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Ben Carson’s New Rap Ad

Uhh boy.

This is one of those moments in a campaign that are impossible to understand. Who convinced him this would be a good idea?

For your amusement, a radio add of Ben Carson rapping, set to some video.

8 Responses to Ben Carson’s New Rap Ad

  1. He black.

    There’s no other possible explanation.

    But it’s not that bad. Ben could use a little loosening of his suspenders, anyway. This wouldn’t make me vote for him, but it surely won’t make me vote against him, either.

  2. I like Ben :) The idiot CNN are trying to track down the kids he claimed he beat up and stabbed in his “violent” youth. Wish this kid of vetting was applied to Obama in 2007.

    • Ben Carson will soon discover (he likely already knows) what happens when Black or female conservative/Republican candidates rise in election polls. It’s a turkey shoot with the MSM pulling the trigger. If Carly begins to really rise in the polls–2d or 3rd place, let’s say– the MSM will put a target on her back for sure.