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Trump SNL Promos Released

As you may know, Donald Trump is hosting Saturday Night Live this week. Nice coup for him.

Here are the promos. Kind of fun. Some are not bad. Have a look.

20 thoughts on “Trump SNL Promos Released”

  1. I don’t watch SNL like years past. However will watch this weekend. Keith thanks for the video, cheered me up after reading news regarding what the U.S. Intel believes about the Russian plane.

    1. I apply for the SNL lottery every year and never got a ticket. Lucky folks who get to be in the audience, I’ll be watching, it will be Yuuuuge!

      1. I am sure I won’t be able to both breathe and avoid clips. Heard him on MoJoe this AM–he needs to lose the “to be honest with you” thing–as bad as “know what I’m sayin.”

  2. The video didn’t show up (just saw a blank white space) ? I’ll keep trying since that happens sometimes when a new vid goes viral (traffic!)

    1. Thanks for that link DeniseVB. I also was unable to get the video above to play.

      Well, I didn’t think it was that funny, which is probably why I haven’t watched SNL in many years. But, I’ll be tuning in this Saturday. I hope the ratings are the best ever. We all know how much Donald will enjoy bragging about that.

      1. “I am just saying, I am ranked at the top with young people who drink a lot of Red Bull and stay up, did I say I have a water company?, I am getting the young vote, to be honest with you, why wouldn’t I, I am young at heart, I feel 21, I have so much energy, which has allowed me to build a wonderful company, which will hire everyone who is unemployed, unless they want to go in the military, which will be so scary no one will even dare talk to us…”

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  4. MrsClinton’s appearance on SNL didn’t help her one bit, so why does MrTrump it will help him?

    How did it all go so bad so swiftly? Was it MrsObama doing a sack race through the halls of the WhiteHouse, did it start with MrClinton playing a saxophone on late night TV or what?
    We certainly don’t want doom&gloom, but a little more dignity would be nice.

      1. Not really. I am sorry — you are right — probably with the Clintons but there have been hints of it even before. Moving in that direction perhaps since TV became so important Nixon/Eisenhower.

        But I do think the Obamas win Best in Show for Lack of Dignity.

        1. I’ll third that! Those two have mortified the country and there isl nothing to suggest they will go away quietly and with dignity as the Bushes have. Of course, if you have no dignity to begin with. How the hell did this country get here. I just listened to Paul Ryan. He sounded so encouraging. Lets pray that conservatives don’t sit this one out. It is too damn important.

  5. What’s so funny about calling Ben Carson a total loser? It might be humorous coming from a Trump impersonator, but Trump is running out of material. Great for ratings, though.

        1. Also–on MoJoe–an old speech by Carson, followed my a real time doubling down by him, saying his theory was the pyramids were built my Joseph to store grain, not that tomb nonsense.

  6. Anybody see those foul mouthed little Hispanic kids against Trump? What a sad thing for the legal law abiding good Hispanic citizens. I do wish they would speak out about these people. But then again I wish the same for all the other minority and identity groups that are being misrepresented by their extremes.

    If we want people in the ME to fight their own wars, why can’t we ask these people to stand up for themselves as well in a less volatile situation. Oh well.

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