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Obama’s Broken Promise to Homeless Vets

Five years ago, the White House declared target to end homelessness among veterans – in five years. It hasn’t panned out.

LifeZette, the publication for which I am the political editor, put together a video documenting the sad plight of some of our veterans. I thought you would like to see it.


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  1. Heartbreaking. But there are so many transients on street corners, you have to wonder if every one of those “homeless vet” signs are legitimate, or the drug addicts and mentally ill merely playing on our emotions.

    Obama is full of *it — his heart (if he has one) lies with non-Americans, not our vets. One thing I like about Trump — he is sincerely passionate about supporting those who have served our country.

    1. I know the president is not sincere, but how do we know Trump is? Sure, he talks about it to military audiences, like on that aircraft carrier. I lived for nine yrs with a vet with PTSD issues. We had Thanksgivings with street people in DC–many did not want to come in, they were delusional some of them, had real mental issues, flashbacks, even my ex (now deceased) was unpredictable. You can’t round people up…

        1. Not convinced. I like people who haven’t slammed vets…and he likes people who haven’t been captured. That parade was ages and ages ago. Oh, well–agree to disagree. I am skeptical.

          1. When you say “you”–you mean me? No I don’t think it’s a good slogan–and I used to write tag lines and name products for a NY branding company. The exclam pt is also dumb–fake excitement!! If it ain’t broke, you can still fix it–that’s Tim Allen’s takeoff on the classic. For Trump, I think, “Making America Grate Again.”

            Aw, just having fun.

      1. Because Trump isn’t a liar.
        And he DOESN’T just talk about it in front of military audiences.
        It is a constant theme in his speeches.

        1. Trump isn’t a liar. Sorry, but they all lie or shade the truth–I mean nuance it. He “lied” when he said that Zuckerberg thing was not his position–and it was on his website…Too much delegation? He “lied” when he said Kasich was a managing partner of Lehmann… They fact check him all the time.

  2. Laura I talked about this on Fox this AM.

    This President could give a crap about vets, the military or the country. Americans are on their own to do the right thing by those who have served. Those who haven’t and are disguised in these groups should be exposed. Those who suffer from addiction and mental problems should receive assistance. And no vet, unless it is their choice. should be homeless.

    1. Grace, thank you for your previous reply. I left a comment for you there. By the way, please elaborate about the two “bedfellows”, Soros and Merkel. I am interested.

      1. Thanks — not much to elaborate really. Soros means to have his very own global power and this includes destroying Europe as we know it. IMO he is destructive and evil.

        As for Merket what she is doing defies all logic. So, I ASSUME she is listening to Soros — Soros has a lot of sway among world leaders. Also, it is cheap I know, but she was raised an East German mentality. And although some people think that is not relevant look at Barack Obama.

        Anyway, Europe has my sympathies and I hope the countries’ and continent can rally. As well as the US. Hungary was quick to act and they did the right thing. Good luck to Vienna — a lovely city that will be overwhelmed with squalor and filth and terrorists. That fine mix that is “the refugees”. Weed out the Christians — for they will be executed if they return — and the women (be careful) and the children. Able bodied young men need to be turned around and left to fend for themselves. Yikes — this box is so small and when I see it this will be so long. Apologies.

        1. Thanks Grace, agree wholeheartedly. Soros is abominable, yes, and Merkel, oh, I am so disappointed. Why is she doing it ? Is there some pressure ? Soros ? I hope she will fall very soon. Yesterday I heard what a Bavarian politician did to handle the situation. He mailed to Berlin: “We will accept 1800 refugees here in Munich. Will put all the others on buses and ship to Berlin.”
          Yes ! That´s the way to do it !

          1. I think every politician, media person or anyone who openly supports this should be required to put up or shut up — house and support one Muslim family — out of their own pocket.

            Refugee tents and cities on government property — no more resettling them into town and communities who don’t want them.

            Someone has to be working with Merkel for some evil purpose, or she just has some long disguised sick “issues”.

          2. Hear, hear !
            Agree, Grace.
            I think Swiss-style direct democracy is the model. We should meet in our townhalls and agree on the issues that concern our neighbourhoods. If any, how many, the costs, the housing, school etc etc. Politics must be local, how else will there ever be any real integration ?

    2. “This President could give a crap about vets, the military or the country.”

      Or the police. It is a sad day in New Mexico today. We buried an Albuquerque police officer, 20-year military vet, husband, father, brother, son. He was killed by a convict that should have been behind bars. He was killed two days after a four year old girl was shot and killed by another Albuquerque convict that should have been behind bars.
      To get our country back, we must support our law enforcement. One more thing the Scum-Bag-In-Chief has taken from us.

  3. In addition, the plight of veterans trying to access and use the VA is worse than ever. Waiting times, receiving proper care, support, the tangle of bureaucracy and followup are worse than they were when the VA scandal went public in 2013. The Obama administration has no use for veterans or anyone in the military, unless they are available as a prop for a publicity photo.

