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Ryan: Obama’s Immigration Reform Dead on the Hill

Well, President Obama can still try to enact amnesty’s unilaterally, but at least the new Speaker won’t be assisting him.

House Speaker Ryan said Sunday that he would not push immigration reform while President Obama is still in office, reassuring conservatives concerned with the willingness of both Ryan and Obama to enact amnesty.

“It would be a ridiculous notion to try and work on an issue like this with a president we simply cannot trust on this issue,” Ryan said. “He tried to go it alone, circumventing the legislative process with his executive orders, so that is not in the cards.”

Ryan confirmed news made on “The Laura Ingraham Show” Friday, when House Freedom Caucus leader Rep. Jim Jordan said Ryan had promised conservatives not to take up immigration until Obama is gone.

Ryan Sunday performed what is known as “the full Ginsburg,” reintroducing himself to the nation as Speaker by appearing on all five major Sunday news shows.

He used the platform to further placate conservatives by asserting, “I was not elected dictator of the House,” assuring that he would not impose his will as the GOP leadership has in the past.

And, in what seemed an effort to rebut charges that he will be a part-time Speaker, he suggested that instead of working 24-7 he would at least be working 24-5, saying he wakes up very early and toils until 11:30 pm, even if he will spend weekend back in Wisconsin.

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11 Responses to Ryan: Obama’s Immigration Reform Dead on the Hill

  1. He won’t give Obama an assist. But neither will he defund the executive orders.

    We’ll all be watching as he “redesigns” the speakership. I want to trust him. Time will tell.

  2. If he expects some kind of applause for his stand on immigration “reform”, he’s going to wait a long time for it.
    He wouldn’t even be talking about immigration if it wasn’t for MrTrump’s brilliant reading of the public’s fear of being overrun by illegal aliens.
    The majority of the voting public doesn’t want reform, they want our borders secured against the invasion of aliens and the removal/deportation of those who have already entered our country illegally.

    There’s nothing wrong with the current immigration laws if they were enforced by the very people who are sworn to uphold our laws.
    MrRyan is playing that DC game of words as if nothing has changed in the last 10 years.

  3. He seems like a good and decent man. I say give him a chance to show his stuff as Speaker. No matter what you think of him, he’s an upgrade over he previous occupant of the office.

  4. Yeah, immigration is dead on arrival? We’ll remember what Ryan said when the 200,000 Muslims arrive with the refugees. The only way to stop this ruination of the U.S. is to impeach this filthy anti-American and immediately get him out with all the rest of his thugs, including his “wife” and all members of his grifter family.

  5. It has nothing to do with immigration if it is about illegal aliens. And, of course, it always is with liberals tweaking the vocabulary to make it look as if it’s about being nice back to nice people who crossed our borders illegally because they were just so darned eager to be Americans.

    Illegal aliens did not want to be citizens — they wanted to work illegally and keep all their money, use services as much as they could, and sneak more family members across the border.

    They have succeeded. They only want to be citizens now because their illegality has become an issue — if they could continue the old quiet illegal way, they would.