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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, November 2, 2015

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    • Cold weather? No problem. In about six weeks, Barry and Mooch and umpteen friends, family, and staffers will be heading to Hawaii for two to three weeks. He’ll get in at least ten days of golf by New Year’s. Then, he’ll follow that up about six weeks later with another long boys’ weekend of golf for the Choom Gang in Palm Springs over Presidents Day weekend. Then in March, there will be another long golf weekend in Florida and on, and on, and on…

  1. All those fundraisers.

    And then we have to catch up on the illegals, the Muslim refugees from the ME and Africa, and the newly released criminals.

    • I mentioned today everyone has put the migrants on the back burner. When they are unloading them at the airport some people in office will bring it up.

      • I live in Panama. A neighbor is a German who owns a house. He comes here for 3-4 weeks every year. I visited with him the other day when he arrived. He was not happy about what is going on in Germany. The government has an old military base about 6 miles where he lives. They are housing Muslim refugees. 4,000 of them. He would like to retire today if he could; however, he has 5 more years before he gets his pension.

        • Old Timer, and I, and many, many more, we are not happy at all about what is going on in my country either. Or in Europe. What´s going on ? Seems like the politicians are set on destroying Europe. All these immigrants, mostly Muslims, mostly men. It´s depressing, it is like an invasion.And no real security check. When I see how some places are these days , dark faces, some look hostile, shabby clothes, women in veils with six children in tow. Because of the terrible Russian plane-crash in Egypt recently, there has been a lot of footage from Moscow and St Petersburg, people mourn. But, these cities look more like old Europe used to look like. Looks like the European East may be the new West culturally.

          • Sorry for you and your country’s pain. Politicians are responsible. They will not help. You situation will become ours shortly. It is time for the United States to pre emptively close its borders. Hopefully Europe will act definitively soon or it will be, unfortunately too late.

            I rarely say anything good about Mr. Putin — you and I see him differently :) — but I will say this about him and other Russian rulers. This would never happen there.

            This is not an endorsement of the xenophobia or their treatment of minorities or to suggest that ethnic cleansing is something to be supportive. But if you don’t protect your homeland from invaders you have no homeland. A situation we are fast approaching considering our own sovereignty.

          • Grace, thank you, true words. Yes, the politicians are to blame for the situation, for letting this giant Troyan Horse in. And so is the PC-media that would not allow any negativism and doubts on the issue. The media pushed the weak politicians into the abyss. But the PM of Hungary stood up and acted and sealed the borders to Europe but oh, now he is Persona non grata. he was simply too honest, not PC enough. But that´s the kind of leadership I, and many more, would prefer. Merkel has a lot to answer for here with her ” you are all welcome to enjoy our welfare ” approach and I do hope she will pay a political prize. National Socialism is now on the rise in eastern Germany, who would have guessed that ?

  2. Just where does he find the time to relax?

    That poor guy. Burning both ends, 24/7. An inspiration to ALL the hard-working men and women of this nation.

  3. I notice that our resident White House Office of New Media troll doesn’t even try to defend President Sloth’s lightweight schedule.