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Obama Schedule || Thursday, November 5, 2015

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
2:10 pm || Interviewed by local radio hosts participating in “Live from the White House”
4:15 pm || Delivers remarks at the 2015 White House Tribal Nations Conference

All times Eastern
Live Stream of White House Briefing at 12:30 pm

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  1. Breaking news: Kindergarten children across America are staging a mass protest tomorrow at 10:00 am, (while Barry Obummer is still tucked in his bed). Their demands:

    (1) The school day must not begin before noon;

    (2) School days must be no longer than two hours, because five year olds should not have to work more hours than the POTUS does; and

    (3) Each school day must include an opportunity for each kindergartener to “deliver remarks” because that apparently is considered “work”.

    If negotiations go well, the little kiddies will also be pushing for at least one five day weekend per month, as well as three weeks in Hawaii every December.

  2. Well, well, Putin is again number one on that Forbes-list.I agree with many of you here who see Barry and Angela as mere puppets, one of them an intelligent puppet, the other one a conceited, vain and stupid puppet, guess who. Putin is the real thing. So someone wants, and have wanted for a long time, to bring Putin down. That is why so many strange things happen in the world. And now this tragic plane-crash. A season for conspirational minds, indeed.

    1. It is not unreasonable to expect that ISIS would retaliate against Putin for his actions against them. This could create even bigger problems for Putin with his Sunni Muslims at home.

        1. Star, you are too harsh there but no, that is not what I meant of course. I meant that Putin is no ones puppet. He is a puppet-master. And a geo-political chess player.

      1. Grace, no, it´s not unreasonable but it is not ISIS style. And who are ISIS masters ? And now, this strange British “leak ” ? Why and why now ? We all know that Cameron is a puppet too.

        1. What do you mean it is not ISIS’ style? Putin has rained a lot of death on ISIS lately and it would not surprise me that they would do this. The Sunni Muslims in Russia are nasty and can create a great deal of havoc for Putin. And if you haven’t noticed, ISIS is quite adept at PR.

          No idea who is behind ISIS. I would not put it past Soros and some pretty wealthy Middle Easterners. But I don’t know. Don’t have the time or inclination to follow the money trail.

          Putin is not Europe’s saviour. With the overwhelming onslaught of Muslim invaders I would not be surprised to see good people go to safe havens of Poland and Hungary — countries who know Russian rule better than some by the way — not a small part of their unwillingess to lay down and let the invaders in. They do not see Putin as their saviour.

          BTW here is a Mark Steyn piece I thought you might enjoy.

          1. Thank you Grace, another interesting Mark Steyn piece. Yes, our hopeless government is now totally at loss. They held a press conference today and talked about the “emergency situation”. Well, they have been warned but still … So, I and many.many more are furious, the nation is in free fall , the problem really is not so hard to fix but they prefer to close the eyes.
            I can understand that many East Europeans distrust Russia but it really was Soviet at the time. I believe Russia and Soviet have very different agendas.
            About the plane crash, we will see. It is already in a political mess. And Egypt ( ? ) is leading the investigation…Oh, dear. Like letting the fox into the hen pen.

  3. I haven’t had much time to comment here lately so I’ll apologize in advance if you’ve already hashed this out but I’m seeing very little coverage of Michelle’s trip to Qatar. Talk about a sham. The “conference” is about education for girls around the world. Has she NOT noticed that the worst place in the USA for education is in her own backyard, Washington DC? That Michelle takes any opportunity to distance herself from the huge problems right here in the USA speaks volumes (to me) about her lukewarm feelings about the USA. Does anyone know if Michelle met up with The ClockBoy, now that he’s in Qatar too?

    1. I heard her plans to somewhere were foiled by a sandstorm. That made me very happy.

      I hope clockboy enjoys his life in Qatar as much as Snowden in Russia.

      1. @psi: Normally I don’t pay any heed to trolls, but your comment was so stupid I just had to answer. NO ONE is blaming Michelle Obama on the awful state of American education, pal. I was merely saying that Michelle could do a lot to raise awareness of the problem right in her own backyard.

        1. Indeed that is what you said. I was going to point that out–but everyone told me not to give these people attention. Still, it’s so tempting… Speaking of Bush the Younger–what about Bush the Oldest’s new book lambasting Cheney etc.

    2. I noticed we’ve been throwing cash at countries in the name of education. Yet if your U.S. school district won’t let ONE boy make pee-poop in the girls bathroom, you lose federal funding.

      The Obamas are really messed up in their heads.

