.

  5. Really the proven lair is doing it again? Do you expect anything else?

    Time to move to the next lair, the Hildabeast.

    This guy is a lame duck, move along nothing to see here.

    1. He lies because he can get away with it.
      Accountability is no longer a tool used to keep people in line.
      The media is complicit.
      Watch the media react on the accountability issue if a republican is elected.

    1. CIA to get rid of Assad. Repeat ISIS is …. us !!!

      If so, it was done by Obama for personal reasons. ISIS is not us. There is a clear distinction between Barack Obama and us.

      1. Yeah, well, maybe after the authorities figure out Muhammed’s motive. Because we wouldn’t want to judge without all the evidence — talking to you BME and Hands Up Don’t Shoot. And Cops are murderers.

    1. That Fox article doesn’t have as much info as other articles. It appears they’re going overboard trying to get the message out there that Mohammad wasn’t motivated by religious or political reasons:

      The UC Merced student who stabbed four people during a campus rampage “intended to kill a lot of people,” according to authorities who found a detailed manifesto on his body.

      Merced County Sheriff Verne Warnke told the Sun-Star on Thursday that the document found on the body of 18-year-old Faisal Mohammad included “a detailed list of his targets and his intentions.”

      The computer science and engineering freshman planned to stab a police officer, take that officer’s firearm and use it to shoot students in a dormitory, Warnke said.

      Mohammad’s motive appears to have been anger he felt over being “kicked out of a study group,” Warnke said. “He was mad at a student.”


      UC officials and investigators have discounted any possible political or religious motivations behind the attack.

      UC Merced Chancellor Dorothy Leland said there was no evidence to believe the attack was “in any way related to terrorism.”

      Preliminary evidence, she said, suggests Mohammad “appears to have been motivated by personal animosities, not a political agenda.” She said, “it would be irresponsible” to draw any link to terrorism “based solely on the ethnicity of the suspect.”

      Speaking to reporters Thursday, Warnke echoed Leland’s statements, saying evidence gathered suggests the attack was an “act of an individual for a vendetta … nothing to indicate there was any political or religious motivation.”

      Investigators seized numerous items from the backpack Mohammad carried into the classroom, including several zip-tie handcuffs, petroleum jelly, a night-vision scope, a safety hammer, and rolls of duct tape, among other things.

      Warnke said it remains unclear precisely what Mohammad had planned. Local and federal authorities, including the FBI and U.S. Department of Homeland Security, have yet to find anything to explain his motivation.

      “We have nothing to indicate this person was on anybody’s radar,” Warnke said, “absolutely nothing they could find to indicate he was doing anything other than being a college student at UC Merced.”

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