As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

8 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || November 1, 2015

    • Outstanding. I would only hope that there is a spot for you and Keith on msm. It gives me some home each day that at least at this point I can still read these sites.

    • I remember relocating to the ME and reading news from a variety of sources throughout the world. That was the first time I realized that our elected reps do not give a tinkers damn about their constituents. One of the biggest reality checks of my life – and I have had plenty of those.

  1. Once again. excellent piece Geoff. Boehner — scourge — like Obama. Lucky people in Joplin.

    In other news, RIP Fred Thompson.

    You guys might be interested in this. Listening to an interview on C-Span with Jay Nordlinger — love his writing — political journo and writer ( sees himself as a Reagan conservative and music critic for New Criterion. Talking about his book Children of Monsters – Inquiry into the Sons and Daughters of Dictators. Sounds interesting. Lots of stories and anecdotes.

    Not as conservative as Steyn, but he has similar breadth in the arts etc.

    Oh and listen to this — Idi Amin’s son said his father was a very “mothering individual” — much like Obama. Just sayin’ — saw the interview video.

    Have a good week guys.

  2. Ryan pushed hard to pass comprehensive amnesty and was within a whisker of getting it done. Cantor’s primary loss stopped it from happening.