    1. Kinda OT…with the outrage with the Phoenix VA, the vets are traveling 90 miles to go to the Tucson VA emergency room. The wait is hours upon hours, these honorable people are treated worse than dogs at the pound.

      1. You would think that the VA could arrange an agreement with local hospitals. But that would make too much sense, and involves years of bureaucratic paperwork …..

          1. You would think this is no big deal to do now. But actual “doing” something that would be good for Americans or Vets or American is just beyond the competence of this Administration.

            But want to investigate a police action — bright eyed, bushy tailed, crack of dawn.

          2. This is already in the regs–if there is no facility within 40 miles–they can go to a local hosp and get it paid. Many problems with even the 40-mile thing have been raised…No electronic records, difficulty in getting paid by the VA, etc.

          3. With the voucher recommendation, you can at least know that Trump has given this some thought. God, can we survive as a country, another year?

  4. For someone with one foot out the door, I sure am here a lot. :)

    Here’s an idea for a ticket. Trump – Guliani. Pro America, Pro Law and Order.

    Yes, I know all the reasons why it won’t work. But I would rather wait for Star to tell me. (tease)

    1. Please add Pat Buchanan, Grace. And I would like to see and hear Clint Eastwood again in their campaign. What would he say about ….Hillary ? Empty pantsuit ?

      1. Funny. Empty pantsuit.

        Just saw a headline (but did not read) on Drudge about Merkel’s policy and “Germany — Civil War?”

        And although people may disagree — Merkel started this garbage policy — so if the citizens revolt against it and regain their sovereignty it might be a good thing. Put the fear of the citizenry into all those countries, ours included, who think they can do whatever they want — without reaction.

        1. Grace, any more good news. Unfortunately, Mark Steyn has nailed it. I recently read that a town with a population of under 200 was supposed to be a landing spot for 7000 of these refugees.

          1. There is good news — one day Barack Obama will no longer be President.

            I have read quite a bit about that village. It makes me sad. I think they have received the first wave. It makes me think of things to come here. It already happens with the illegals – dumped on communities without consent.

            It also makes me think of my own family in Slovakia. I am reluctant to ask them about this. But I do remember when I first visited my Dad’s village (maybe 50 houses — don’t know population) they warned me about the cigany (gypsies). Of course, I was all American about it …how awful to treat them that way etc. etc. And then I met a gypsy woman up close and personal in a field and she came right up to my face and spit out my family name to me. And it was scary.

            At the time, there was an old uncomfortable situation worked out — the cigany were reviled and relegated to the outskirts of town. Co-exist.

            But the cigany were not known for beheadings, etc. And I think Slovakia has agreed to Christians only.

            What a mess for Europe.

      1. I am in the “minority.”
        I don’t thin this is funny.
        I think this is the epitome of the word “stupid.”
        I listen to Trump and oft times, I’m think he has a handle on the course correction this screwed up country must have.
        After viewing this nonsense, I may need to rethink.
        I am very, very disappointed in both men after viewing this video.

      1. But I do think he would be a good VP choice for almost any candidate.

        This business of undoing the damage Obama has done needs tough and swift action IMO and a restitution of the rule of law.

          1. No matter — anyone running for national office has a huge ego. Job requirement. Perhaps goes down better as “fire in the belly”.

    2. Grace,….Trump/Cruz, Guliani for Atty. Gen.
      Carson for HHS Sec. or the VA administrator.
      Allen West for Secretary of Defense.

      Trump is pretty good at picking good people for the right positions, and if they fail, he will fire them.

      1. I like Trump/Cruz but together not electable. Reality. One or the other. Oh yes, Trump/Guliani not electable either but I like it just as much as I like Trump/Cruz.

        What might win is Trump/Rubio.Cruz/Rubio But Rubio, my Senator Rubio, who I “worked” for before anyone knew who he was, is just too unpredictable and not seasoned. He might work as VP.

      2. That’s why I would trust Trump as president. He can delegate to the most applicable, competent person for the job. I trust that can see the whole picture, see the many angles involved then set to correct a bad situation with the best leader for that task.
        And not being DC entrenched is a very positive attribute.

        1. With Trump as president, appointing a cabinet would be such fun! The more I think about it, the more we do need Trump to make us great again!

  5. My heart feels for our Vets in such dispair. I agree with MerryCarol it is hard to tell who they drug atticks, etc. are pretending to be a Vet.
    Every city that is doing some type of project, road work, small building repair/work/or building it., should all advertize for Vets. Instead of shipping in cheaper work from other places. Hire our Vets!

    1. There are many university programs recruiting vets, helping them adjust and graduate…Many industry programs. The govt gives them a 10% advantage in scoring their applications. Vets have many attributes the private and public sectors can use–they work in teams, they are punctual, dedicated, good problem solvers. But I can tell you from personal experience with a vet and with some PTSD myself from that home invasion–there are experiences that mark you, don’t let go, change you…We have a volunteer military, but I don’t think they all know what they are getting into. I know a 70-yr-old man just starting therapy at the VA for his Vietnam experiences…

      1. Our government lies and lies. When they wanted me to go to vietnam and die, it was about the “domino” theroy. Another lie.
        Government for the .gov by the .gov run by the corporations.