      1. Thanks for mentioning this, Denise. That made me mad as well. What a production over transgender. Where was that nonsense when we were in school? More political correctness gone wild and why the outsiders look so good. Of course, I immediately thought of O and Michelle and their own sexual identities????

        1. Just came to mind. What if one of the girls decided to self identify as White? Apparently this whole self identity thing regarding race is acceptable to the Left. Just sayin’

  4. On the subject of ISIS and the influx of 10,000 Syrian refugees to the US, this editorial from Investors Business Daily (which routinely writes the best current affairs editorials of any newspaper in the United States) is a wake up call.

    Key points in the editorial:

    1. A first-of-its-kind survey of the hordes of Syrian refugees entering Europe found 13% support the Islamic State. The poll should raise alarms about the risks posed by the resettlement of 10,000 refugees in the U.S. …….another 10% of the displaced Syrians have a lukewarm, but not entirely negative, view of the terror group. That means 23% — or almost 1 in 4 — could be susceptible to ISIS recruitment.

    2. During a House Judiciary Committee hearing last week, FBI Director James Comey confirmed our (IBD) earlier reporting that the feds don’t have the ability to do thorough background checks on the 10,000 refugees from Syria, where IS is headquartered.

    3. A whopping 70% of the Syrians that we’re letting into America are young men — the very profile of the IS terrorist. We are senselessly providing the enemy a prime opportunity to attack targets here.

    As the editorial asks, “Why are we doing this?”

  5. swedishlady says:
    November 5, 2015, 12:55 pm at 12:55 pm

    I wish you all the best with your distinction between Russian and Soviet leadership. And am heartened that it gives you hope. From my perspective having studied, lived and worked there under both. The distinctions are minute and dress up.

    Nobody thinks it is a big deal that Putin was a KGB boy — born and bred. It might be good to get a good objective.

    You and I have been here before. We simply disagree. But, I will hope in your hope.

    Glad you liked the Steyn piece .. he is so good.

  6. More on Moochelle and her trip to the Middle East (as usual, it’s all about her):

    In Qatar Speech, Michelle Obama Complains About Growing Up as a Girl in America

    Michelle Obama went to Qatar to give a speech on girls education. There, the first lady of the United States complained about growing up as a girl in America.

    “[B]ack when I was a girl, even though I was bright and curious and I had plenty of opinions of my own, people were often more interested in hearing what my brother had to say. And my parents didn’t have much money; neither of them had a university degree. So when I got to school, I sometimes encountered teachers who assumed that a girl like me wouldn’t be a good student. I was even told that I would never be admitted to a prestigious university, so I shouldn’t even bother to apply,” Obama said at the Qatar National Convention Center in Doha.

    “Like so many girls across the globe, I got the message that I shouldn’t take up too much space in this world. That I should speak softly and rarely. That I should have modest ambitions for my future. That I should do what I was told and not ask too many questions. But I was lucky, because I had parents who believed in me, who had big dreams for me. They told me, don’t ever listen to those who doubt you. They said, just work harder to prove them wrong.

    “And that’s what I did. I went to school. I worked hard. I got good grades. I got accepted to top universities. I went on to become a lawyer, a city government employee, a hospital executive, and –- the most important job I’ve ever had –- a mother to two beautiful girls.”

    Obama did say that the U.S. has made progress. “And as I moved forward, so did my country. In each generation, brave women and men fought to end gender discrimination in the workplace, to pass tougher laws against rape and domestic abuse, to ensure equal access to education for women. And while we still have work to do to achieve full economic, political equality for women in the U.S., today, nearly 60 percent of American university students are women. And as for the law school at Harvard University –- which I actually got my law degree — the Dean of the school is now a woman, as are half the students.”

  7. UPDATE to the article that I linked above rewarding that sandstorm in Jordan:

    Grounded in Qatar, first lady to return to Washington

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House says Michelle Obama is heading home after being grounded by bad weather in the Middle East.

    The first lady was supposed to be in Amman, Jordan, on Thursday to tour a school built with U.S. aid and address Jordanian and Syrian girls who attend class there.

    But a thick sandstorm that cloaked parts of the Middle East on Wednesday delayed her departure from Doha, Qatar, where she addressed an international education conference.

    The White House says Thursday that, after 36 hours of waiting for the weather to clear up, a decision was made to return to Washington.

    Mrs. Obama went to the Middle East to promote her education initiative for adolescent girls.

    She had been due back in Washington on Saturday.

    1. So, we spent a fortune for Mooch and a zillion staffers to travel to the Mideast just to give one speech in Qatar on Wednesday. Sheesh, couldn’t they have video conferenced her in?

      Gracepmc – I hope you see this. Mooch wont be going to Petra after all. Ha.

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