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Video || Obama THIRD on Forbes Most Powerful

Really? The leader of the free world isn’t first?

President Obama comes in this year behind both Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Our passive president – on the world stage that is, not when it comes to spreading Leftism at home – is the first U.S. leader to not be either first or second since Forbes has done the list.

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  1. I must disagree. They all need to be knocked down one as without a doubt George Soros is the most powerful on the planet at this point in time.
    The massive invasion of Europe? Soros
    The black lives matter in U.S.? Soros
    Open borders, illegal immigration? Soros
    There may not be the bombs falling as in WWII but Soros is doing what Hitler never could.
    And as long as the MSM continues to choose to keep the American people ignorant of that fact it is only going to get worse.
    Think George C Scott in Patton:
    “And when we get to Berlin, I am personally going to shoot that paper hanging son-of-a-bitch Hitler.”

    • I agree –Soros is definitely ramped up and pushing this for all it is worth. Even the PM (I think) of Hungary called him out. And I have no doubt that Obama #3 is working very closely with him and Merkel and “das group” (I made that up) to foment this crap.

      For good measure throw in that asshat Eric Schmidt — who if possible, has even grander dillusions that Obama #3.

      But there is some sanity (and good news for Bonnie I think who asked for it). See this banner unfurled at a soccer game in Poland. So much for all those dumb Polack jokes. :) They may be one of the only sane places in Europe now.

      • Did anyone see the MoJoe interview with the Kochs? I thought it was interesting…Charles is fed up with the Reps and plans to give money VERY sparingly… I know this hit a nerve because Media Matters, Esquire, etc were all over it–no, no, don’t believe it…eeek…can’t be true, they are still lying oligarchs, etc.

        • Haven’t had a chance yet but heard them talk about it this morning.
          I was “shocked” yesterday though to see them broadcasting from my ol alma mater Wichita State. Home of the famous……wait for it…’s close……Shockers!
          Grew up just an hour south of Wichita, still have family there, and have been around Koch and Koch industries my entire life, the brothers and the company have NEVER been what the despicable Harry Reid and DNC have made em out to be.
          If MSM had an ounce of integrity that myth would have been shot down years ago, but, as we know….

        • If the Kochs are so powerful why has the boy would would be god gotten re elected?

          Soros is a well known supporter of progressive–liberal political causes.[11] Between 1979 and 2015 Soros donated more than $11 billion to various philanthropic causes.
          Far more than the Koch bros could even think about.

    • OT, maybe. For anyone reading that knows a little more about finance than I do–for any of you that have managed to squirrel away a few dollars and have not been able to get any interest on that money, does it make sense that we never will. Since this POS president has run our national debt up threefold since he has been in office, since China is the main holder of those notes, the Feds will never raise interest rates. That would only mean that our interest to China would increase in lockstep. Am I right in this dismal assessment?

        • I think we will be lucky, those of us with anything left, to see 1/8th of a point. Every 1/8th point means another 1/8th of a point more we owe China. We must elect someone that can make sense of the national debt, all while our roads, airports and seaports crumble. I know this sounds pessimistic, but China owns us. If more Americans were working, more taxes coming in. Unfortunately, our economy sucks.

      • We have had a potemkin economy under this socialist crook. If interest rates go up and we start dealing with what is real — the economy will go into a free fall. Especially that housing market which everyone swears is recovering every minute of every day.

        No matter — almost 8 years later the boy king will blame it on Boooosh. Boehner did not help by giving Barack a blank check for the next two years.

  2. What’s surprising is that he made the list at all. A lame-duck President whose every victory has turned to ashes or anguish is hardly someone who would be considered powerful.
    Just having the ability or seat of power to make things happen only means that someone with real power put them there.
    The silent, invisible king-makers around the world are the power.

  3. Ouch though to boy king’s massive ego — Vlad takes #1.

    Merkel — destroys a nation in the blink of an eye and a nod to Soros.

    You better bet that boy king will work hard — ok, not him personally but the real President ValJar — to catch up with Merkel. Batten down the borders. HA!

    • ValJay does the work and golf boy pretends he is the man. He is a joke, but one that has hurt this country by wanting to destroy it.
      Mr.Muslim and bath house guy.

      If the Hildabeast wins it will be more of the same.

  4. Where would the 90-pound weakling be without his almghty pen? Powerful? In what sense? Lifting 3 pound weights at the gym?
    Forbes was just being gratuitous.

  5. Just throwing this out there. There are moves about (Defense Reauthorization Act) to change the military 20 year pension to something along the 401 k model.

    Sounds great — really. A few years in — collect your money and get out. There will be no professional soldiers — do we think they are just “made overnight”. This plus the Obama purge, liberalization and disdain for the military —

    Haven’t studied this yet. But it smells like something that sounds good and “fair” and will rot us to the core.

    • Great link.
      94 million out of work and yet they say the the unemployment rate is 5.5%.
      No, it’s closer to 20%.
      We are sick of the lies.

      Thanks Star.

      • Many of those 94 million who are out of work are IT professionals with Masters degrees and decades of experience. Their careers have been destroyed by the H-1B Visa scam. Senator Jeff Sessions is the only politician who is concerned about the American IT professionals who are being displaced by foreign visa holders for as little as half the going rate. The visa program has also turned what was a once stable and lucrative career into lousy temporary contracts that Americans are lucky if they can even get. In many cases, it’s very clear that Americans need not apply.

        Rubio wants to increase the H-1B program by threefold, which is obviously for his corporate donor cronies. Screw the educated, hard-working Americans. I would never vote for any ticket with Rubio on it. He’s slime, as far as I’m concerned. Unfortunately, he’s a slick politician who talks a very good talk and easily dupes people.

        What I find very disappointing and perplexing is Cruz’s position on the issue. He wants to increase the H-1B visa cap by FIVE times!! I cannot understand WHY he thinks there is a “shortage of tech workers” in this country. He really cannot be that stupid, so which corporate donors is he working for? How in the heck is it “conservative” to want to import hundreds of thousands of foreign workers when we have millions of Americans shut out of jobs??

        Senator Sessions has commented and written extensively on the issue, providing all the facts and figures to back up his and others’ claims that this H-1B visa program is simply a scam by companies who pretend that they have open jobs that they can’t fill, just so they can hire a visa holder. I have a ton of great links I could post, but then I’d get thrown into moderation.

        • This is an excellent point. Sessions always knows his stuff. Rubio and Cruz need to be called out on this as does “my guy” Donald.

          I wish those who are unemployed as a result of this and especially those who are terminated and yet retained to train could organize and speak as one voice. A true conservative would address this — this is just a variation of the old “jobs Americans won’t/can’t do”.