      2. I agree. But I do feel there is too little PR, discussion, advertisements, etc. about returning vets who fought and served and are now really serving their country in civilian jobs and brilliantly.

        I do not like all this over emphasis on “damage” and I suspect a lot of the vets don’t like it either. Tough situation either way.

        1. Yes, it’s a far cry from team leader in Silicon Valley working on a satellite system to a pathetic down and outer in a shelter. Same age, same experiences roughly, but different people…

          1. Star my grandfather came back a quiet man after WWII. I opened conversation with him through out my childhood just the same. It is amazing he was a wonderful husband Dad, Grandfather, but missed out on years of what you may call chit chat. In his 80’s after his heart operation he was a different man. Grandma said the same man she met when they first met. He lived another 2 yrs. So to all Vets. God Bless and Thank you for your service.

          2. Saw a movie–or part–last nite with Samuel L Jackson about vets trying to reaclimate to society. They felt apart–like outlaws outside society–like no one but another vet would get it, isolated. Without really knowing, I can see that a young man who loved dogs and owned one then sees dogs tearing into bodies for food–or a father with little kids sees little kids being blown to giblets or trying to blow his troops to giblets, the heat, dirt, uncertainty, seeing friends killed or maimed–this is lasting stuff.

  6. This is completely disgraceful. Two senior VA officials, Diana Rubens and Kimberly Graves who had to be issued subpoenas to come before the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, both pleaded the Fifth Amendment in a hearing last night.

    Their salaries were $181,497 and $173,949 and an Inspector General report found that they forced lower level employees to transfer to other positions because Rubens and Graves wanted those positions for themselves. They’re from Minnesota and Philadelphia, and they apparently wanted to relocate and take jobs as regional directors in the St. Paul and Philadelphia VA offices. These are lower level positions with less responsibility, yet they kept their hefty salaries.

    In addition to that, they together received over $400,000 in relocation expenses! They each received generous expense accounts during the move, in addition to bonus incentives. That questionable relocation program, which apparently has no oversight, has now been suspended.

    Rubens and Graves are both still employed by the VA and the department claims it will “impose disciplinary action” against them, but they declined to say what those actions were, citing “employee confidentiality rules”.

    Why haven’t they been FIRED for this gross misconduct and theft?!

    The Inspector General has referred criminal charges for the two VA officials to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Columbia, but we’ll see if there are any consequences. Don’t hold your breath.

  7. Its Election Night and the Republicans picked up another governorship:

    Bevin elected governor of Kentucky

    Republican Matt Bevin was elected governor of Kentucky on Tuesday, beating out Democrat Jack Conway.

    The Associated Press called the election for Bevin, a Tea Party darling who had previously been best known for his primary challenge of Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in 2014.

    Bevin will replace outgoing Gov. Steve Beshear, a Democrat who was ineligible to run again due to term limits.

    Bevin becomes just the second Republican governor in the Bluegrass State in four decades.

    Bevin campaigned on a pledge to reduce Kentucky’s Medicaid expansion.

    Conway, Kentucky’s attorney general, was the Democratic nominee for Senate in 2010, losing to Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

  8. The Virginia Senate was considered up for grabs tonight. Republicans hold a slight advantage at 21-19. If they lost just one seat tonight, power would swing to the Democrats because of the lieutenant governor’s tie-breaking vote.

    But, it looks like Governor Terry McAuliffe did not get his wish tonight as the Republicans managed to hold onto their majority. Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group spent (wasted) $2.3 mullion on two of the races there:

    McAuliffe’s hopes for state Senate majority dealt a blow


  9. Ohio voted against legal marijuana big time tonight:

    Ohioans reject legalizing marijuana

    Ohio voters strongly rejected legalizing marijuana today, despite a $25 miillion campaign by proponents.

    The Associated Press called State Issue 3 a loser about 9:30 p.m., 30 minutes after the first results were released by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s office.

    The issue to legalize pot for recreational and medical use is going down 65 percent to 35 percent, losing in all 88 counties with more than 48 percent of the statewide vote counted.

    “At a time when too many families are being torn apart by drug abuse, Ohioans said no to easy access to drugs and instead chose a path that helps strengthen our families and communities,” said Gov. John Kasich in a statement.

    1. Thanks for posting these results. All good news. Especially Bevins. Although I don’t know how he will work out in the end — one of those talk a good game, but — I do know that McConnell despises him. This is one big slap in the face for Mitch B*tch and that brings one big ole smile to my face.

  10. What are you doing about the homeless vets you film? You’re making money off of their plight. Help them get their due benefits instead of exploiting their demise. The President can’t walk up to every homeless vet and force them into the vet benefit system. Take action yourself, dumbass.

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